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Saturday, April 13 View Page
Looking forward to 2019. Nice start for these 3. My first choice is to get 2 of these out later in the month. Starting backup seeds this weekend.
Saturday, April 13 View Page
We had a pretty mild winter this year in New England. A couple of days in the high 50's in Feb and March and I was able to lug in loam and compost and spread it on top of the frozen ground.
Saturday, April 13 View Page
Planting areas amended and dug for cables. My hot houses are about 50 SF. I made the "mistake" of reading the instructions from the cable manufacturer (Wrap-on) over the winter and bought the recommended length of cable which is 120 feet. Yikes ever try and get 120 ft of cable into 50 SF without letting the cable touch itself?
Tuesday, April 16 View Page
First team looking good and getting some afternoon sun. Still a few days away from getting outside.
Thursday, April 18 View Page
The day is cold, and dark, and dreary It rains, and the wind is never weary;
Friday, April 19 View Page
I am taking the advice of a few of the top growers and trying to better understand the nutrients I am spraying and drenching and how the plants react. I tend to have crispy leaves earlier than most so I need to get better. So one thing I did over the winter is bought a pH meter and have been looking at pH as one of the things I want to understand better. I have been using Neptunes Fish for a while and this year want to add Origin 360 to the mix. So I fired up the pH meter. Since I was working with Neptunes Fish and Origin 360 I found step 2 of the instructions particularly unpleasant:-). Neptunes mixed as instructed (30ml per gallon) ends up being pretty acidic pH 3.5 Origin (120 ml. per gallon) is pH 9.9. When mixed 50:50 the pH is a pretty neutral 7.3 I'm thinking a 50:50 mix might be a nice way to apply these nutrients so long as the mix is used immediately.
Sunday, April 21 View Page
2003 Haist after one day in the south patch. Soil cables seem to be doing their job. Dreary day here in New England.
Sunday, April 21 View Page
Happy Easter morning. Hoops illuminated in purple to celebrate. 2016 Boonen out to north patch this morning.
Saturday, April 27 View Page
It has been sunless and cold for several days. Forecast is sunless and cold for several more days. Plants are in the ground so you gotta fight back.
Saturday, April 27 View Page
2003 Haist. With supplemental heat and light we survived one week in the wild. The electric company sends me thank you notes. Plant is at 5th leaf and I'm happy that the plant is in the patch and we can move forward from here. Not perfect but not as yellow as I have had either at this point.
Saturday, April 27 View Page
2016 Boonen. I grew this plant last year and I messed it up so I am looking forward to a second try. This plant is out now for the 6th day. Moving forward despite the crappy weather.
Sunday, April 28 View Page
Plants have been out for a week or so. Tonight will be the coldest night so far. All moving blankets, beach blankets, old doggie beds, amphibian heaters will see duty tonight to keep things toasty.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Only got a sprinkling of rain over the weekend making this morning a nice morning to work in the garden. Waiting a bit longer on the more mobile stuff that seems to wash way quickly in my sandy loam.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Trying a quick buckwheat crop in the last third of each patch. Hopefully will help with weed control and I can knock it down in a month or so. This should be in the area at and beyond the pumpkin.
Saturday, May 11 View Page
Great day to work on pumpkins. First half of the patch amended and tilled and first dozen driplines in place. Remaining half is buckwheat. Each plant has 13 feet from stump to the edge of the buckwheat so let's see how fast we can get there. Growing 2 plants. Both plants have some battle scars but doing well despite some really lousy cold and sunless weather here in New England.
Saturday, May 11 View Page
2003 Haist is a really nice plant. Both plants will outgrow the 7 foot cold frames tomorrow or Monday. A few more cold nights in the forecast.
Saturday, May 11 View Page
2016 Boonen main is down and running. Very happy with this plant so far.


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