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Tuesday, January 1 View Page
Will be growing this Kin in 2019!! Happy new Year fellow Growers!
Tuesday, January 1 View Page
Also will be bringing 'Fiona' back to life via the 146.5 2015 & the 300.5 2018 offspring! Both double rootstock grafted to AG's & traditional
Saturday, January 5 View Page
Closer to grafting some melons seeds w/ AG rootstocks
Tuesday, January 8 View Page
The AG rootstock has graduated into the regular mini green house. Always a nice balmy 80 degrees inside the plastic with just the dual 48" reptile/grow bulbs. and I always keep water in there to match the temp ';^). I gave these breathable soil containers another shot of Marks Root Keeper to help aid in growth on the roots for a good graft. At this time I started my second batch of melon scion for the grafts they should jump up fast and be the perfect size I like to graft onto these rootstocks in about 4-5 days that way the rootstcks will have a second true leaf appearing for sure.
Thursday, January 10 View Page
Some melon grafting tests of AG root stock via center hole grafting technique less than 24 hrs later. Misted them this morning so I thought I'd post a pic at this stage. The scion is my daughters Mr Hankey aka 226 P Young '18 and the rootstock is my own 660 uow (783 Young'14 uow x 1873 Steil'14)
Wednesday, February 13 View Page
Started some Giant Swede 96.5 Hunt '14. Thanks Big Moon for the seeds!Gave them a jump start with Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculant from Wallace Organic Wonder!When I moved them out of the pieces of 2" x 6" pvc the roots were YUGE! I also made sure the roots had contact with the 'WoW' mycorrhizal in the quart pots they went into! When they go into 1 gal pots I will hit them with the WoW Tea Brew!
Wednesday, February 13 View Page
Fingers crossed the pic is upright!
Monday, March 18 View Page
Melon season has started for me today. I have changed my mind on grafted plants and am going to have both this season. Can't stand by and let everyone else have all the fun! Started 80 rootstock seeds today. Nipped seeds w/ hog teeth nippers & soaked gourd seeds in WoW brew 3 hours and then put between 2 coffee filters (4 sets) & put in the preheated 95 degree germ chamber. Also have starter soil in styro cups in the grow chamber pre-heating.


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