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Thursday, April 18 View Page
Saturday, May 4 View Page
150 sqft contest: This year, again, I will enter a plant (and hopefully a fruit) into the 150 sqft contest. Here you can see the location of the 150 sqft plot in my patch. New this year: I will grow two 150 sqft plants (for direct comparison with my big plants, I will also grow them back to back on one plant site). The orange line is the boundary of the two 150 sft rectangles, one plant will grow east and the other plant will grow west of the blue line. As soon as the plants are in the patch (hasnīt happened yet) I need to assign the status "competition plant" or "competition patch" to one of them. Oh yes, Iīm challenging Murphyīs Law, I guess the 2nd 150 sqft plant (the non-competition plant) will grow the heavier fruit and I canīt do anything about that.
Saturday, May 4 View Page
This is the development of my patch in the last 3 weeks (something like that). As you can see, the spot of the 150 sqft plot is still empty (no hoop house). The "big plants", however, are in the patch already. As in previous years, Iīm growing two plants on one site back to back (and for the first couple of weeks they will grow next to one another with backups of the same kind). Front: 701.6* Wagler 18 (1807* Holub x self) and 458.1* Wagler 18 (1807* Holub x sibb). Back: 1965 Brandt 15 and 1539 Toftness 16. The green stuff growing on the patch is rye and vetch. Strategy this year: Iīll let the rye/vetch grow for another few weeks, and as the AG plants grow I will just mow the cover crop and turn the top 2 inch of soil only (using a spade), and then it will be covered by a thin layer of mulch (for that purpose I will use the shredded and ensilaged cover crop).
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Doing some Kondor potatoes this year, Iīll leave them protected for the next two weeks (still risk of frosty nights).
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Today some pics of my pumpkin plants, here the set of squash seedlings (#1 and #2 indicate my initial favorite at planting time and the backup plant, respectively).
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Same here (with my pumpkin seedlings), #1 was the favorite seedling at planting time, #2 the backup. In case of the 1965 they are likely to swap roles, #2 became #2 because of a deformed cotyledon (otherwise similar in terms of hypocotyl thickness and appearance of the first true leaf), but after a while of growing some leaves it seems to be the more vigorous plant. Time will tell.
Thursday, May 9 View Page
Donīt take any height away, itīs a hideaway. Oh yes, in addition to merely being cover crop (shading the soil, stabilizing soil structure, producing heaps of underground organic matter) this field of rye may in fact have another benefit in case of my pumpkin patch. Located in a valley, my patch is (very often) cooling down pretty fast, because cold air from the hilltops is flowing down into the valley at night. Now the rye is as tall as the hoop houses and poses a barrier to the cold stream (to some extent).
Thursday, May 9 View Page
Whatīs around the corner?...oh, itīs a CORN-er ;) Yes, the pumpkin patch isnīt the only spot in my garden where rye is grown. In a corner next to my home I had created a slightly raised bed where I had grown rye on top of it and around it. Now I have mowed the rye which grew on top and I planted some plants of tall corn into this bed, which is still surrounded by a "wall" of rather tall rye, giving some protection to the corn plants.
Sunday, May 12 View Page
150 sqft contest: On 24th April I had started six seeds of my 217*(uow) for the 150 sqft patch, and it looks like it will be a tough decision to find the best seedling. Iīll let them grow in the big pots for another week or so before they finally need to be transplanted.


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