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Monday, February 18 View Page
Been getting a lot of snow at our other house.... happy new year all... I know no one has seen my name on the g p c list but I will be there I have a room booked just havenít signed up with g p c yet.... whatís the rush... lol see yawl in green bay
Thursday, March 7 View Page
I love winter and riding in deep deep snow
Thursday, March 7 View Page
Yes the snow is that deep
Thursday, March 14 View Page
Hubba hubba... look at bubba.... was a blast networking with everyone in Green Bay.... see ya in Vegas...
Saturday, March 16 View Page
My aunt received her jacket... along with so many other great growers...
Sunday, March 17 View Page
I brought some real Wisconsin cheese curds.. yup the squeaky kind... aka party favors....
Sunday, March 17 View Page
We partied all night long and way way into the early morning hours...
Tuesday, March 19 View Page
Incase you are wondering yes I am going to grow.. unsure weíre ill find the time but I am going to give it a shot.... patch has lost a lot of snow and frost if no rain for the next week soil samples will go out to see what patch Iíll grow in...
Friday, March 29 View Page
Yup I did it man the soil looks nice
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Here is the list... popped them in the night before knee surgery... now I have to make my way down and check on them soon.. but the wife so far has been on germ bin duty.. all is good
Friday, April 26 View Page
Up potting has started I figure with the forecasted snow I better get them into there new homes so they can fill up these pots with roots and be ready to plant in about a week... knee update... things are getting better day by day... now the patch just needs to dry out so we can get that ready to plant .. come on Mother Nature I need a good 5 day window... please..
Wednesday, May 8 View Page
Hoops out and waiting... I hope to plant this weekend if we dry out enough... plants are getting real big now inside...
Sunday, June 16 View Page
patch update ... pic is current and from today ... no need to sandbag this year... so our final plant choices are.... 1457,1452,1325.5 team Gantner bird... yup all our own seeds... I burnt the main vine grow tips off our 2 best plants on one freaky hot day... and they simply shut down for over a week so they got cut off ... the other one well it was a good plant just was not as aggressive as itís hoop mate... so thatís how the story goes... been out of town for a while so now we shall see if I can turn up growth and get these things cranking.. I doubt Iíll have any fruit sets any time soon...
Sunday, June 16 View Page
I have been enjoying Michigan a lot one day I might grow in 2 states and see how that goes...
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
Looks like we have 1 good set per plant all are selfs this year unsure on the exact pollination dates but I know they are between July 1 and July 6 ya a narrow window I know I was out of town and robin took care of setting fruit... down fall is he didnít write anything down... but it doesnít matter as July 20 will be our day 20 for tracking but the days donít really matter as in the end it only matters what they weigh in October... once the first measure happens thatís our base line to go off of... oh yes this pic is old I wouldnít want to let yawl know exactly what they look like... I can say ... ours are bigger than most and smaller than some... thatís my new tag line for the year....
Friday, July 19 View Page
1325.5 team Gantner / bird 17
Friday, July 19 View Page
1452 team Gantner / bird 17...
Friday, July 19 View Page
1457 team Gantner / bird 17... so there you have them all 3 snug as a bug in a rug... when I get back into town I guess Iíll see how big they are then..
Wednesday, July 24 View Page
Who would have thought for day 20 to 25 kinís could be this big...dang... better get a bigger tractor
Wednesday, July 31 View Page
Well that was the wrong picture
Wednesday, July 31 View Page
There we go day 22
Monday, August 19 View Page
Well lost one to BES around day 40 something .. donít worry yet it was the small one....
Monday, August 19 View Page
They sure are pretty when the sun is out
Tuesday, August 20 View Page
Well our first splitter weighted 830 pounds ya giant bird bath... or a man chair however you look at it.. she gone...
Wednesday, August 21 View Page
Went out to the patch this am to fill water tanks after we pulled the splitter..... and pow another splitter... well 2 BES in 3 days dam I am good ... yup feels like the good ole days again... donít worry yet it was not the big one yet.. I figure I have several more days before I am able to sleep good again now..
Thursday, September 19 View Page
1325.5 Team Gantner / Bird 17 well she has kept growing and growing day by day and now she still amazes me as to her daily gains knowing I really have been to busy for pumpkins but after looking at her last ott... I was like da#... 200 inch cir.. day 70 something... grow baby grow...
Friday, September 20 View Page
So I decided it was time..... May everyoneís pumpkins go heavy and safe travels to all who travel ....


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