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Wednesday, January 2 View Page
2019 BRING IT ON !! Bubba is refueled & ready to ROCK the World!!! The Sky is the limit ? Im reaching for the MOON & the Stars!! It will be a GAS!!!! I hope all are blessed today & may you bless every life you touch!
Wednesday, February 13 View Page
I will be growing the Long gourds this season.The 143.Pete V seeds.I decided to take a year off on the pumpkins. However I might partner up with Eri & grow a couple kins & possibly a Jutras Squash.Eri/Bubba grow for 2019 Hard to put the passion down.My knee is healing up & feeling better.No surgery needed at this time.Tossing around the possibilities. See ya all in Green BAY!
Wednesday, February 13 View Page
The rumors of Bubbas demise have been greatly exaggerated.
Wednesday, February 13 View Page
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8szlzsLpM0 Its Official I will be growing the 1911 Urena & the 1501 Vanderweilen Plus the 1734 Clementz at Eris Patch Clementz/Welton team 2019 3 plants crossing Orange back in 1911 Wish us Luck!
Thursday, February 28 View Page
No clowning her ya got 1 day to join to win these seeds Here are the seeds to be won 1911 Urena-2152 Ganter-1501 Vander Wielen-2363 Holland-2-1916 Barron 20%-1885 Barron %28-2-1867 Barron -2-149 WR Eaton Long Gourd & 4- 139.5 Eaton (you win both) - 174 MacKinnon FP & Fleser 146 Michigan State record field pumpkins (win both)Jutras Squash 2118 WR -1534-1384-927-all-2018 seeds. 1317 Clementz mother of the 1947-1998-1734 & many more Orange Monsters. 2-2043.5 Clementz mother of Orange Pumpkins or you may get a 10% heavy creme monster it grows both grew the 1805 Frias in Cali.& more to be won. Plus 327 Kents hand picked from fruit by BUBBA! No KRUSTY seeds here folks!! Join Now !!! https://worldwidegiantgrowers.com/product/2019-basic-membership/
Saturday, March 30 View Page
I will be growing in Eriville with my good friend Eri this year. He has sand for soil.I always thought sand would be like growing hydroponically. This way we will have a more neutral base to really see what Marks Mixes will do.I will post videos all summer at Eriville. Hoping to set a new Michigan State record.I know I have some solid competition out there.Nick,Cecil,Josh,John,Don,Todd,Glen,Tom,Dan and many more.Its great to see the community grow.Bubba the Junk yard DAWG & Eri have our work cut out for 2019.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTymd41NDGM
Saturday, March 30 View Page
I forgot to mention Joe & the other John yes the list of great growers is getting BIGGER each year! Check out this loose sand!! Loving me some dirt!
Sunday, March 31 View Page
Some say Bubba is a Junk yard DAWG! I do like to bark at the MOON!
Saturday, April 13 View Page
The 1734s have a ROOT at 56 hours! The 1911s popped at 36 hours & 48 hours.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myfGY51b13M
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Bubba Pooped a RUUUT! The soil cables are in.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9urutSPq598.Target day April 22.I will be headed to Dyer Indiana To meet up with some great growers On Good Friday.Then heading up to Kohler Lodge passing thru Chicago's.I will be in Green BAY loving me some Cheese & Prime Rib(lions meat)lol on Saturday.If you want to meet up? 248-818-0104 leave message(robo calls)Sunday headed to UP to see the UPPERS and drop off some fertZ.If you want to have dinner Saturday night? Green Bay? Call me!or email Mark@worldwidegiantgrowers.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9urutSPq598
Sunday, April 14 View Page
TYPO POPPED A ROOT!! LOL Yes This coming Easter WEEKEND Bubbas Pleasure patch tour to Green Bays Kohler Lodge. The place was so nice I gotta go back!! Ma Ma Bubba is riding Shot gun!She is packing a german shepherd puppy we are delivering to Indiana for a local breeder. See ya Easter Weekend my good friends!
Thursday, April 18 View Page
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfvN6ST5yOM&t=4s The garden tub is up & running check us out These puppys will rock! Well thats the plan lets see how the weather rolls?/
Wednesday, April 24 View Page
We got them stated 6 days earlier then the 2043.5. Hoping for a sunny summer 93 days would be nice! LOL https://youtu.be/NcC2z1Kl_Uc Please post a comment below video
Thursday, April 25 View Page
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcC2z1Kl_Uc Follow up tips for cucumbers, I mean newcumbers LOL My favorite pic LOL
Saturday, April 27 View Page
Going to be in the 30s next 4 nights.Pure Michigan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuoU27h0_wc
Sunday, May 5 View Page
The 1734s went in the ground to day The April 24th plants(1911s) with only 2 days of sun. looking sad at best.I have never grown my 1734 before might be a sleeper for me
Thursday, May 9 View Page
Jackson came over today we started 20 plants for the local not so serious growers. New growers are the key to growing this great sport.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwmuh5Ch-6w
Tuesday, May 14 View Page
This is what happens when you get 2 weeks with only 2 days of sun. Pure Michigan Pure SUCKS!! LOL Watch the latest on Bubba & Eris 2019 GROW in Eriville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaV8opHpUeo&t=318s
Tuesday, May 14 View Page
That was the 1911 Urena
Tuesday, May 14 View Page
The 1734 We have 2 growing to cross with the 1911.Growing almost pure sand I think I can dial this in & make like a tomato & Katch UP Dont forget to comment on You tube Channel Giving away free 6 packs & product twice a month to people who post & share CAN WIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaV8opHpUeo&t=318s
Friday, May 17 View Page
1911 Urena & 1734 the EPIC cross will be made this summer.Side by side in the Mini Kin Cave in Eriville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9NzhryY_CM
Saturday, May 25 View Page
Just learned from a grower the best way to germinate Long Gourds. I was talking to Pete V the other night & he also said to bust them out of the shell.Check it out https://youtu.be/L4WjTFjFUHo Leave a comment on Channel & win some free product
Sunday, June 9 View Page
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alq9FLHrCvE Latest video update World Record maters & Long gourds.Bubba is out of the Global Giant Pumpkin contest.The weather combined with shooting myself in the foot(weed killer). Plan B Im floating 5- 5.95 Wixom grower Domingo in water will shoot high for Eddys 3 grand prize. Also Petes 143 Long Gourd. I think most start to early on these 2 veggies.Time will tell it always does.Giving away 6 packs all summer long to people who comment on my You Tube channel.This will be the last season with Marks Mixes.My manufacture/partner has worn out my patience.Im moving on to better things.If you need products contact me.My supply will be gone by years end.Watch video Share & comment Daniel Bentley just won a free 6 pack.Another winner in a week or so.25,300 subscribers now! Thanks to AWL!!
Thursday, June 20 View Page
Trying to get my champion maters in the raised beds, however it wont stop raining for more then 1 day or so.
Thursday, June 20 View Page
I will grow my Long Gourd in a grow bag it holds 1 & 1/2 yards of Veggie Do.The ground here is all clay harder then Bubbas forehead.LOL So I did some siphering & goesintas. The best Bubba could figure is a Giant grow bag for the 143 VanderWeilein. I will trickle feed the bag all season. Stay tuned for You Tube videos & you can win a 6 pack of Marks Mixes
Thursday, June 20 View Page
Bubbas getting to tired to grow big plants combined with the horiBblE Weather.Might as well give Al Eaton & Sutherland a run for their money. My raised bed for maters. Going in today I hope
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
The 7.73 Menting has been in 5 days now. The sun has been out for 3 days with a little rain at night.Rainmageddon might be over?
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
5.95 Chris K planted same day.
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
5.95 Chris K late start. This should be perfect to take to a weigh off & maybe hit a different weather pattern while fruit is growing.Its all about the weather.Plus whats better small plant in the ground at start up? or big plant in the ground?
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
My good friend Pete Vs 143 Long Gourd mother of all mothers.Will see how it grows in a 1 yard & 1/2 Grow Bag of Veggie do made by Morgans Compost. PURE MICHIGAN! grow here folks
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
The Bubba Trellis. Michigans largest grow bag!
Tuesday, July 2 View Page
143 Pete V be loving some Veggie do & Root Keeper with Marks Special tea The heat is here Rainmageddon is slowing down but not completely gone
Tuesday, July 2 View Page
Joe Mentings 7.73 Not a monster but sweet for my first candidate
Tuesday, July 2 View Page
Calling for rain tonight just got passing storm maybe 1/2 tops Will try & keep blossom dry
Tuesday, July 2 View Page
5.95 Chris Ks Looks like it has a eyelash stuck in her eye.LOL Or is that not the eye!! LOL
Saturday, July 6 View Page
Im so far behind the only way I can possibly catch the Michigan boys is to go Hydro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4DEGlqWlkI&t=4s
Saturday, July 6 View Page
I will transfer to a bigger container when we hit the Pumpkin Patch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4DEGlqWlkI&t=4s
Sunday, July 28 View Page
Michigan Pumpkin Patch tour yesterday at Don Barons stop #2 Don has awesome looking plants & 2 big kins around 900 lbs.Great Job everyone Great Food ! & Danny Fleser won the big prize,the extended trimmers.Bubba didnt win Dang Ditilly! I guess it aint my year.I will go out on a limb & make a couple predictions here folks.Don will have a new PB at 2,024 lbs.John Harnica will have a 1941 new PB. Just a vision of mine.Call me Crazy most people do! LOL
Friday, August 2 View Page
My 2400? Daletas Been a rough year LOL Nuff said Its all FUN!
Tuesday, August 20 View Page
7.73 Menting if this takes it will be a good one
Saturday, August 24 View Page
7.73 Menting
Monday, August 26 View Page
If I can keep this healthy ?? Thats the big question?I made it a point to meet with my lawn service this am.I told them if you bump in to this plant while mowing just pack your crap & head out of town.If your lucky I wont find you.LOL Now if I can just sink my teeth in the right amount of moisture & balance of Nutrients to keeper going I'm switching back to Marks Mix Bloom. plus I'm using Dairy Do Stress blaster with MSTEA in small trace amounts in my daily folar.I called John Harnica to get fungicide advice.You can trust a Christian Farmer & Friends to give the best advice with heart & soul. Thanks John & Birdman for all the help.
Saturday, August 31 View Page
7.73 Menting Dont know if it make in to the finish line? However its 11 days old now. Thanks to Dan Fleser who gave me the plant I the freakiest mater of my life going
Saturday, August 31 View Page
This is the back side
Saturday, August 31 View Page
This is the plant.Chris K Wixom grower says it aint in bad shape.Im no X- SPURT on maters so I will take his word for it.
Wednesday, September 11 View Page
WWGG will move forward without Marks Mixes.We will continue the membership.I have this order of shirts & hats & a hoodie by members who have supported the contest effort $$.Im hoping to continue the prize $$ & keep the FUN & recognition going for years to come.However Im tired of shipping products (fertilizers)So my New Sponsor will be a drop ship from there location.Im working on several prospects at the time.Stay tuned for updates WWGG will ROCK the WORLD for years to come.over 26,000 subscribers on YouTube now & growing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtwv91fTxGkyfDAwls_cTBw…
Sunday, September 15 View Page
Sunday, September 15 View Page
The story of my summer here in Michigan. Bubba has crapped his plants.The weather has been so suckie here.The last 2 weeks they call for 3-4 days of sunshine each week.LOL We get 1.5 days of sunshine instead.The summer was 4 hot weeks in July 2 warm weeks in August first half.Its been cool cloudy ever since.If a NEW State record pumpkin is grown in Michigan this year.I will fly to Vegas to the GPC awards & kiss all you lily white rears & put the video on You TUBE !! Good Luck to AWL!!
Sunday, September 15 View Page
IM SORRY typo Kiss all your lily white rears LOL
Saturday, September 21 View Page
1768 Clementz from 2014 won 3 grand at Sturgeon Bay July 15th pollination 5 feet long.Crazy first time we ever grew it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZz4FxU5nQ0&t=136s estimating in the mid 1200 lb range
Saturday, September 21 View Page
2003 Daletas Broke the main vine in early July.This is grown on a secondary turned into the main,pollinated late in July 840 lbs estimated on new chart.What a year!
Saturday, September 21 View Page
The Birdmans 1794 has petered out early was ahead of the 1768 a month ago.July 11th pollination aprox 980 lbs. CLOUDY CRAPPY YEAR> Thats my story & Im sticking to it.
Saturday, September 21 View Page
Jackson has a new gym teacher.His Mom.lol She works at his charter school & they made her a gym teacher for now.Jackson said its a little freaky having your Mom as a gym teacher.
Sunday, October 6 View Page
Never seen a happier Jackson.He found a snake under the 5 foot long pumpkin. No worries he released under Eris deck when we unloaded the kins.The snake was a little traumatized but should live a long & healthy life.Check it out LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYzZ5JAYHWQ Fun day in Dundee Congrats to Joe Platte who won both big Michigan weigh-offs this year.
Sunday, October 13 View Page
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhfeTILwzKw&t=302s This was the Michigan Patch tour 5 years ago.I grew the 1947.5 taking the State record.It was broken 5 years that season.Twice by Don Barron & once by John Harnica .Don has a great chance of taking the State record today in Dublin Ohio.Good luck to Don! Very impressive to grow over 2000 lbs in a terrible season like we just had.I would also like to Congratulate John Harnica on a New personal best at 1891 lbs.Have fun today in Buckeye land!
Sunday, October 13 View Page
Congrats to Don Barron New State Champion.Prepping for Vegas!
Tuesday, October 29 View Page
Dan Fleser gave this 127 lb Fieldpumpkin to Jackson to decorate for Halloween.Thanks Dan Jack loves it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGurtBWwDhc
Saturday, November 9 View Page
Drove to Don VanHouttes today & took the seeds out of the 5 foot pumpkin.Took my grandson Blake & made a video.Seeds should be on website in 1 week along with the 2003 Daletas offspring https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFG0pexSOOc&t=10s
Tuesday, December 24 View Page
Merry Christmas from Bubba, Jackson & Jacks new little brother Grahm born December 8th.We now have Grahm Cracker & Cracker Jack my fishing buddy's for life. Merry Christmas to all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFfV1BqPI80
Sunday, December 29 View Page
Special Thank you to all Free Seed giveaway in 1 week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBwoh2l8ZaY&t=7s


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