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Friday, January 11 View Page
Sunday, April 14 View Page
I must be sincere...
Wednesday, April 17 View Page
Be sincere this year...
Thursday, April 18 View Page
1733 Wallace, 1677 Boyce, and 1921 Weston have germinated(1733 and 1677 in 48 hrs, 1921 60 hrs). All placed in 5 inch pots one inch deep, moistened with filtered water, and back in germination box until cotyledons break soil. Planting holes dug, now I have to find heating cables from 2 years ago.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Things went badly for my first 3 seedlings, so I started over. My new lineup is 1790 Wallace, 1921 Weston, and my own 1154.Two weeks later than usual, but Charley Brown Christmas tree-type pumpkins don't make it.
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
Back on track(fingers crossed). 1733 Wallace will be 2 weeks in 2 gallon pot Friday. Under grow light today, but will be planted by Sunday. Daytime temps in mid 50s bad for pumpkin growth
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
1790 Wallace left, 1921 Weston right. Both plants' roots were crowding bottom of peat pots 5 days after breaking dirt
Sunday, May 12 View Page
1733 Wallace, day 17 after breaking soil. Heat will be under wire with blankets over wire. The Hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.
Sunday, May 12 View Page
1154 Minor top 16 days old. 1790 Wallace , bottom, and 1921 Weston,left, both 10 days old . If the 1921 doesn't pick up in a week, I will replace it in my lineup with my 1154. My 1154 has a very aggressive root system and proven male and female parents.
Friday, May 17 View Page
1154 Minor, best of 5 plants, is in ground 2 weeks later than usual. Let's see what this seed can do.
Thursday, May 23 View Page
1921 Weston didn't make it. 1154 Minor in its place. Picture is of 1733 Wallace at Day 12 in hoop house
Thursday, May 23 View Page
1154 Minor here was the best of 5, with a nice root development. Slowly becoming adjusted to hoop house after 5 days in hoop house.
Thursday, May 23 View Page
1790 Wallace is the smallest of the 3 I'm growing this year. A slow starter after 4 days under the hoops. Germinated 1 week after the first two plants. I'm hoping genetics will prevail.
Sunday, May 26 View Page
1733 Wallace will hit the ground this week. Aligned the main vine this afternoon to keep to the straight and narrow. My own 1154 is much smaller, but feisty. Main vine may hit the dirt this week, too. 1790 Wallace is perking up 24 hours after the heat cables were unplugged, but not quite ready for prime time yet(no photo)
Sunday, May 26 View Page
1154 Minor
Tuesday, May 28 View Page
Houston: 1733 is down and RUNNING! It will be over 8 feet long and out of the hoop house by this weekend. I need at least 2 dry days to till in amendments. 1790 is perking up daily after 9 days in hoop house with soil temp at 70 12 inches down .
Tuesday, May 28 View Page
1790 Wallace after 9 days in hoop.
Friday, June 7 View Page
1733 Wallace has left the hoop house. Main vine is 8 feet long. Broadfork has aerated soil 16 inches down and clumps will be broken down further. Male blossoms are partying. The hopes and fears begin.
Friday, June 7 View Page
Friday, June 7 View Page
Cleaning up after taking down the house.
Wednesday, June 12 View Page
1154 Minor(1198 Jutras x 1912 Carter) 25 days in the ground, first day out of hoop.I have to put up a wind break before gusty winds hit tomorrow morning. Two gallon watering can for perspective. Plant is 7 feet long. Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature
Sunday, June 16 View Page
1790 Wallace out of hoop at 8 feet long. The wild child of 3 plants. A lot of work needs to be done on this one. Had to push it with a "trade secret". Steroids and a "sumo diet" ahead for the plant.
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
First 1733 Wallace pollination at 12 feet has a funky looking lobe. Second female should open later this week around 15 out.
Friday, June 28 View Page
1733 Wallace x self. The size of a large lemon 3 DAP. Another blossom will open tomorrow or Sunday.
Sunday, June 30 View Page
1733 Wallace pollination #1(1733 x self) five DAP. Second 1733 pollination(1733 x self) one DAP(no picture). 1790 Wallace x 1733 Wallace done this morning(no picture).
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
1733 Wallace 13 DAP at 12 feet out
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
1733 Wallace 9 DAP 14 feet out
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
1733 Wallace 5 DAP 16 feet out
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
Waiting on pollination 2 and 3 progress before culling pollination 1
Thursday, July 11 View Page
Started cutting stem on 15 DAP 1733 Wallace to give fruit at 14 and 16 feet a chance on growing 'em big.
Thursday, July 11 View Page
11 DAP 1733 Wallace.
Thursday, July 11 View Page
7 DAP 1733 Wallace.
Sunday, July 14 View Page
I'm upset after cutting my 18 DAP 1733 Wallace off the vine at 12 feet, but I felt it didn't have enough vines behind it to support decent growth. I'm hoping the 14 DAP fruit at 14 feet will be a better choice, having more energy now that was going to fuel the 18 DAP. Boards, etc. will be put in place this afternoon during the heat of day when vines are more pliable. Now the secondaries are almost all terminated, the tertiary vines and weeds are running rampant. It's always something. First picture is the recently deceased from 12 feet out.
Sunday, July 14 View Page
This picture shows "the Chosen One" at 14 feet out and 14 DAP. Those weeds are going to disappear under a board this afternoon.
Friday, July 19 View Page
1733 Wallace DAP 19
Friday, July 19 View Page
1790 Wallace, DAP 13
Friday, July 19 View Page
1154 Minor, DAP 11
Thursday, July 25 View Page
1733 Wallace 25 days old. 212 OTT
Thursday, July 25 View Page
1790 Wallace, 19 days old.
Thursday, July 25 View Page
1154 Minor, 17 days old
Tuesday, July 30 View Page
Happy 30 DAP to my 1733 Wallace. 250 OTT. I'm hoping for the best and a new personal record. I will name it George and hug it and pet it and squeeze --No! No squeezing. Seriously.
Thursday, August 1 View Page
Sleeping giant has woken up at 25 DAP. 1790 Wallace showing its genes and putting on the pounds. 217 OTT.
Saturday, August 3 View Page
Just another Vermont Growers patch tour: pumpkins, vegetables--giant and not so giant--and FOOD!
Sunday, August 4 View Page
1733 Wallace 286 OTT 35 DAP. 1790 Wallace 243 OTT 29 DAP. Covered with comforters for mid 50s tonight in northwest Vermont.
Tuesday, August 6 View Page
Day 31 on 1790 Wallace. 251 OTT. Barring a miracle, this pumpkin won't make 1000 by the end of next month
Tuesday, August 13 View Page
1733 Wallace at 314 OTT and 45 DAP
Tuesday, August 13 View Page
1790 Wallace at 290 OTT and 38 DAP.
Sunday, August 18 View Page
1733 taping 333 OTT day 50, @803 lbs. 1790 taping 308 OTT day 44, @641 lbs.
Tuesday, August 20 View Page
Before and after pruning shots of fair pumpkin plant. I left a couple secondaries before and a couple plus the main after the pumpkin to slow fluid loss.. Loading on Thursday morning. Hopefully, t-storms and rain will be done by then.
Tuesday, August 20 View Page
After the pruning.
Wednesday, August 21 View Page
1733 Wallace continues to grow 20 lbs a day. 339 OTT @850 lbs.
Wednesday, August 21 View Page
Cantalouping spreading over entire fruit. Patterns could be a vegetable language. 31 days until Vermont State weigh off.
Thursday, August 22 View Page
1790 Wallace is loaded for local fair. Hoping for 700 lbs.
Tuesday, August 27 View Page
1733 Wallace, Day 59, 350 OTT(about 978 lbs),still gaining 26 pounds per day. I'm not telling where I got that hat. 🙃
Tuesday, August 27 View Page
1790 Wallace DAP 48. 4th place out of 5 entries. Beaten out of third place by 10 pounds. UOW is 762.5, not 772.5
Monday, September 2 View Page
762.5 uow Minor(1790 Wallace x self) at new home until November 1
Friday, September 6 View Page
George may have crapped the bed(really). I can't tell if the bad smell is from the pumpkin or rotten leaves that have died from old age. I'll know soon enough. OTT is 358 at 69 days old. Possible estimated 1043 pounds.
Tuesday, September 24 View Page
End of season on September 21 with a 1056.5 fruit off the 1733 Wallace x self. 83 days old, 2% heavy to chart. Made some mistakes at the start that set me back 10 days. Next year. Thanks to Henry Swenson for the picture.


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