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Saturday, March 2 View Page
With all this surprisingly dry weather and it being Saturday. Tuned up the tiller and took it out to the pumpkin patch. First pass for the year and the soil is light warm.
Saturday, April 20 View Page
10 yards of Gro-Co goodness ready to be tilled in. I guess I should get a start on getting the seeds sprouted. Been working on tomato plants...
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Here are my potentials this year. We'll have to see how they come through germination... 2019 AG Planting Name Year 114 Treece (Field Pumpkin) 2018 1339.5 Wetzler 2017 1341 Barker 2016 1649.5 Uhlmeyer 2017 1300 Hoffman 2017 1204 Wetzler 2017 1302 La Rue 2018 1283 Kilburn 2018 1290.5 Robinson 2018 No Weight Rencher (Field Pumpkin) 2018 I sure hope they all come through. Although, I have room for only 6 AG plants this year.
Wednesday, April 24 View Page
Getting ready to till this weekend. Weather has been warm most of the week.
Wednesday, April 24 View Page
Here is the line up for 2019. The seeds have been in ziplock bags with a paper towel and water and rested in a pan above a heating pad set at medium heat. Temperature was between 78 and 80 degrees. These have swollen up in the past 48 hours a began to open. These pots are in the green house sitting above a heating plate to keep the soil warm. Once they sprout they'll be moved to a cooler part of the green house. What to do with 10 viable AG's? I'll let you know if they all make a go of it. Most I can plan is six.
Monday, May 6 View Page
The seem to be slow getting themselves out of the ground this year.... This is the 1300 Hoffman.
Wednesday, May 8 View Page
Reload.... I had poor response to the first set of seeds germinating this year. Only two seeds germinated. I may have over-warmed them when they were soaking in the ziplock bags... Here's the new list: 1485 Uhlmeyer 2017 1322.5 Gadberry 2018 1379.5 Roof 2016 I do have to day all the other pumpkin types including watermelon are doing great. This warm weather is moving things along... 1649.5 Uhlmeyer 2017 1138 Uhlmeyer 2018
Sunday, May 12 View Page
First planting. The 80+ weather is moving things along. Although being Seattle weather and all. Our summer lasted 2 days. We most likely will not see 80+ weather until late June... The Hoffman is on the right, the Killburn is on the left. I have one more sprouted and will plant this week. Five others are trying...
Sunday, May 19 View Page
Here is the 1300 Hoffman. It is doing well, in-spite of the wind that's been blowing things around. Although it appears that this year the main vines on my AG's have a mind of their own. Not sure which way they will go. I have one more AG that germinated out of 12 that were planted a week ago. One more is all I need to have five plants in the ground. Howden, Sugar, spookie, and wee-be-littles starts were all planted yesterday.
Tuesday, May 21 View Page
Taking the 1332.5 Gadberry 2018 up to the pumpkin patch this evening!
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
Finally getting around to a few pictures. Here's the patch... The tiller belt started smoking... always a bad sign. Finished by hand. When I got home and took the tiller apart. There was nothing wrong?
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
Here's the first of the six AG's in the pumpkin patch. You can tell which ones got an early start... This is the 1192 Baker
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
1300 Hoffman
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
1863 Kilburn
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
936 Barker
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
1332.5 Gadberry
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
1863 Kilbrun with the picture
Sunday, June 9 View Page
Vandalized pumpkin plant..... Any ideas as to what did the damage this AG? Thanks!
Saturday, June 15 View Page
1863 Killburn. Recovery from the last week thrashing. The main vine looked as though it was going to be a flat vine. Glad to see it's not going that direction. Starting to bury the vine. Growing ~6 inches a day.
Saturday, June 15 View Page
Here's the 1300 Hoffman. Best looking plant in the patch. It has recovered nicely. Main vine is being buried. Lots of space for it to spread out...
Thursday, June 20 View Page
A few updates to the pictures. This is the Gadberry 1332.5. Seed is from 2018. Slow starting out of the gate but it now has it's main vine heading east. Cool weather for the next few days here in Seattle. Normal for Seattle. Another week or so and we'll start to warm up...
Thursday, June 20 View Page
Here is the 1800 Hoffman. It seems to shaken off that trashing it had 2 weeks ago. It's starting to throw out secondaries...
Thursday, June 20 View Page
1863 Kilburn. This plant has a mind of its own... I'm hoping that it will figure out that it needs to head North... Not east, not South...
Thursday, June 20 View Page
Here's the pumpkin patch with my gardening partner.
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
Patch update... Here is the NPPP. We had some good gentle rain these past few days. ~1/2 inch or so.
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
Here are the field pumpkins. Planted two variety. One came from the winner for largest field pumpkin at the PNW weigh off last Oct. The other is from my largest field pumpkin of 2018
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
1800 Hoffman. Doing well. Hoping to have a good candidate pollinating early next week
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
Here is the Kilburn. Doing as well as the Hoffman. The other AG's are trying to get it together.... Within the next week this will be all over run with pumpkin vines....
Thursday, July 4 View Page
The 936 Baker is taking on a flat vine on the main. The secondaries look ok. Has anyone terminated a flat line main to force the secondaries to grow? Thanks for the feedback.... Happy 4th!
Wednesday, July 10 View Page
Pollinated the 1800 Hoffman with the 1863 Kilburn on the 9th of July.
Saturday, July 20 View Page
The pumpkin patch is getting pretty crowded these days. Finally some sun to get these AG's going. This is the 1863 Kilburn with a 1332.5 Gasberry cross. Hopefully these will get a jump on growing. The summer is moving along...
Saturday, July 20 View Page
Here's the pumpkin patch. as you can see, the pumpkins are taking over the world. The aphids are really a problem with this wet warm weather we're having. there is a field pumpkin that's behaving like an AG in there. The vines are 10+ feet in length.
Tuesday, July 23 View Page
Maybe this one will take.... The first 1800 Hoffman didn't take. This one in the picture was open pollinated.
Thursday, July 25 View Page
a pleasant surprise lurking in the patch today... This is the Kilburn. From the looks of it, it appears to be ~14 days since pollination... Every once in a while those bumbles get the job done. Getting the jungle cleared away and keeping this one healthy may be a challenge.
Saturday, August 3 View Page
Culling Day..... Too many choices on the 1800 Hoffman... Ended up keeping the one on the side vine. The one on the main looked to have issues.....
Monday, August 5 View Page
This is the 1800 Hoffman 20 days since pollination
Friday, August 9 View Page
1800 Hoffman.... Not sure how fast this thing should be growing... This 70+ degree weather has me concerned. I was hoping for mid 80's for August.... Seeing signs of daily growth though....
Saturday, August 10 View Page
1800 Hoffman on a growth path.... Perhaps I'll start measuring on day 30....
Saturday, August 10 View Page
1800 Hoffman... alternate view
Wednesday, August 14 View Page
1800 Hoffman pictured. Showing more growth. This past weekend a visitor to the patch decided to remove my sprinklers. Bummed about that. But, innovation kicks in and now I have a easy way to install and remove the sprinkler system in a few minutes at less than 1/2 the cost of the one that got "borrowed" I'm just glad they didn't mess with the pumpkins.... I'll have to watch for that fun as we get closer to Halloween.
Thursday, August 15 View Page
If you were wondering what happened to the Kilburn. It turns out I was neglecting it. Here's a picture from Wednesday evening. If it weren't for that cracked vine, it would be doing much better....
Monday, September 2 View Page
And I thought I was growing giant pumpkins. Behold the world's largest peanut! This is the 1800 Hoffman....


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