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Thursday, March 28 View Page
The season has begun, a little later then I normally start but maters are now planted!
Friday, April 12 View Page
patch not quite ready yet lol
Monday, April 15 View Page
2145 McMullen, 1971.5 Barlow and 1501 Vander Weilan. are soaked and in napkins. All of the branches and alot of the pinecones picked up and burnt. Frost check with shovel says most the frost is out and enough is out to till if can get things dried up. Also most of the snow is gone from the patch. The 2019 Kin season is officially underway here and maters are up just need some to escape seed coats and grow enough to transplant. Now just gotta hope we get more excitement than dissapointment this year. Best of luck to all!
Wednesday, April 17 View Page
Three seeds and three germinated by popping roots. Now planted and wait a few days to see if they come outta the soil.
Monday, April 22 View Page
Tomatoes doing well and all three pumpkins up and growing now :)
Wednesday, April 24 View Page
Hoops up now just need heaters, silt fence, Deep till, cover crop then I can plant outside lol.
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
We got wind fence up, Deep till done, Heaters run, and cover crop for keeping weeds down planted. We are now ready to get pumpkins put out for friday. Nine days behind schedule but we cant control the weather.
Friday, May 10 View Page
Nine days late but finally got the kins planted. Hopefully spring finally decides to show up.
Friday, June 21 View Page
Pollinated a five lobe on the 2145 yesterday and an emergency one on the 1501. 1501 and 1971.5 look like crap because of the terrible weather we will see if they are permanantly stunted or if they can recover. We also planted all the tomatoes today only twenty days behind schedule we will see how that works out as well.
Monday, July 1 View Page
Pollinated to four lobes one on the 1501 which would be the one if set and one insurance one on the 2145 if something would go wrong. the 1971.5 still a week out and plants way way behind. As far as tomatoes I finally got them in patch last week and they love it. Ive got five megas open and at least six more coming within week or so. we will see how many take.
Saturday, July 6 View Page
Only one of three pumpkins pollinated. Hopefully with in a week or so I can say all three are. Good news is plants finally starting to grow and are looking a bit less pathetic. As far as tomatoes I saw first mega is set and growing as of yesterday. Today the count for the rest of the 23 plants are 8 megas open, Three megas on the way. And 12 that blossums are either to small to determine even if promising and nothing in sight at all. One of those twelve had a great mega open but my best guess is a bird pulled at it and broke it off.
Saturday, July 13 View Page
Pollinated a monster five lobe on the 1501 If it takes only thirteen days behind normal schedule lol. Still only one guaranteed mega pollinated on tomatoes with many others toying with the idea.
Monday, July 15 View Page
looks like all the pumpkins have set and 4 of 24 tomatoes have decent sets waiting on the rest. Now its just care for all them best I can ahd hope the weather makes up for setting everything back two weeks.
Tuesday, August 20 View Page
Well pumpkins are crap threw in towel on those three weeks ago and looks like mouse chewed hole through the bottom on only one I might have considered getting weighed for fun. Tomatoes are three weeks or more behind which would be okay but blight managed to show up a week or so early so not done just yet but outlook is not good. All tomatoes do have sets but they are very young yet and blight on couple plants will likely have me pulling them in a week if they are not dead already good times!
Friday, September 6 View Page
7.73 Mega where was this in june?
Friday, September 6 View Page
Another 7.73 mega hopefully it took but I am doubtful.
Friday, September 6 View Page
Yet another 7.73 Mega.
Friday, September 6 View Page
And finally not be left out a 6.67 decided it wanted to play too lol No clue why these waited till now to show up if they take I will try to fight the cold till mid to late October lol


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