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Wednesday, May 15 View Page
Having a patch tour in England and getting growing tips from one of the best...Ian Paton. Thanks very much Ian!
Friday, May 24 View Page
A late start this year.
Tuesday, June 4 View Page
Growing only 1 plant this year, a Love 892. As the story goes.... when we purchased this property 11 years ago, I was only "allowed" to grow every other year. I've grown 10 years in a row! The odd years being reserved for holidays. So this is a holiday year. It has given me a new appreciation for the huge amount of time we put into our hobby.
Tuesday, June 4 View Page
Forgot the picture
Thursday, July 25 View Page
The plant is a little on the small side as we have been travelling a bit this year and started late. The Love 892 was self pollinated on July 26th.
Saturday, July 27 View Page
This is the important top secondary root. If you can promote the top secondary root you have , in effect, doubled your root system. Its the reason why you want to bury your vines with quite a bit of soil and keep it moist. More soil was added and watered to prevent this delicate root from drying out and dying.
Wednesday, July 31 View Page
A simple and easy setup for feeding pumpkins with liquid and soluble fertilizers. Start with 1/2 HP pump with an inlet and an outlet. The ferts are mixed in the garbage can. Just place the inlet hose into the garbage can, turn on the pump and spray the ferts with an ordinary hose and nozzle.
Wednesday, August 14 View Page
892 Love DAP 20 It's 69 " circ. This is the 2nd largest circ at DAP 20 since I've been growing. Should name this kin " got lucky". It was the first female to show up on the main vine at 10 ft. Four more females after that did not "take" and there were no backups!!!
Monday, August 19 View Page
I'm diarizing my "new" method of vine burying inspired by the Patons who cover each axial with a pot of very wet soil. We know that each axial will produce a secondary root coming from the bottom of the vine. The Patons have managed to grow roots out of the top as well, literally doubling the number of secondary roots. My method was to heavily cover each vine so that the top root will have soil to grow in. My burying soil has been pure compost from the local municipal composting facility.
Monday, August 19 View Page
Usually I'm on my hands and knees burying vines. With the "new" method I'm using a long handled shovel and that makes it so that I don't need to bend down so much. Much easier on the back.
Monday, August 19 View Page
Now the only thing left to do is to really saturate the vine burying soil to promote the top roots to form. The other reason that the vine burying soil needs to be quite deep is to block out ant light which also promotes top root formation. as you can see in the picture, I'm using a long handled spray nozzle. Again this has been much easier on my back. Soak the vine burying soil a lot. With the Patons' knowledge of plants , I have been able to produce more top roots than ever in the past.
Monday, August 19 View Page
If you have been following my diary you will know that I started a month late. Growing 1 plant is a treat. 4 plants is work. I've gotta believe that my plant and pumpkin are doing so well because of this "new" easier vine burying technique.
Monday, August 19 View Page
This years' plant has been 1 of the "cleanest". So far no PM or aphids. One of the techniques I've been doing is to trim out over-lapping leaves. The leaf in the shade will always get more PM than the one on top. The other is to alternate, every other week, insecticide and fungicide. In 49 days I've applied 3 insecticides and 3 fungicides. Now all we need is a little luck !


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