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Monday, March 18 View Page
As always - I am now allllll fired up to kick some butt this year after the GPC show. But first. Glen and the WY crew get top marks for setting that venue up. I have been to events across the globe and that one was A+! The GPC crew did a great job. Thank you for all of the effort! And perhaps the largest thank you goes to Andy and all that helped with the new GPC Website! That was BADLY needed, the new Wordpress will be easy to keep up to date and looks fresh and modern. All and all. Great job and high fives to all. Thank you for the good time! It was great to meet so many of you who I 'know' from the internet or from your seed's and such. I did miss a few people on my list, but I will catch em' at the next one.
Monday, March 18 View Page
Ok - So what did I learn? Great question. Consistency is going to be my goal this year along with no *major* changes. I will be doing basically the same things I have been doing but better... Check my soil moisture rather than set the timer for 10min because it feels right. Measure out my fertilizers rather than using the glug method. Gather, record and react to all information (a diary is a part of this.) I have landed on growing 3 pumpkins this year. 2 @ 400sf, 1 @ 800sf. I will be going with the 1911, 1984 Barron (Don said this was a better looking plant.), and the 1211 Ailts. Hopefully I can get 2 big pumpkins and 1 big Howard dill winner! I will also be growing a bushel gourd, long gourd and maybe even another marrow now that they are a GPC thing.


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