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Friday, March 15 View Page
We got to shoot Mike’s Big ass 4.60 magnum at Green Bay. Wow
Wednesday, March 20 View Page
Our line up for this year is,,, 4 x 1911 Urena 2 x 1875 Mendi We have 2170 Deletas and our 2433 seeds as back ups.
Tuesday, March 26 View Page
I can honestly say I’ve never seen a better soil sample result especially at the beginning of the season before any amendments.
Tuesday, March 26 View Page
As taking a screen shot was hard to read try this photo
Friday, April 5 View Page
After talking with Eddy Z we’ve found out that using CO2 is more widespread than we though. We can’t afford to fall behind so this year we will also be using it for the first time.
Wednesday, April 10 View Page
At last the propagation room is fired up and our season begins
Saturday, May 4 View Page
We should have recorded all our hours spent in the patch because it must be over 200 in the last 6 weeks. And this is what all the fuss is about: half a dozen little plants.
Wednesday, May 22 View Page
All the plants look fine and our final selection of plants is 3 x 1911 Urena’s 1 x 1875 Mendi 2 x 2433 Paton’s The plants just need a little extra potassium and nitrogen.
Monday, May 27 View Page
Steve, Joe and I did a patch tour ending up at Ron’s for an awesome cookout.
Tuesday, May 28 View Page
Finally after a week of trying the Bass came out to play
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
Steve Deletas gets stuck into the action.
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Scott Marley took me Large mouth bass fishing.
Thursday, May 30 View Page
A very big thank you to Joe and Sue Jutras for looking after Steve and myself.
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Joe’s brother Paul worked so hard to find the fish. We had a real adventure with some awesome memories.
Friday, May 31 View Page
Stuart has done an awesome job looking after our plants while I’ve been away. If you looked at all six plants they all look the same except the 1985 which is a little behind but the most aggressive looking. You would think that the C02 is our biggest improvement this year but we think our new watering system is. For the last couple of years the backs of our plants have been getting too wet later in the season. With that in mind we’ve divided our plants and drip tubes into three so that we can miss out watering the back of the plant when it gets old and requires less water.
Tuesday, June 11 View Page
The first two pumpkins are pollinated and hopefully the rest will be done in the next week. The pot system is working very well.
Tuesday, June 18 View Page
The patch is in a very happy place right now.
Tuesday, June 18 View Page
Thanks Steve Deletas for the heads up on the best tool ever.
Saturday, June 22 View Page
We changed our watering system from running back to front to side to side. The back of our plants need the most water early in the year but later as it gets older it requires less water. It’s an exciting change because by being able to restrict the water we will have our plants in better shape at the end of the year.
Friday, June 28 View Page
It’s a good job we like vine burying because it’s taking 4 hours every two days. We decided that the first pumpkin set out on our 1875 was not the full ticket so we set out a late pollinated last chance saloon one today. We’re a week or so away from taping but I thought I’d put this photo of one of the 1911’s up. We both were not happy with the way she looked early on as she was thin at the back. Now it’s an awesome shape. No complaints here.
Sunday, June 30 View Page
Two very happy boys with the earliest 1911.
Sunday, June 30 View Page
This is the last of our 1911 which is a cracking shape and plant.
Friday, July 5 View Page
We’ve made 14 improvements in the patch this year, some of them small and some big. One of the biggest is putting a white wash on the glass on the south side of the patch. It’s cut out the direct sun and the whole patch is cooler as a result.
Friday, July 5 View Page
So where have we got to with the CO2? First of all another big thank you for EddyZ for all of his help. We are burning propane gas to produce our CO2. We set our controller for 900ppm to 1300ppm. We put in four big burners but our patch is very well sealed and it turns out that we only probably needed one small one. We’ve found out that just the four very small pilot lights are creating around 2000ppm over night and we burn very little gas. We pull the plugs out of the burners at seven o’clock in the morning to stop the heat from the burners pushing the vents open. On an average day the vents open at around 8 o’clock in the morning and any remaining CO2 is lost. The plugs go back on in the evening at 9 o’clock because the vents don’t shut until the sun goes down. The CO2 is definitely, in our opinion helping our plants. The window with extra CO2 is probably around 4hours. This is our early pollinated 1911 in a very “Happy” patch.
Friday, July 5 View Page
Another of our major improvements is putting a strip of Mypex (a black breathable membrane) over the soil at the back of the plants. It obviously cuts out weed growth but also keeps Scarid fly (a major problem for us growing inside) from eating the roots. It has one more big benefit because it cuts out the light and our roots grow right to the surface.
Monday, July 8 View Page
At long last we have started tapping. First up is the 1911A x 2433B which on DAP 29 is 387lbs.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Next up is the 1911B x 1875 and DAP 31 tapes 464lbs. She has a little netting so Stuart and I are going to predict that she will tape 1800lbs if she makes it to the end.
Monday, July 8 View Page
At DAP 24 our 2433A x 1911A is 243lbs.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Star of the week goes to our 2433B x 1911A. She’s 380lbs on DAP 26 and the fastest in the patch at the moment. She’s growing at the same pace as her mother last year.
Monday, July 8 View Page
DAP 28 our 1911C x 1875 is 369lbs. Our Mendi is this years problem child throwing runt after runts. We’re thinking that some of the pumpkins are behind because of longer cell division time. It’s just a bit of a hunch at the moment and time will tell. At this stage all you can do is grow the best plants possible and hope you have at least one better than average seed.
Monday, July 15 View Page
It’s been a bit of a challenging week in the patch with some pumpkins performing and others not. It was a lack lustre week for the 1911A which on day 36 is 642lbs up 255lbs and averaging 36lbs a day
Monday, July 15 View Page
The 1911B has got cracks all over and on day 38 is 720lbs up 256lbs for the week and averaged 36lbs a day.
Monday, July 15 View Page
The 2433A has done okay and on day 31 is 530lbs up 287lbs for the week averaging 41lbs a day.
Monday, July 15 View Page
The 2433B did well and on day 33 is 720lbs up 340 for the week averaging 48lbs a day.
Monday, July 15 View Page
The Star of the week goes to the 1911C. She did better than expected and on day 35 is 707lbs up 338lbs for the week averaging 48lbs a day.


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