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Sunday, March 24 View Page
Finally time to get going. Rootstock ready to start.
Sunday, March 24 View Page
Seed selection undergoing a rigorous merit testing
Sunday, March 24 View Page
Those are rampart rootstock
Sunday, March 31 View Page
Compost time. IF only I could back The truck to the patch. oh well it's good exercise. At least that's what I tell myself.lol
Sunday, March 31 View Page
My cover crop of turnips didn't do so well. Now that it's warmed it's just going to seed kind of puny huh
Thursday, April 18 View Page
Grafting operations in high gear
Thursday, April 18 View Page
Loveing some fresh tilled soil
Sunday, April 21 View Page
Always have a backup or you might be reked Looks like damping got all my 327 grafts. I have a few backups so I hope some will make it to the patch.
Monday, April 22 View Page
Re grafted my remaining 327 kent plants. Hope they take as i really wants some in the patch this year. Doing a smaller Lineup so i can compair the different seeds better. Hoping for the folowing plants: 302 327 (if they take) my 52 kent 17 (the 302 X JBD) John (Big Moon) grew some last year. I liked the way they looked so i'm giving it a competition spot, full graft and care. the number of each will be based on how many good plants i get ! ;)
Tuesday, April 23 View Page
The damping off has hit another batch of grafts. the 52 kents ( CC X JBD) I hope a saved them this time. Just need another day till they are ready to get out of the healing chamber. If not, well, there will be alot of 302 in the patch this year as they are doing great !
Thursday, April 25 View Page
Restarting some 52 kents, JBD X CC seeds, just got to have some , so better a little late than not at all !
Sunday, April 28 View Page
52 Kent , starting over. Really want one of these in the patch and the first batch failed due to what we now think was a bacterial infection in the grafting healing.
Sunday, April 28 View Page
Big moon has offered me some of his 175 from last year. So one way or the other this new fork in the watermelon trials will continue
Sunday, April 28 View Page
302 Kent . these look awesome. May get them in a patch a little bit earlier as the weather looks great for the coming week with temperatures in the 80s
Sunday, April 28 View Page
yeah that's a lemon in the bottom of the picture it's a Meyer lemon I picked up a tree in 2013 at the BP convention in Orlando. don't know if they're supposed to get that big or not but I don't grow anything small LOL
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
302 are now planted Nice to have plants in the ground.
Friday, May 3 View Page
175 cieliski plants arrived from big moon. Thanks John. They made it perfect except for 1 broken leaf. Makes my season complete.
Friday, May 3 View Page
i can't spell, sorry John Ciesielski
Monday, May 13 View Page
Just a quick update. I took a few days off last week to get my plants planted. That was very nice I think I'll make that a tradition. The weather was great plants are doing good starting to Vine. now after a rainy weekend and cool temperatures for the next few days I am super glad I did because now I would be behind if I had not. One more set of plants to plant. The 52 Kent made it through the second grafting stage and we'll be going out in a few days along with the 175 ceisiski
Thursday, May 16 View Page
327 Kent ready to go. Weather is going to be great after the cool spell, so it's go time!
Sunday, May 19 View Page
175 Ciesielski , new spot, new seed line, can't wait.
Sunday, May 19 View Page
52 kent 16 (JBD X 302 kent) , also new spot. Don't know what i will get with this one and the 175 , but pretty sure they will be FAT from what i saw when John grew them last year.
Sunday, June 2 View Page
302 Kent just waiting here. Plants are growing great. Should be doing some real pollinations by the end of the week
Sunday, June 2 View Page
175 ciesielski , two plants, got to pull one. Always hard to do when both are great
Friday, June 28 View Page
175 Ciesielski looking good. Nice day melon
Saturday, July 27 View Page
175 ciesielski I love the color. Plant is finally full grown. Looking forward to completing with the CC melons
Saturday, July 27 View Page
52 Kent. Also keeping up with the big boys, just have to wait and see if it can go the distance. At DAP 30 it's any melons game to win


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