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Friday, March 1 View Page
For the first time in 15 years, no Atlantic Giant pumpkins or squash. I got rid of one of my larger greenhouses and allotments. This year I hope to grow two bushel gourds (one in the big pumpkin greenhouse and one outside), three field pumpkins (158.7 Horde, 133.4 Wursten, 176.4 Wursten), runner beans, heavy carrots, heavy aubergines (eggplants), a long chili and some genetic marrows on a vacant allotment just to get some seeds again. Thanks for the seeds Mark B! The aubergines, carrots and long chili have already germinated. Also hoping to grow 26 varieties of potatoes and 20 varieties of carrots to present at our giant veg weigh-off. Last year I showed 30+ (rare) varieties of potatoes. The public seems to like the extra attraction of the strange and weird colours, shapes and sizes of otherwise normal vegetables. All of the bushel gourd and field pumpkin spots were tilled in the fall and dehydrated cow manure, lime and basalt rock dust was added. The BG spot in the greenhouse also had 100l of perlite tilled in. Bought a pot of Lithovit Amino CO2 to try out. Dehydrated cow manure is regular manure which gets almost all of the liquid pressed out of it. It is extremely light, easy to spread and easy to till in and I could get a few yards for free. The basalt was also free. A local store was taking it out of their inventory.
Thursday, May 9 View Page
Getting ready to sow the 20 varieties of carrots to show at the weigh-off, along with some 25+ varieties of heirloom potatoes. Bushel gourds are giving problems. Neither of the 209 English seeds germinated. Neither of the 210 Kline plants developed a vine, only cot leaves. So I'll have to go with the two 236 Nieuwenhoff plants I have going. One inside and one outside. We'll see what the difference is.
Thursday, July 4 View Page
It's been a hot, dry spring and till now a dry summer too. None of my bushel gourds survived. Currently I have 4 FPs and 3 marrows going. The field pumpkins are 158 Horde, 176 Wursten, 2x 133 Wursten (of which one in the big greenhouse). The 3 marrow plants are just to get seeds from, not really for competition purposes: 2x 165 Baggs and 1x 220 Baggs. Almost time to pull the back-up plants. At the front a 165 Baggs + back-up. Behind that the 158 Horde + back-up. Next allotment the 176 and the allotment behind that another 165 Baggs.
Thursday, July 4 View Page
This was a neglected allotment I am "borrowing" this year. From front to back: 220 Baggs marrow + back-up and a 133 Wursten FP + back-up.


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