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Tuesday, March 26 View Page
Start time getting close , Probably putting everything into 1 plant , the 1911, Just tilled today !!
Tuesday, March 26 View Page
Amendments, going up to patch, 65 ft up the rails to the top, then 50ft over to patch! i did amend soil in patch 800 sq ft , last fall with 6 yds compost & 6 yds of horse manure, & sulfur, gypsum, blood meal,, humic acid, chicken manure pellets, kelp meal, neem meal, oyster shell meal,
Friday, June 28 View Page
2114 wallace,,pollinated on 06/26/19 ,looks good ,at 12 ft out,
Friday, June 28 View Page
2114 wallace nice 5 lober
Friday, June 28 View Page
2114 wallace plant, never had a plant this good of shape at this time of yr! , i been running 4 x 600 watt halide bulbs,, Probably adding more as plant expands! Also bought a 20 x 36 ft 50% shade cloth for the hotter weather that will be coming soon
Monday, July 1 View Page
Terminated first secondaries at 17.5 ft ea, gonna term no 2 secondaries also at 17.5 ft ea,,, But then no 3 secondarys will be at 20-22 ea
Friday, July 5 View Page
9 DAP ,Circumference at 17 inchs
Sunday, July 7 View Page
Dap 11 now at 23 inches circumference and of course stem is splitting ! Yr after yr something happens ,Like more than 10 yrs & always something !! If only just once i could get a pumpkin to go to its full potential i would be so happy ! O well i guess that leaves more time for fishing !!!
Sunday, July 7 View Page
Dap 11 ,
Sunday, July 7 View Page
DAP 5 ,This one is at 16.5 ft out We will see if stem splits on this one ,
Tuesday, July 23 View Page
DAP 27, 222 OTT Biggest & best shape plant, no wilting in heat, not a single burnt leaf, But not the biggest pumpkin iv had at 27 days! pic is on day 25, hopefully it will pick up a bit & soon too hopefully
Thursday, July 25 View Page
now running 8 x 600 watt lights= 4800 watts in the early mornings & evenings !!
Tuesday, July 30 View Page
Dap 34 & doing good ! 277 ott Getting close to 500 lbs on the newer chart !
Tuesday, July 30 View Page
Different pic , Dap 34 & doing good ! 277 ott Getting close to 500 lbs on the newer chart !
Tuesday, August 6 View Page
now at dap 41 --- 152 circumference,, still not the fastest growing pumpkin iv had,, but the plant is big & still healthy,, it will be new pb if it stays together !!!
Wednesday, August 21 View Page
dap 55 ,over 1000 lbs on 2018 chart, Plant still pretty good, Its never been a fast grower,but it is still growing!!!
Saturday, August 24 View Page
dap 55
Wednesday, September 4 View Page
Dap 70 , 2018 chart says 1200 lbs, for the last 6-7 days it seems to have stopped growing, I really thought i would have advantage of a late growth,--as my plant is still in very good shape , still have 150 plus good leaves, I though it would have at least squeezed out something ! If it is- it is not much ! Always something !!! this seed never put on any great growth !! but hopefully got my first 1000 lber !!!
Wednesday, September 18 View Page
Weighoff is 3 days away, Pumpkin is all loaded on truck, now that it is on flat ground it gained 4 more inches in ott measurement ! I wish i could have left it on for 2 more days -But i could not take a chance on getting it down to the truck, It was a hard move , It actually broke a small cable that i was using connected to a harbor freight wench - just dragging it sideways !
Saturday, September 21 View Page
Great weight off day ! It was a lot of fun ,lot of nice growers! & i finely got my first 1000 lber! Official weight of 1219 lbs 2018 chart said 1300,So a little light , but im happy !


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