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Saturday, February 23 View Page
Take a chance on a neat-o cross? here is the 284 (actual weight at harvest) Gerry '18 - 1585 Werner X 1385 Howell/Jolivette - this cross is not listed on PumpkinFanatic, and I know the usual route is to prove one's OWN seeds first, before bestowing them onto the growing public, but, what the heck! the next pic will be of the pollinator, the 1385 H/J; neither pic does the 284 justice--- it actually filled in and wasn't bad at all about 3 weeks after a dry spell and this shot was taken. another fruit of about the same size was 5 feet away but i did not request the seeds back from it; THAT was a better-looking one (1585 X 783 Daletas)---oh, well---email me for a half-doz! pumpkinpal@msn.com
Saturday, March 2 View Page
here is the 1385 H/J pollinator for the 284. judging by the heritage of each and the COLOR as well, 1585 X 1385 (also neat-o numbers) should be a great cross and they can be gotten for emailing me at pumpkinpal@msn.com for just a SAS bubble and i'll most-likely be trying it this year as well. NO reason not to, huh? OTHER seeds would accompany this one - Ho, Ho, Ho. Look at the next page if there is one up yet! eg
Saturday, March 2 View Page
here is the result (around 371) of my 301.5 from '05 (677 Catapano X 689.5 Sandercock); nothing but happiness in donating its eventual same blazing color and near-this-estimated-weight to a local college for a fund raiser. seeds available, no problem with sprouting at all--- pumpkinpal@msn.com
Saturday, March 2 View Page
here is my 540.8 '18, grown from my 188 seed (335 Gerry X 689.5 Sandercock); it was used to promote a business/restaurant in a local shopping mall, with great results. the 188 seeds are available. this pumpkin 'grew itself'; i MUST grow it again! eg


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