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Sunday, June 23 View Page
Not an easy season. The wind beat up a few plants, I screwed up one myself, and about 4 inches of rain in a week has started rotting out a couple main vines already. At least the watermelon plants are looking decent.
Saturday, August 3 View Page
So, things haven't been going according to plan here. This is the 247.5 (1211 Alits x 1576 LaRevier). Hopefully others out there did better on these crosses than I did. The 1576 wouldn't set fruit so I had to pull the plant. The 1211 double vined, clustered, ect. So, we took this one to Ohio. Got 5th place (out of 5, lol)but we had fun.
Tuesday, August 6 View Page
Had a storm roll through today, plants got beat up. We'll see how things recover, but overall I only have 2 plants I'm caring for at this point, and no shot at a personal best...... except hopefully on watermelon.
Monday, August 19 View Page
Not much to report except the pumpkins are still hanging on. This is the 2416, lost the stump and a couple vines to rot a while back. It has the same crazy stem as the 2027 had last year, and started out with the same shape as my 1742 before getting some ribs. Over 1000 pounds.
Monday, August 19 View Page
This is the 2145, currently in the lead. The bottom folded up pretty bad - you can actually look at the bottom from the blossom end and see daylight out the stem end, so I have my doubts this one can go the distance. There's a toad living under it so maybe that's good luck. Over 1000 pounds, but no personal best this year.
Saturday, September 7 View Page
I gave up growing field pumpkins this year due to too many blossom end splits, and decided to focus on the melons. Lost my best one to a blossom end split at 178#. Lost my #2 to rot. Maybe next year I'll try to split a gourd, maybe a tomato.


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