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Thursday, April 25 View Page
Hello everyone. After a long winter, the patch and plants are ready to go. Since last season, the total growing area was expanded by about 500 sf in order to better accommodate the four plants that I will grow this year. Two of the plants will get 1000 sf, and the other two, 750 each.
Wednesday, May 15 View Page
2018 was a good year for me. I managed to get four pumpkins to the scale. The pumpkin pictured was the largest and my personal best. It was grown from my own seed, the 1436.5 Pappas and it weighed 1503 pounds. I have modest goals this year. I just want one bigger than that.
Thursday, May 16 View Page
Due to the weather, the plants are less than half the size they were last year at this time. Their not very impressive. The weather channel reported that it rained 22 of 30 days in April, and 13 of 15 in May in my part of southern New England. My plants were started on April 15, and set out between May 1, and 3rd.
Thursday, May 16 View Page
I've got a little east coast west coast rivalry going. On the right is the Best of the West, the 2018 2469 Daletas. ( 2624.6 Willemijus X 1937 Urena )
Thursday, May 16 View Page
On the right is " The Beast from the East" the 2528 Geddes. (1911 Urena X 1803 Gadberry )
Thursday, May 16 View Page
The plant on the left is the 1846.5 Marley. A 2018 pumpkin that combined seldom seen beauty and brawn.
Thursday, May 16 View Page
Rounding out the foursome is the 1436.5 Pappas. ( 2307 Wallace x 1961 Sperry ) I usually plant one of my own each year. Through the years, four of my personal bests have come from my own seed.
Thursday, May 16 View Page
Pic of the 1846.5 Marley
Friday, May 31 View Page
What a difference two weeks and a little sunshine make. All plants main vines are in the six to seven foot range
Thursday, June 6 View Page
Groundhogs, the scourge of my 2018 season are back for more in 2019. Shortly after this pic was taken the first of at least four was sent to the big pumpkin patch in the sky.
Tuesday, June 11 View Page
Most growing seasons, I try to measure the vine lengths on this date to get a feel for whether I am behind or ahead of previous years. This year their lengths are: 1436.5 - 8.5 feet 1846.5 9 feet 2469 10 feet 2529 10.5 feet Average = 9.5 feet 2018 average = 11.25 feet. 2017 average 7.7
Wednesday, June 12 View Page
Now that's something you don't see everyday.
Friday, June 14 View Page
After a few days of good pumpkin growing weather, the plants are starting to pick up speed. In the most sun challenged area of the patch is the 1846 Marley. In a week or two, the vines of this plant will enter a sunnier zone and hopefully the plant will catch up to its patch mates
Friday, June 14 View Page
The 1436.5 Pappas is chugging along.
Friday, June 14 View Page
The 2469 Daletas is a strong healthy plant despite its light green color.
Friday, June 14 View Page
Arguably, the best looking plant in the patch at this time is the 2529 Geddes


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