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Sunday, March 17 View Page
almost ready for 2019
Thursday, March 21 View Page
Wednesday, April 3 View Page
just when you think things are under control...mother nature decides to do a charlie brow kite trick to the greenhouse
Wednesday, April 3 View Page
did a fine job bending everything out of sorts and made a few holes in the cover.
Saturday, April 6 View Page
took a couple days and a lot of beer but looks close enough
Thursday, April 11 View Page
after installing significantly better anchoring and fighting with the cover to fit the slightly misaligned frame it's time to try again.
Monday, May 20 View Page
On 24 March while everyone was being distracted by Flatnormís new greenhouse, Flatnorm himself was secretly busy opening his tightly protected seed vault where his most desirable pumpkin seeds were secured. So secret are these seeds that we donít dare mention their name even with whispered tones in dark places out of view. A select few were taken before securing the vault away.
Monday, May 20 View Page
It was no surprise to Flatnorm when 2 days later they all germinated using his wet paper towel method.
Monday, May 20 View Page
On 26 March Flatnorm spared no expense when acquiring the best 4 inch peat pots for his seeds. Each pot was filled with some sort of potting soil and moistened. He use the time honored method of poking his finger into the soil to make a hole for the seed.
Monday, May 20 View Page
Ö 26 March, This is followed by pushing a little soil over the top of the seed and finally watering everything in with a small volume of nearly unadulterated tap water provided by the city.
Monday, May 20 View Page
What flatnorm didnít show or tell you on 3 April was all his precious seedlings were in the greenhouse when it decided to do the Charlie brown kite trick and they all got upended along with the greenhouse. Flatnorm quickly stuffed them back into the pots knowing that these special seeds would take it in stride.
Monday, May 20 View Page
10 May A month later and all the upended plants are doing well but one is a clear standout and will become the Ďkeeperí. This special status may entitle it to extra care including a robust watering once a month if Flatnorm remembers.
Monday, May 20 View Page
20 May Flatnorm is giddy over how well his chosen plant is responding to itís special care. It would be the envy of any growers patch. 2 months and it already has 2 leaves at the same time !


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