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Sunday, March 17 View Page
almost ready for 2019
Thursday, March 21 View Page
Wednesday, April 3 View Page
just when you think things are under control...mother nature decides to do a charlie brow kite trick to the greenhouse
Wednesday, April 3 View Page
did a fine job bending everything out of sorts and made a few holes in the cover.
Saturday, April 6 View Page
took a couple days and a lot of beer but looks close enough
Thursday, April 11 View Page
after installing significantly better anchoring and fighting with the cover to fit the slightly misaligned frame it's time to try again.
Monday, May 20 View Page
On 24 March while everyone was being distracted by Flatnorm’s new greenhouse, Flatnorm himself was secretly busy opening his tightly protected seed vault where his most desirable pumpkin seeds were secured. So secret are these seeds that we don’t dare mention their name even with whispered tones in dark places out of view. A select few were taken before securing the vault away.
Monday, May 20 View Page
It was no surprise to Flatnorm when 2 days later they all germinated using his wet paper towel method.
Monday, May 20 View Page
On 26 March Flatnorm spared no expense when acquiring the best 4 inch peat pots for his seeds. Each pot was filled with some sort of potting soil and moistened. He use the time honored method of poking his finger into the soil to make a hole for the seed.
Monday, May 20 View Page
… 26 March, This is followed by pushing a little soil over the top of the seed and finally watering everything in with a small volume of nearly unadulterated tap water provided by the city.
Monday, May 20 View Page
What flatnorm didn’t show or tell you on 3 April was all his precious seedlings were in the greenhouse when it decided to do the Charlie brown kite trick and they all got upended along with the greenhouse. Flatnorm quickly stuffed them back into the pots knowing that these special seeds would take it in stride.
Monday, May 20 View Page
10 May A month later and all the upended plants are doing well but one is a clear standout and will become the ‘keeper’. This special status may entitle it to extra care including a robust watering once a month if Flatnorm remembers.
Monday, May 20 View Page
20 May Flatnorm is giddy over how well his chosen plant is responding to it’s special care. It would be the envy of any growers patch. 2 months and it already has 2 leaves at the same time !
Thursday, May 23 View Page
I've been a little concerned that with all it's vigorous growth it could become 'pot bound' so I peeled away some of the peat pot to inspect the roots ! WOW !!again, I'm impressed that it still had plenty of room for root growth in it's 4 inch peat pot.
Thursday, May 23 View Page
I hope it doesn't suffer to much from being separated from it's happy home. I didn't have another 4 inch peat pot so it will have to make due with this left over plastic pot I found when cleaning the shed.
Saturday, June 8 View Page
It’s been 2 and a half weeks since Flatnorms’ pumpkin was moved to a new pot where it has been a struggle to keep it alive after so much trauma. Here you get a peek at the secret ultra high tech method for supplying extra CO2 for the plant. Once I got the CO2 ratio adjusted the plant finally seems to be responding.
Tuesday, June 11 View Page
Flatnorms plant isn’t looking to good. Like the rest of us, too much of the good life has it falling down and not able to stand up. Had to provide it with a bamboo crutch to keep it upright and he will need to reduce the co2 ration until it learns moderation and can stand on its’ own.
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
Well it's been another week and all Flatnorm's extra care is starting to pay off. His plant is finally starting to develop a little color. Just goes to show how hard work pays off eventually.
Saturday, July 6 View Page
Flatnorms pumpkin plant is out of control so it was ejected from the green house
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
Necessary equipment
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
To express its discontent with its new location it decided to present this.
Thursday, July 11 View Page
A few days later the first little female turned brown and fell off.
Saturday, July 13 View Page
There must be something it doesn't like about it's new location.
Sunday, July 14 View Page
It seems a stern talking to and a dose of flatnorms secret pumpkin elixir have changed his plants attitude.
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
Don't even ask. He won't tell anyone whats in it.
Wednesday, August 7 View Page
By the size of it, Flatnorm is sure this will become a pumpkin one day.
Monday, August 19 View Page
Flatnorm’s pumpkin plant expressed its dislike for its new home in the bigger pot by letting the entire stump die. It’s now simple a shell of its former self. Flatnorm thinks too much emphasis is placed on the size of ones stump anyway.
Monday, August 19 View Page
Stumps are over rated so Flatnorm spilled some of his Magic Pumpkin Juice on the vine and look what happened. He thinks maybe he used to much.
Monday, August 19 View Page
Flatnorm knew his was a powerful seed but still is amazed that it only took 149 days to find this one hiding at the end of his 6 ft main vine. Who would have thought you could go from seed to this in only 149 days. There is a good reason he keeps them secured in his seed vault obviously.
Thursday, August 22 View Page
Do you think there is hope? Flatnorm was surprised to find this one open. Not another pumpkin plant for miles around so Flatnorm is pinning his hopes on the bees and the sole male flower for a successful season. Flatnorm has spared no effort on this plant since March and it comes down to a bee...
Wednesday, August 28 View Page
Hello Abbynormal ! Are you looking?
Wednesday, August 28 View Page
Looks like Flatnorm was out and swiped a pumpkin so he will be looking for you at Woodstock.
Friday, August 30 View Page
Flatnorm got cought and had to give the pumpkin back. Lloyd Blair was happy to get HIS pumpkin weighed in at 655.5 pounds at the Woodstock Fair. Now Flatnorm has to pin his hopes for a pumpkin on his own plant...still alive
Friday, August 30 View Page
time to weigh a few tomatoes. 1.70 pounds and it taste good for lunch. was grown on a 5.78 Marley UOW 17
Friday, August 30 View Page
2.39 pounds
Friday, August 30 View Page
2.46 getting better
Friday, August 30 View Page
2.71 pounds...more better
Friday, August 30 View Page
Friday, August 30 View Page
2.73...seems to be a 2.7x theme here for some reason. what will the next one be?
Friday, August 30 View Page
3.31 pounds that's more like it
Friday, August 30 View Page
3.57 pounds, even better
Friday, August 30 View Page
3.68 pounds, Flatnorm is happy with these for his first year
Friday, August 30 View Page
Wouldn't be complete without a seal of course. Each of these tomatoes was personally inspected and found to be sound by a recognized tomato growers.
Sunday, September 1 View Page
Flatnorm is amazed at how big his plant has gotten in just over 23 weeks. Goes to show the advantage of starting the seeds on 22 March.
Sunday, September 1 View Page
After installing some mill fabric under his pumpkin his excitement may be fading. A few more days should tell if it took.
Sunday, September 1 View Page
looks like another lunch matter at 1 pound 9.9 oz. after a quick calculation with his abacus that becomes 1.618 pounds.
Sunday, September 1 View Page
going to be a lot of matter sandwiches in Flatnorms lunch this week. 1 pound 11.7 oz or 1.731 pounds. is it lunch time yet?
Wednesday, September 4 View Page
You afford them every advantage in life, treat them like royalty, work you fingers to the bones and you will be properly rewarded….. it shows.
Sunday, September 8 View Page
I think this one is sub-optimal
Sunday, September 8 View Page
flatnorm cant get over how big his plant has gotten
Sunday, September 8 View Page
this little beauty is just 3 days post pollination and looks terrific. flatnorm knows this is THE ONE !
Friday, September 13 View Page
Flatnorm put so much extra work into his pumpkin plant this year that he decided it was time for a little r&r. His vview of the Grand Tetons is blocked by a few clouds today. see
Friday, September 13 View Page
Flatnorm, checking the time for the next show so he can have a front row seat.
Saturday, September 14 View Page
today flatnorn is going to play cowboy in Cody Wy.
Sunday, September 15 View Page
Don't you think flatnorm looks good up there !
Tuesday, September 17 View Page
grizly bears don't scare Flatnorm
Wednesday, September 25 View Page
Flatnorm returned from his well-earned vacation to see his pumpkin doing well.
Wednesday, September 25 View Page
While he was on vacation Mother Nature stepped in and pollinated the next one for Flatnorm which seems to be growing so fast it sucked the life out of its older sibling.
Sunday, September 29 View Page
Flatnorm continues to be amazed at the vigor of his plant. Remember how small it was when the seed was germinated in March.
Sunday, October 6 View Page
It’s only the 6th of October and Flatnorm already has his ‘keeper’
Thursday, October 17 View Page
How time flies. In the last 11 days Flatnorms pumpkin has become very long. He knows it’s going to be a winner.
Thursday, October 17 View Page
Oh-Oh, something will have to pay very dearly for this…..Only a bear could harm a pumpkin this big…look at those claw marks. Maybe Flatnorm shouldn’t have climbed onto that Grizzly Bear.
Saturday, October 19 View Page
Flatnorm continues to be impressed how well his pumpkin is doing. Just look at the color of those leaves !
Thursday, October 24 View Page
Flatnorm's pumpkin is packing on the pounds now and the plant never stops in its amazement. Flatnorm couldn’t be happier with his season
Friday, October 25 View Page
It seems that all of Flatnorms patch neighbors have given up on their season and vacated the area. Flatnorm knows this is when all his hard work begins to pay dividends as his plant is still young and vibrant going into the final push for the season.
Wednesday, October 30 View Page
Disaster strikes! Flatnorm has heard horror stories of growers having their pumpkins sabotaged or even stolen but never has he seen where someone would steal the plant ! He doesn’t think that without a plant not even his pumpkin will reach its potential. It surely was on it’s way to being a world record but now…..
Wednesday, October 30 View Page
All is not lost Flatnorms pumpkin didn’t make it to the weigh off but he is sure it would have been a winner. Now with it’s abbreviated season the pumpkin will be remembered as 835Flatnorm 19 FOE. For those of you unfamiliar with the FOE designation it is “Flatnorm Official Estimate”. Meanwhile Flatnorm continues to look over his shoulder because he has seen a secret unpublished picture of a plant whos grower may have exceeded the level of dedication Flatnorm has bestowed on his plant. Bragging rights are important at this time of the season. The pumpkin will get a second life scaring small children with its enormous size on Halloween. Following that the highly prized seeds will be carefully harvested and dried to fulfill the already staggering list of seed request.
Friday, November 1 View Page
Only 7 small beings dared to pass Flatnorms pumpkin and beg for treats last night. He rewarded them well for their bravery.


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