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Monday, April 30 View Page
This is my first season growing. I'm pretty excited to give it a go and have set a goal of 500lbs. The plants were started indoors 2-3 weeks before transplant into my greenhouse. I have culled them down to a 2043 Clemantz and a 1790 Holland.
Tuesday, May 8 View Page
Here is a view of the greenhouse I have set up. Reviews were mixed about material durability and life expectancy. For the price point of $200 from Tractor Supply it made good sense and fits my needs nicely. Shelter Logic 10x10. I will keep it as is until near the end of this month. At that point I will likely remove the cover leaving the frame in place for the season. So far it has handled some very strong winds and protected my plants from two late frosts. Photograph taken 5-8-18 around dusk.
Thursday, May 10 View Page
Plants coming along nicely. Weather has been favorable.
Sunday, May 13 View Page
Split stem on my Clementz.
Monday, May 14 View Page
The near plant (2043 Clementz) had an accident 3 days ago. It had not touched down yet and was growing like wildfire. Well it collapsed under its own weight and split the stem lengthwise near the stump. I have been watching it like a hawk to see the effects on growth. So far all is well but time will tell. The 5-1-1 fertilizer has seemed to really kick in chlorophyll production with both plants becoming a good bit darker green. Warm temps are rocking here in WV and my greenhouse is cooking some growth.
Friday, May 18 View Page
A few things have been done in the patch so I figured an update was called for. I have changed the direction of both vines. A ditch has been cut ahead of the advancing main vine of the 2043 Clementz 6" deep x 8" wide and filled it back in with rich compost. This will aid in rooting as the plant advances. You can see in the first 5-18-18 photo posted the placement of the loosely wrapped pink plumbers tape on the stem split. There was a little sulfur powder applied as well. About a foot down vine from the tape you will see soil covering (time for some more roots). This plant is way outside of the original irrigation ditch and is advancing 6-8" a day. The two sticks stuck into the ground far bottom right of last photo show 24hrs of growth. It will be out of the greenhouse by Tuesday at this rate. I will think on what to do with the Holland 1790 plant. I would like to have it as my pollinator but some noobie planted them on top each other.
Sunday, May 20 View Page
Secondaries are starting to come on nicely. Lots of Male flowers noted so far with no females yet. They will come. Until then I put my laptop out in the greenhouse with "The Notebook" playing where the plant could watch. That should lower the testosterone.
Monday, May 21 View Page
The 2043 will be exiting the greenhouse by mid week at this rate of 8-14in day main vine growth. I butchered my fine looking 1790 Holland clearing the first 4-5 leafs. It's purpose has been set (pollen donater). Doing foliar feedings of 5-1-1 every few days. Wind fence for the main patch goes up today after this pesky job stuff ends at 5. Gotta use that 3.5hrs of daylight wisely.
Monday, May 21 View Page
The 2043 Clementz is in full stride now doing 8-12" growth per day on the main vine. I have trimmed back the 1790 Holland. It is kept alive as a pollinator only. I expect the 2043 to leave the greenhouse tomorrow. I have installed a wind fence 20X22 with intentions of expanding it to 20X32 by the middle/end of June. The ends on the greenhouse have been removed as well.
Tuesday, May 22 View Page
Here is the greenhouse and growing plot as it looks now. I will do a little plant maintenance this afternoon and put down a perimeter insecticide. It is also time for some proper walking planks.
Wednesday, May 23 View Page
First Female is here. Looks to be about 8' out. Videos of "The Notebook" worked. I'll back that off for now and switch to the original Star Wars trilogy to promote balanced growth. Kidding aside, I am pleased with the plants progress so far. I did a perimeter granule pesticide application yesterday. Soil was tilled in front of the advancing main with some light cow and leaf compost amendments. I am leaving my patch for 5 days to take care of matters out of town and am very nervous to see what will happen while I am gone. I don't really have anyone close by to watch over things but I have set up an automated irrigation system to deliver an even 3-5gal of spray at dusk every two days. I know that seems small but I'd rather under do it than over do it. Fingers crossed.
Wednesday, May 23 View Page
Here is a cool picture of a Morgan Silver Dollar setting on a leaf. It is great to show scale.
Wednesday, May 23 View Page
Picture is from yesterday. I finally named the pumpkin. Happy DAP-35 Girthtrude.
Monday, May 28 View Page
Back in town and what do I see? A pumpkin plant much bigger than me. I was pleased to see her trucking along in my absence with my watering timer doing its job.
Monday, May 28 View Page
Here is the main and a secondary shooting out of the greenhouse.
Monday, June 4 View Page
Pumpkin setting at around 14' on the main of my 2043. It should be pollinated this week with any luck. I have really been a butcher on the 1790, which is the intended father, by stripping all foliage 6' from the stump. Somehow that plant is still kicking butt and taking names. Amazing how resilient it is. Three males in bloom this morning. Two on the Holland and One on the Clementz. Secondaries have been slow on the 2043 but are now starting to kick in.
Thursday, June 7 View Page
Pollination Day. June 7th (75 deg). 14' out on the main. I sure hope this one takes.
Tuesday, June 12 View Page
I have pulled half a dozen females that were in poor positioning (early secondaries). The pumpkin on the main vine was pollinated 6-7-18. I give it a 50/50 for taking. I just don't feel like it will. It is located under the shade structure. Another was pollinated this morning on a side vine 6-12-18. The plant started to show signs of to much Nitrogen so I have backed off all fertilizer for a week now. She is snapping back and growing like a weed. The smaller Holland plant has been used for both pollinations so far and will continue to stay in the patch until I get a 30-80#er set on the Clementz. I have also extended my growing plot and wind fence. My main is a little over 23' now.
Tuesday, June 12 View Page
DAP 5 ...... doesn't look so hot. She is meeting with an attorney this evening for estate planning. "I bequeath all my potash and Azos to my baby sister at 20ft. And my Mykos is to be shared among my mother's secondaries."
Thursday, June 14 View Page
DAP 7 I removed my shade cloth from over the pumpkin. There is now plenty of natural shade coming from the leaf at that node. A sheet of cement board was placed over the soil for the pumpkin to set (if it takes). If not, I will shimmy it on down to the pumpkin at the 20'+ spot on the main. No ferts placed for over a week now. I did spray a light folliar fungicide and insecticide 6-12-18. Gonna stay light on the Nitrogen for a bit longer BUT i'm thinking about starting to ease into a heavy Phosphate and Potassium Fert soon.
Saturday, June 16 View Page
The pumpkin on the main vine did not set. I am, however, still very hopeful. A pumpkin on the side vine was pollinated and it has took. As for ferts......we are very dry here and I have been doing a soak with of 1/3 strength TKO 0-29-26 w/ 1/10th strength 5-1-1 Fish. Picture from 6-11-18. -Gold Box w/ sad face = aborted pumpkin on main -Gold Box w/ smile face = pumpkin pollinated and growing 6-12-18 -Blue Box w/ neutral face = pumpkin on main that should be pollinated tomorrow.
Wednesday, June 20 View Page
Side vine Kin DAP-8. Hope to cull this bad boy within 7-8 days. This Clementz 2043 plant looks very similar in growth pattern to others I have seen at this stage. Boxy with very strong secondaries would be a good description.
Wednesday, June 20 View Page
Main Vine DAP-3 looks to have took. Kin is getting fat and starting to drop. This is the chosen one. Also, we need some darn rain. The barrel and tote are almost dry.
Friday, June 22 View Page
Side vine Kin DAP-10. Was thinking about culling this bad boy within 5-6 days but this fruit is doing some work. I will need to see what the main vine kin at DAP-10 looks like. Do a side by side evaluation.
Sunday, June 24 View Page
Side vine DAP-12 kin. It needs culled. I hate like hell to do it as it is a real fatty......just in the wrong spot to go big.
Monday, June 25 View Page
The main vine Pumpkin has taken nicely and is very comparable to the side vine at DAP 8. I do not need two kins competing against one another. We have had 2-3" of rain in the past 4 days. The slope in my patch has kept the plant happy, healthy, and not swimming. I completely removed the father plant (1790 Holland) Thursday. It was 24 feet stump to tip along the main. So there will be no further pollinations. 3 Pumpkins are set on the remaining 2043 Clementz plant: The side vine big boy, The main vine, and one further out on the main not pictured. I sent off a tissue test last week to gauge nutrient availability/plant uptake. I should have those results back today. I will wait on fert application until then.
Monday, June 25 View Page
See.....Boxy.......Boxy......Bubbles daughter. Main is 30+ feet.
Tuesday, June 26 View Page
Picture is of the Main Vine Kin DAP-7. Have you ever felt like a tornado in your patch? Like nothing goes right? Yesterday was my turn for this. I found 3 clusters of squash bug eggs so I hit the whole plant with a dusting of Seven. It looked like hell so I sprayed it mostly off. Felt like that may not be as effective so I hit the plant with a broadcast of spectracide. Guess what?....looked even worse. Hosed that junk down a bit as well. All this happened after a light TKO application. Then I had a walking board tip up on my and come down on two nice healthy leaves. Had to call it quits for the evening after that. I figured it was in the plants best interest that I just walk away. I did, however, do some good. The side vine kin at DAP-13 was culled. It was time and everything looked great after a generous sulfur dusting. Long live the main. Waiting on tissue test results but have a very good hunch that my potassium is dangerously low.
Wednesday, June 27 View Page
I have a page chronicling my grow on another non-garden forum that I am a member of. Its an interactive coin and precious metal site that I have been a member of for years. Seems fitting that I only pick expensive hobbies to dump my hard earned cash into. Anyways, it is pretty neat to see the reactions of true novice folks as the grow gets updated. Some pretty good questions and humor mixed in. I am also running a free contest for closest guess to correct final weight with a US platinum eagle coin as grand prize. Lots of folks underestimating my awesomeness and Clementz rockstar seed potential. http://www.bullionstacker.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30106
Sunday, July 1 View Page
Plant is moving along nicely. We have been hot and dry here for 4-5days. Getting a little leaf burn on new vine ends. Each evening I have been giving the plant a 25-40 gal hose down. Punkin is starting to fatten up.
Sunday, July 1 View Page
DAP-14. Starting to chub up a little.
Wednesday, July 4 View Page
We have darn near outgrown the original mat. Another section was added today. Shortly after this picture a section of road cloth and bag of sand was put down. The weather has continued to be hot and dry. The plant is getting 40-50gal a day now from the rain tote. It will run dry by Friday unless we get some serious rain. I have upgraded my rain collection system to be semiautomatic. I will get some pictures of it posted sooner or later for show and tell.
Friday, July 6 View Page
DAP-19 . Moving along pretty nice. I moved it 3" out today to relieve a little stress building up on the main.
Tuesday, July 10 View Page
DAP-23. On vacation now for half a week so far. Feels like leaving 300 head during the early spring. I have one of my very talented and dedicated employees laying down 50gal of 1/4 strength TKO daily. So far so good. See you soon pumpkin. Lord knows the OTT, and what the rest of the plant looks like.......Pumpkin looks fatter and that is what counts for now. I'm going to have 8hrs of labor minimum waiting on me when I get home.
Saturday, July 14 View Page
Time to move the kin a bit. Rubicon to the rescue.
Saturday, July 14 View Page
Hi-lift strap and blanket on the kin. Got her moved 3" out. Needs another 3-4" but a wienered out.
Saturday, July 14 View Page
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
Photo from yesterday's work. I have medium case of Alternaria. 30 Leaves removed yesterday w/ a full labeled strength application of Daconil applied. Pumpkin still putting on weight so fingers crossed.
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
Diseased leaf example.
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
Leaf issue. Still adding some good weight even after the prune. What do you think?
Thursday, July 19 View Page
Another photo of the leaves. Most of the plant is very healthy. And it is not 100% confined to just the shaded area. I've culled a bunch of leaves and put the Daconil to everything else. This photo is how the patch sets as of right now. Is there anything else you would advise? Something that I am missing? I will start a thread in General titled "Rodebaugh Plant" for open discussion. Thanks guys and gals, Chris
Sunday, July 22 View Page
Friday, July 27 View Page
DAP 40 on the 2043 Clementz. Happy 40th Girthtrude.
Monday, July 30 View Page
Thursday, August 2 View Page
DAP 45 yesterday. So much rain in the past 3-4 days with another 3-4 predicted. Pumpkin is chugging along but I am worried about these fungus/rot conditions. You can see the erosion on my sand pad....that is how much rain we have been getting. Lots of work to catch up on this weekend.
Sunday, August 5 View Page
Deer jumped my wind fence and did some damage. It has been a rough week. Hail damage, 4" of rain, Blossom end issues....and now deer. Playing wac-a-mole in the Valley with problems. Chin is still up and eye is on the prize.
Monday, August 6 View Page
More Damage last night. Less than the night before.....but any is way to much. Electric fence goes in TODAY.
Monday, August 6 View Page
On a lighter note here is an Image of me brewing my special tea. Secrete recipe is out now.
Monday, August 6 View Page
Electric Fence up in an afternoon. Looks like a pumpkin prison in my back yard now.
Monday, August 6 View Page
DAP-50. She is more orange in person.
Thursday, August 9 View Page
DAP-53. A quick look while on my lunch break. Dad was in town and took the photo. I would have preferred to pose my 2 year old son with Girthtrude but he has been rolling commando since June. Neighbors gotta love that.
Tuesday, August 14 View Page
DAP-57. Still chugging along at 18-22# / day despite the cold overcast weather. I did a very thorough look over and found (5) SVB grubs. They were removed and and feed to the goldfish in my rain barrel. All of the SVB's were in "favorable" locations so no real damage. That is after a trap, spectracide, seven, and Merit applications. I will add more insecticides to my rotation next year. Powdery mildew located on a couple leaves. They were removed and plant has been sprayed.
Thursday, August 16 View Page
DAP-60 today on the 2043 Clementz. Pollination of fathers day. Vines are now completely terminated except for the main.
Sunday, August 19 View Page
DAP-63 patch walk around video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfKvUvZKmtc
Tuesday, August 21 View Page
DAP-65 on my 2043 Clementz and still bumping along.
Sunday, August 26 View Page
DAP-70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzCifndYb7c
Wednesday, August 29 View Page
Someone at the Chinese buffet got a nice tip.
Sunday, September 2 View Page
Out doing another one of my hobbies today. Drive, get stuck, get unstuck, repeat..........and what did I find? Check next two posts for pictures.
Sunday, September 2 View Page
Chicken of the woods. I tossed my watch off for a size comparison.
Sunday, September 2 View Page
They taste like the best chicken you have ever eaten....only more tender and better.
Monday, September 10 View Page
Day 85 today. Trucking along in some coldarse, wet, overcast weather. Overall health of Pumpkin is nice. She is still throwing small superficial growth cracks. They are being managed daily. I did loose a secondary vine to rot. 40+ healthy leaves gone. The real bummer was the location. That vine entered the main at 9in away from the pumpkin stem. No playing around with rot that close to pumpkin...the vine had to go. A nasty rain storm rolled through Friday night dumping over 2" of rain in less than an hour. The erosion of my sand base was extensive. I repaired that nonsense and got her high and dry again. Here is a picture of the damage. Where is the sand?.. Down lower in the patch! Good grief.
Monday, September 10 View Page
Blossom end photo of that washout. I'll post some pics of my fix / solution for the area within the next few days.
Wednesday, September 12 View Page
Fixed my sand pad and put in a silt/runoff fence around the Kin. She is Florence proofed as I can get her.
Saturday, September 15 View Page
Roberts Family Farm was a good one yesterday. I did not take anything personally. Rather, I attended to spectate and cheer on the fellow growers. Talk about Melons! Wow there were a bunch of biggies. Young had Fiona and his other monster there. Mudd's fruit was also an oil drum as well. 2-3 of the "smaller" (if you can call a 150#+ melon smaller...lol) were split up on a table and fed to the crowd. Talk about huge and delicious. What a surprise and treat that was. Here is a picture of Josh M with his stone.....er ahh....pumpkin I mean. The fruit went 15% heavy. I lightly thumped it before hand with permission and felt dizzy for the rest of the day. I think it may have given me a concussion.
Saturday, September 15 View Page
The loading and unloading crew did an excellent job and overall the weigh off went very smoothly and seemed to be very organized.
Saturday, September 15 View Page
First (orange) and second (creme) place pumpkins. Orange one is from Tennessee and a is a new State Record. Jason Terry beat his old record nicely and was super pumped to see 1700+ pounds on the scale. The crowd erupted for him. Spoke with him a bit before the weigh off. Nice fella. The white pumpkin was brought down from NY. Talk about a cool looking "unique" pumpkin that is tough to get a tape on circumference. Got to talk to Andy W a good bit as well. Super nice and knowledgeable fella for sure. The white kin was off his 1826 seed.
Saturday, September 15 View Page
Here is a picture of myself standing behind J. Hazeltins Pumpkin. See, I told you it was cool looking.....and big! The Stem was the size of my thigh. Spoke to Spence for a moment and also finally got to meet Sue. She picked up 1st place with a nice 196# (I believe) BG.
Saturday, September 15 View Page
The picture mentioned in the above post.
Tuesday, September 18 View Page
Side to side close to 10'. Enough back to make Sir Mix a Lot blush. DAP-92
Tuesday, September 25 View Page
Happy Birthday......DAP-100
Friday, September 28 View Page
Doing as Jolivette said, "get the fans on it Chris". I have had fans on it for over 50 days now, but today I broke out the big guns (box fans) to dry out my sandy area. With close to 6" of rain in the past 48hrs I remain thankful that my patch has a pitch to the ground. No precipitation forcasted for the next 5 days......so we are looking good. See you at the scales, Doc Chris
Friday, September 28 View Page
^^^^Picture for the above post^^^^
Friday, September 28 View Page
And with the fans looking up hill.
Tuesday, October 2 View Page
One week left on the vine. She is still adding a little and seems to be happy and in good spirits.
Wednesday, October 3 View Page
Pallet construction is now complete. It is built with treated 2x6 runners and standard decking. Dimensions are 57"x57". Loading and weigh off are fast approaching. I'll see if I can sneak in a couple heavy days of Jeeping to get my mind elsewhere. Water jug is for size reference and tape measure is to get an idea how tall a 40" kin would set before padding and foam get added.
Sunday, October 7 View Page
We are loaded. 3 Days in the shade is the best I can do. Just like my Jeep...she's to tall to fit in my garage.
Sunday, October 7 View Page
Loading crew doing some looking and calculating. Smooth as butter with my king ring.
Thursday, October 11 View Page
Had a great time at the Raleigh State Fair. There is no way I can properly express my gratitude towards the folks holding the weigh off and the local growers of NC. What a good group. Gary, Susie, Mark, Danny, Robert, TJ, just to name a few. Everyone was super nice and genuinely happy to have my family and I attend. Talk about a group that makes you feel like family.....I have found them. I also Want to thank Rick, Kerry, and Judy for putting up with my silly greenhorn questions. This 1st year rookie is looking forward to next year.....and I am ready.
Thursday, October 11 View Page
Maybe my favorite picture ever. My daughter Stella and I hi five just as the results are posted. What a great little girl.
Thursday, October 25 View Page
The good folks of NC (Todd, Danny, Susie) arranged for a little more display of Girthtrude at the Carolina Hurricanes before she gets carved up on the 30th. Nice to see my pumpkin still with some legs able to put smiles on folks faces. Good work NC crew.
Wednesday, October 31 View Page
HELP My gals (staff) work hard and put up with me and all my darn pumpkin talk. Please take a moment to "like" the post below of Girthy my 1551.5#er and my crew on Facebook so that they can win a free lunch. We were killing it this morning but another Doc from over the hill has caught up to us and is now in the lead. Thanks Fellas and gals. BTW, fb "please like my posts" is not something I like to do.....But I'll do anything for my gals they are a good hard working group and I'm blessed to have them. Doc Chris Rodebaugh https://www.facebook.com/1415107048771744/photos/a.1416972131918569/2223837931231981/?type=3&theater
Wednesday, October 31 View Page
End of season till over. The patch will be doubled for next season.
Friday, December 21 View Page
You can see in this picture the ground below the existing patch nuked with herbicide. The mustard cover on last years patch is pitiful but present. A couple does have also taken up bed to hold guard on everything.
Saturday, December 29 View Page
Drawing with my children this morning I was inspired by Dick's Pumpkin Toons.


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