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Monday, April 9 View Page
Started seeds today!!! May the force be with me. #TeamTobeck
Friday, April 13 View Page
Plated in peat pots yesterday. Now just waiting for 'em to pop!
Tuesday, May 8 View Page
Extremely disappointed in how my pumpkin is progressing :( Have such high hopes for this year
Wednesday, May 9 View Page
The leaves are growing all goofy. ??? Hope it's just an awkward phase. The third looks better that the first two. Maybe she'll grow out of it. Added some shade cause I think she got a little sunburnt & can't handle the heat
Tuesday, May 15 View Page
Feeling much better now! Think she's back on track. Very strange about the first true leaf though! It completely stopped growing. ??? Debated removing it but I figure it's still collecting energy for the plant & isn't really doing any harm...
Tuesday, May 15 View Page
See what I mean, What's up with that?
Monday, May 21 View Page
My plant is growing at a snails pace :( I don't think I have the patience to ever be successful at this...
Friday, May 25 View Page
She's starting to vine out! Headed 180 from where I planned :| Guess that whole "opposite the 1st true leaf" thing isn't 100% guaranteed... The Battle Begins. Still haven't got her fully layed down yet, so that should help
Friday, May 25 View Page
No pics. Raining
Tuesday, May 29 View Page
First BIG Problem :( I think. A few of the leaves ( the 3 oldest of about 10) have developed some necrotic patches. Can't tell if it's sucking damage from the couple of aphids I found or if it's some kinda virus or bacterial infection from the soil or something.
Tuesday, May 29 View Page
What is this? The rest of the plant looks pretty good. Hope this isn't the start of something really bad
Tuesday, June 12 View Page
Don't ever use pyrethrum on pumpkins! Fried the $**T out of my plant :( I even rinsed it off afterward but it still burnt it up. Would have been better off just letting the aphids do thier thing
Thursday, June 21 View Page
1st day of Summer update: She's growing out nicely after our little incident :) Luckily I didn't spray the tips. I'm figuring on about 2 more weeks of letting her veg out (still 110+ days until Weighoffs) before its time to start blooming her.
Thursday, June 21 View Page
She really seems to love the ALASKA brand fish fertilizer (5-1-1) I've been giving her every other day!! Wonder if that's what Dale uses??
Thursday, June 21 View Page
Trying a new tactic to combat the aphids
Friday, June 22 View Page
Release the hounds!
Tuesday, June 26 View Page
It's heating up here! Been growing under shade cloth all year but added a mister for the little miss. Going to mostly break it out at only the hottest part of the day but thinking about running it for a little while in the mornings too to simulate those nice foggy mornings near the coast that pumpkins seem to enjoy
Thursday, June 28 View Page
100 days 'till Elk Grove
Friday, June 29 View Page
Finally found the first female forming!!!
Tuesday, July 3 View Page
Got lots of vine burying to do today. I was always kinda afraid to. Always kinda thought it was just a joke y'all big hitters play on the new growers! Im really going for it this year though
Friday, July 6 View Page
Open! Open! Open!
Friday, July 6 View Page
Checked back 1 hour later & it was open! Beautiful 4 lober. Pollinated X Self w/ 3 males.
Monday, July 9 View Page
My main vine is standing straight up like a pi$$ed of cobra! Too Much N?
Tuesday, July 10 View Page
Sea of Green
Wednesday, July 11 View Page
Well she didn't shrivel up but she's not growing either
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
13 days & pretty much ZERO progression. All the work I've put in for NOTHING...
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
White flag waving
Thursday, July 19 View Page
Ok, not quitting, but crossing Elk Grove off of my calendar :( Dang! Really wanted to be competitive this year...
Thursday, July 19 View Page
She can't handle this heat! Going to stop pushing & let her just do her thing. Maybe when it cools down she'll cooperate
Monday, July 23 View Page
Giving her a lil FLOWER POWER to try to light a fire under her ... New wave of sets coming :) Another wave of heat coming too :(
Friday, July 27 View Page
9 pollinations on the 2002 in the last few days! 1 of 'em has to stick, Right???
Friday, July 27 View Page
I just absolutely can not win. I'm my own worst enemy. Aphids attacked again so tried using soap & water this time, thought it would be gentler on the plant. Still fried the mofo leaves! They are super sensative. Again, would have been better off just letting the little suckers suck
Friday, July 27 View Page
Going on Hiatus, Just like Josiah
Monday, August 20 View Page
2002 Tobeck Update: Got one to stick finally. It's been a Loooong,Hoooot summer.
Wednesday, August 22 View Page
Growing so fast she's literally Bursting At The Seams! Keeping the splits sulphured but it will be a miracle if she holds together
Sunday, August 26 View Page
#2002Tobeck ~ Passed my personal best thanks to The Queen giving me the good genetics! Named the pumpkin "Cindy" in her honor :)
Tuesday, August 28 View Page
Well there goes The HD Award :( Some critter used my pumpkin for a scratching post
Sunday, September 2 View Page
Cindy is cruising right along! Might see you folks at The Grove after all
Sunday, September 2 View Page
She's getting freckles! I love a gal with freckles!!!
Tuesday, September 4 View Page
I don't get it. Huge healthy plant. Great genetics. Halfway decent weather recently, but no BIG gains. 10 pounds, 10 pounds, 10 pounds day after day. What's the secret to getting those 30-40 pound a day numbers?
Monday, September 10 View Page
Expanded my sand pad in hopes of having a BIG finish coming down the stretch! 25 days to grow
Wednesday, September 19 View Page
Update on the 2002 Been foliar feeding as per The Holland Method; alternating calcium, seaweed & blossom booster. Seems to be doing the trick! Should have started earlier in the season...
Wednesday, September 19 View Page
2002 Tobeck
Wednesday, September 19 View Page
I was starting to wonder about this one. She does want to be orange after all, Or at least orangish
Wednesday, September 19 View Page
Side-view of "Cindy." Nowhere near as pretty as her namesake ;) She's beautiful in her own way though :)
Friday, September 28 View Page
Beep! Beep!
Tuesday, October 2 View Page
In quite a conundrum here :( Would be harvesting for EG on Friday but she's not even ripe yet! She'll only be about 70 DAP. I really wanted to get an official GPC weight this year but I'm not sure I can bring myself to cut it off early. Thinking I should see it through to the end... What would you do??
Tuesday, October 2 View Page
My lil miss managed to max out my measurer this morning!!
Wednesday, October 17 View Page
Small local weighoff on Saturday. Not GPC unfortunately, but Cindy will be seeing a scale!!! IF I can persuade her out of the patch in one piece that is :|
Wednesday, October 17 View Page
She's not the biggest but she is actually a pretty cool specimen. She deserves to be shown off. Kinda got this giant cantaloupe look going on :)
Friday, October 19 View Page
She's loaded!! Not without a bit of a fight but Hey, that's pumpkin' growing ain't it? Think I'll celebrate & get loaded myself :)
Friday, October 19 View Page
No fancy tarps or tripods. Just plenty of pumpkin juice to get her in Stay tuned for final stats tomorrow...
Sunday, October 21 View Page
Glad I waited. Was worth it for the five minutes of fame! Cindy got to be Champion Pumpkin instead of 27th place @ Elk Grove
Sunday, October 21 View Page
Final weight was 466 pounds!!! By far the biggest & best to Ever roll out of my patch :) OTT was 272 inches- almost exactly the chart estimate of 464.
Wednesday, October 24 View Page
Cindy was simply in a class of her own at the weighoff last weekend! Showed these folks up here what a Real pumpkin looks like ;)
Wednesday, October 24 View Page
My Moms pumpkin, grown from the 692 Arnold, would have been the HD winner or prettiest pumpkin IMO had that been part of the contest
Monday, October 29 View Page
Answered a lot of questions about my pumpkin recently. Most common one being What Are You Gunna Do With it Now?!? Think I'll try my hand at carving it...
Monday, October 29 View Page
Can't promise any pictures! Ain't no Picasso
Tuesday, October 30 View Page
Retrieved roughly 150 seeds. My pollination method must be ok :) She wasn't HUGE, which I mostly chalk up to it being on a side vine, but if anyone wants to give it a go or is in need of a seed just drop me a line. The genetics are good (2002 Tobeck X Self (2145 McMullenX Self))
Tuesday, October 30 View Page
Should be dry soon
Wednesday, October 31 View Page
Ok, I might have gotten a bit carried away... Happy Halloween Everybody!!!
Sunday, November 4 View Page
Crunching the numbers on if/how I can grow 2 plants next year. Thinking I could squeeze in another one if I expand the patch a bit
Tuesday, November 6 View Page
Sectioned up Cindy before she started stinkin'! Last season is officially over Now but the Next one starts Today...
Tuesday, December 11 View Page
There's a lot of B.S involved in growing BIG Pumpkins!!! But it's worth every bit of it


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