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Tuesday, April 17 View Page
Plants are loving the new T5 set up: 800 McMullen x2 and 1685 Scherber x3. Thank you Joe for the seeds! All germinated and are growing strong.
Sunday, April 22 View Page
Plants are a leaf ahead of last year's all due to the grow light: 30,000 lumens of 6500k. Still adjusting the distance from light to leaf. Second leaves on the orange bucketed plants got a little scorched at 10. Seeds soaked 9hrs with a pinch of humic acid same day as last year: April 9. Soil cable went in the ground two days ago. Looking at April 30 or May 1 transplanting if the weather permits.
Sunday, April 22 View Page
Here comes the vine on an 800 McMullen.
Monday, April 30 View Page
1685s all ready for bed. Cold and rainy outside and warm and cozy inside. Fed the plants a little magnesium acetate and essential plus to prepare for the cool down.
Friday, May 18 View Page
The 1685 Scherber hoop. Cover crops are going wild. Will till as soon as the patch is dry enough.
Saturday, June 9 View Page
1685 Scherber A crossed with 1685 Scherber B. Great rooting and fast growing green vines on the A plant crossed with fat yellow vines of the B plant. Perfect five lobes at 13.
Sunday, July 8 View Page
1685 Scherber A crossed with 1685 Scherber B. Pumpkin set on June 9 at the end of the main vine before the tip burned off in the sun. Plant has nearly filled its 600sf growing area. All but three vines are terminated. Gash, Dap 28.
Tuesday, July 31 View Page
Looks like game over for this season. The 1685 Scherber and 800 McMullen both aborted their pumpkins around day 40 and the back ups aborted around day 16. Cucumber beetles and squash bugs are in the patches, got into the screen house and multiplied faster then I could squash them. My 2075 Connolly had the same problem last year and while I abandoned that patch this year, the beetles still found me. It is too tough doing this organically. 1000sf of pumpkin plant going in the garbage soon. Ill have to take next year off to let the beetles vacate.


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