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Monday, April 2 View Page
My son and I got started today. Hopefully I'll be able to get the patch ready. Had a lot of rain and some snow last night. Need things to dry up
Saturday, April 7 View Page
Only pumpkin growers will know the excitement of getting an early birthday present of fertilizer. Finally found the potassium sulfate I was looking for.
Saturday, April 7 View Page
Tough to tell in the pic, but all 9 have germinated and popped up. Look out for 2 on the bottom, yesterday around 3pm, I could barely see the seed coat on the left one and couldn't see the right one at all. They are both 1794 Cotterman.
Sunday, April 8 View Page
Not quite 24 hrs later. Hope the 2150 makes it, it ripped 1 cot off with the seed coat. And the 1 left doesn't look the greatest.
Wednesday, April 11 View Page
Pretty sure the 2150 isn't going to make it
Wednesday, April 11 View Page
Close-up of the 2150. No true leaf. :(
Thursday, April 19 View Page
I come home from the hospital today and my 2150 finally started growing. There are 3 small leaves, it could turn into a ribbon vine, but I'm not sure. This is new water for me.
Saturday, April 21 View Page
Got them all into 2 gallon buckets. Hopefully in the ground this week. Still have some cables to put in and hoop houses to put up
Saturday, April 21 View Page
The 2150 came to life. 17 days from starting, the first true leaves showed, 3 of them. This is from day 19. Still a little worried about it becoming a ribbon vine.
Monday, April 23 View Page
1 patch out of 5 ready to go.... almost, I still need to add gypsum. Rain the next 2 days and this is a brand new patch, it was grass this morning, so it needed the most work.
Monday, April 23 View Page
Got a burr up my butt. Finished amending the other 4 patches. Finished tilling everything in by the light on my phone. Still have to add gypsum to everything but the bulk of the work is done before the rain.
Wednesday, April 25 View Page
The 2150 is looking better
Saturday, April 28 View Page
Finally got 1 in the ground, the 2150. Tried to get more, but apparently my outlets are on the same breaker and can't handle 2 soil heating cables and 2 heaters. Going to see how warm the other hoop houses are in the morning with just the cables.
Sunday, April 29 View Page
1794 Cotterman's planted. Didn't go as smoothly as it should have. Hopefully they both make it. The one on the right didn't come out of the bucket right.
Sunday, April 29 View Page
2 of my 1807's planted. The one on the right is probably going to die. It bent and split taking it out of the bucket. Lesson so far this year, take the time to cut the buckets before planting, it's worth it!
Sunday, May 6 View Page
Sunday, May 6 View Page
1807 Holub east
Sunday, May 6 View Page
1807 Holub west
Sunday, May 6 View Page
1794 Cotterman, the one on the left really took off
Sunday, May 6 View Page
Hunters 1268 Piazza
Friday, May 11 View Page
Take a look at this and the next 2 pictures, this is my 2150, it was planted on April 2nd. It looks like a ribbon vine to me, but hasn't run anywhere. My next smallest plant is 2' long. Do I wait it out? Cut it and give up on that spot? Start another seed? It is in my best spot, and was hoping for big things from it. Email me at jeffspumpkins@gmail.com
Friday, May 11 View Page
Another picture
Friday, May 11 View Page
Last one
Sunday, May 13 View Page
One of the great things about this hobby, no one wants anyone else to fail. My last few pictures were of a mutant 2150. Todd Skinner saw them, and since we live about 45 minutes apart, he said he had an extra 2150 plant I could have. I met him yesterday and it went in the ground today. Thank you for your generosity Todd.
Monday, May 14 View Page
First one of the year...too bad it's only 4' out. Still going try and set it, see if it stays green. It's on my 1807 Holub (w)
Wednesday, May 16 View Page
Took the hoop house off my 1794 Cotterman today. A secondary was against the plastic.
Wednesday, May 16 View Page
Those leaves are HUGE! I don't know if it's the cow manure from last year or just the way this plant is going to be. By far my biggest plant, main is about 7', but only growing about 5" a day.
Saturday, May 19 View Page
Tuesday, May 22 View Page
Everyone's plants looks like this....right? Lol, got a little sun burn....ok, a lot. On 2 side notes, I pollinated the 1807(w) today. It's not far enough out, but figured, why not. And saw the first female on the 1794, the plant in the picture.
Friday, May 25 View Page
Ok, I thought I knew, now I'm not sure. What's wrong with my plant? The tips of all my vines look like this, we're talking 10 secondaries and the main. I have them shaded now, but new growth seems like it will look the same.
Sunday, May 27 View Page
Females galore! 3 in a row!
Wednesday, May 30 View Page
I'm sure Matt would tell me it's too early. But my 1794 has been pollinated at 13'
Monday, June 4 View Page
Still not sure what's going on.
Wednesday, June 6 View Page
First time using Big Stem.
Sunday, June 10 View Page
I just can't seem to win this year, what's this? Downy? Sunburn?
Sunday, June 10 View Page
I think it's downy, but ipmpipe website doesn't have it anywhere near me. I know is really doesn't matter. I sprayed Daconil for the first time yesterday.
Monday, June 11 View Page
Wednesday, June 13 View Page
Hush little baby don't you split...lots of rain and warm temps coming...I'm a little worried about it splitting.
Monday, June 25 View Page
My kids chose names for my squash. This picture shows the size at the same age.
Friday, June 29 View Page
Guess you can't grow them big unless you grow them fast. The circumference was 46.5" yesterday morning, today was 15 DAP. Must have been too fast. Guess we'll see if the next one takes, probably open next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Sunday, July 1 View Page
Taped 180" yesterday morning.
Tuesday, July 17 View Page
What is eating my leaves? It's happening during the day, and I see no tracks.
Tuesday, July 17 View Page
Another picture
Tuesday, July 17 View Page
Last one
Thursday, July 19 View Page
He ate his last bite of pumpkin today!
Thursday, July 19 View Page
My dad is having issues getting a female set. This is one of them, he says it's all females on 2 different plants.
Thursday, July 19 View Page
Here's another
Wednesday, August 1 View Page
My mini microbulator works good
Monday, August 13 View Page
This was from last night. Gained another 6.75" in circumference in the last 24 hours. I know, don't measure so much...I can't help it, it's incredible how fast they grow. Just hope it stays together, my last one that was growing this fast, split at day 15. She's 13 DAP today. Shooting for 1k!
Wednesday, August 15 View Page
The best kind of problem, the tape measure on top will no longer be able to accurately measure the circumference, it is over 60" and this is 15 DAP
Thursday, August 16 View Page
My hoop house converted to a kin kover.
Saturday, August 18 View Page
Do I cut it now? It's done growing, I may have a mouse under it too, I'm not sure. There was a hole in the sand. If I cut it, do I pull it out of the patch and store it in my pole barn? jeffspumpkins@gmail.com
Monday, August 20 View Page
Had some soft spots on the stump of my squash. Put straight Daconil on it after I cut the bad stuff away, and put a fan on it. She's done growing, so I'm hoping she doesn't rot before the weigh off at the end of September
Friday, September 14 View Page
Tapes over 1000 today. Still growing good. Not bad for a July 31st pollination
Monday, October 15 View Page
Genesis from 3 DAP to cutting off the vine at 74 DAP. 1795.5 McCracken x open
Saturday, December 8 View Page
Stelts 16**


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