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Friday, March 23 View Page
Once upon . . . last season http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/Servicezeit/Duell-der-Schreberg%C3%A4rtner-Die-Rekordj%C3%A4g/WDR-Fernsehen/Video?bcastId=7582764&documentId=45770154 German TV but some nice pictures from my allotment garden
Friday, March 30 View Page
need to prepare the garden
Friday, March 30 View Page
first steps done
Saturday, April 7 View Page
some seeds for my pumpkin line up
Wednesday, April 11 View Page
my tomato line up
Tuesday, April 17 View Page
my favorite
Saturday, June 2 View Page
Tomatoes entered their patch Steak Zilla 3.62 Karkos 17 Delicous 4.64 Karkos 17 Big Zac 5.56 Karkos 17 Mega Zac 5.56 Karkos 17 Mega Zac 5.63 Karkos 16 Big Zac (German record) 5.63 Karkos 16 Big Zac 3.62 Karkos 17 Delicous
Wednesday, June 13 View Page
some Fruits are set allready
Monday, June 18 View Page
Looks like Ive choosen the right plants all tomatoes are growing well
Friday, June 29 View Page
DAP 10 not the size Im looking for the the steel globes OTT is 124 metric centimeters ;-)
Monday, July 9 View Page
DAP 20 OTT 372 bad but not worst in my allotment garden patch so it shall stay
Tuesday, July 17 View Page
look at this wonderful sky looks like rain is comming up its so dry, that trees are loosing their leaves
Wednesday, July 18 View Page
One more night to maybe biggest DAP 30 in my patch.
Friday, July 27 View Page
Mega Zac 5.56 Karkos 17 x open
Friday, July 27 View Page
4.65 Karkos 18 (Mega Zac) Nice shaped fruit, that is sadly not worth to spend one of only three early tomato entries to the GPC!
Saturday, July 28 View Page
5.66 Karkos 18 NEW German Giant Tomato Record (5.56 Karkos 17 x open)
Saturday, July 28 View Page
Ive tried hard last year and even harder this season... done ;-D
Saturday, July 28 View Page
really nice shaped fruit (of a Megabloom)
Saturday, July 28 View Page
24 inches maximum circumference
Monday, July 30 View Page
A new personal best in growing giant tomatoes: my first 6 lbs Tomato 6.22 Karkos 18 another German giant tomatoe record now it will take some time untill second flush tomatoes will start ripening.
Monday, August 13 View Page
https://www.facebook.com/udo.karkos/videos/10212042905216925/?hc_ref=ARQefd-Ry-zpLRLTjHywuoPIdbdhvkzir4ovrw9tLiY7AW_9eI8HLEPJH9wVDDv09zI Harvesting the seeds of my 6.22 lbs tomato
Monday, August 13 View Page
A really good seed count. Im very glad with that, and its grown from my own former record seed!
Friday, August 24 View Page
5.66 Karkos 18
Tuesday, October 2 View Page
We had a really dry summer, half of my patches grew close to nothing to harvest, lots of farmers had serious problems... https://www1.wdr.de/mediathek/video/sendungen/quarks-und-co/video-quarks-xl-ernte-extrem-102.html
Friday, October 5 View Page
a little pumpkin paddling fun in Germany https://www.sat1nrw.de/aktuell/paddeln-im-kuerbis-187474/
Saturday, October 20 View Page
2018 has been a a blessed and lucky tomato growing year to me top 10 average from my patch was 4.83 lbs got 5 fruits of more than 5 lbs beaten my personal best twice set a new German record got two netries in the GPC top 20 (so far) It will be hard to beat this in 2019


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