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Sunday, April 1 View Page
April 1 is my seed start day. It's -12 C and no sign of warmer weather. Gotta assume spring is going to come since I want these in the garden in 30 days...
Sunday, April 1 View Page
This year in going to start 5 seeds with a plan to put 3 plant in the garden and then cull one in mid June. Thanks to Eddy Z and Kevin Snyder and Glenna Rea I have a good orange lineup. 1374.5 Rea 1146.5 Snyder 1495.5 Snyder 1045.5 Zay... 1042.5 Zay...
Monday, April 9 View Page
All the pumpkins are up. I was hoping this one would be the one buy it seems to be having a rough start.
Thursday, May 17 View Page
The two plants in the hoop house. 1146 Snyder on the right and 1495 Snyder on the left. I think I'll go down to one plant Monday and it's 90% likely to be the 1146. There's some strange things going on with the vine of the 1495. I've got a backup 1042 Zay... in a pot just in case.
Thursday, May 24 View Page
Plant will outgrow the hoop house this weekend. Time to expose it to the elements.
Monday, May 28 View Page
First female at about 7'
Tuesday, May 29 View Page
Hail last night. Not too serious and hopefully not a sign of things to come...
Friday, June 22 View Page
Pollinated what I hope to be 'the one' this morning. Perfect location on the main. Also pollinated a backup on a secondary yesterday.
Sunday, September 9 View Page
I haven't posted in a long time since it's been a truly uninspiring season for me. Good plant early on but hail and Extreme winds beat it down quite a bit. Two pollinations, one in a great spot the other on a secondary in a poor location. The one one the secondary outgrew the main vine pumpkin by a lot for a month. Then the one on the main kicked in. So now I couldn't really abort either. That leaves me two pretty mediocre pumpkins. Oh well...
Wednesday, September 12 View Page
And the growing season ends tonight ??
Thursday, September 13 View Page
Not a happy day for Edmonton pumpkin growers...
Saturday, October 6 View Page
After the disappointing year growing I didn't have any expectations for the trip to Smokey Lake. Apparently anyone not growing in a greenhouse also had issues and I ended up placing 9th with my little 326lb pumpkin. The weigh off came just in time as rot was starting to set in.
Saturday, October 20 View Page
The garden is put to bed for this season. Now the winter task of looking for the right seed to grow in 2019!


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