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Friday, March 10 View Page
Last summer while mowing the grass I noticed this gigantic weed near the front porch. I didn’t give it much though I just moved it over. A few weeks later, mowing again, this thing was back and huge! I mowed it down again, hoping maybe that would be enough to kill it. NOPE! This weed was relentless and 3 weeks later it was back and bigger than ever. I thought for a few moments… I’ve seen something that looked like this before. I stopped mowing and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Google confirmed my suspicions. It was a pumpkin vine! I thought it was cool, I left it alone and let it grow. I told my 7 year old son, “look there is a pumpkin vine growing out there.” He replied, “I planted that!” A memory from the previous October came flooding back. “Mom can I plant these pumpkin seeds?” I was busy, doing mom stuff, or maybe just oblivious. I don’t remember. I’m sure I told him he could, because that meant he would not be asking me to play with batman toys for at least 15 minutes. That is how our pumpkin story began. I was impressed with this little pumpkin vine. The seed made it through an Ohio winter planted shallow in the ground. I had mowed it down . Didn’t water it. Mowed it again and yet it was resilient. It was late August, before we even realized what it was. Soon the vine had flowers and shortly after it had a pumpkin! I was amazed. I started reading about pumpkins and came across a documentary on YouTube about a giant pumpkin grower. We live near Hamilton, Ohio and had attended operation pumpkin the previous year. We watched the pumpkin weigh off and enjoyed the band, rides and pork bombs, but I never for a moment thought that I would become infatuated with growing my own giant pumpkin. Our pumpkin vine last year grew 3 small pie pumpkins. I called them pancake pumpkins, because they were so flat. It was a lot of fun and educational to show my kids the bees pollinating the pumpkins. I have waited all winter and I am excited to try my hand at growing a giant! I am not expecting a monster this year, but wouldn’t that be cool! I joined a couple facebook groups, and have avidly been reading the big pumpkins.com message board over the winter. A very nice gentleman in one of the facebook groups offered to send me some seeds. I decided to create this blog to share my journey with… well whoever wanted to read it, and to document my experiences this year, to improve my gardening skills.
Sunday, March 12 View Page
Last Year's Pancake Pumpkins
Monday, March 13 View Page
Started 4 Seeds! I filed the edges and soaked them for a about an hour. Started them in peat pots with some well draining soil dampened and a dome.
Wednesday, March 15 View Page
No luck yet. Decided it was too cold. Bought a heat mat. We will see.
Wednesday, March 15 View Page
Started another seed. This one had a good crack and some of the shell chipped off. I chipped the rest off carefully. Soaked over night. Tried the paper towel method this time. We will see.
Thursday, March 16 View Page
I am not a patient person, it seems like they should have sprouted. Dug the seed out (defiantly was not the first time. I am learning). Nothing! Boo!
Friday, March 17 View Page
Trying my best not to, but I did it anyway (reminding my self of a child at Christmas). I dug them up again... One had a root! YAY!!! Promised myself not to do it again. The one I started in the paper towel hasn't done anything. I thought I had it under the heat, but it was off to the side. Rearranged. I took the dome off too. Soil felt a little dry so I watered. Still waiting, but at least I know something is happening with one of them!
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Nothing new this morning, but it's only been about 12 hours since I last checked. I have a thermometer that measures air temp, but not the soil. I think I need to find one. Replaced the dome, soil felt too cool to the touch. Air temp is 77, but they are sitting on a heat mat. Papertowel seed didn't do anything. It felt like it had dried out too much. Gave it a little spray. Hoping I see something green soon!
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Pancake Pumpkins from last year
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Another one.
Saturday, March 18 View Page
We had so much fun with this.
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Hmm, I don't know if this is working.
Monday, March 20 View Page
Still nothing today, but not giving up hope. You all have been so helpful, and encouraging. :) The paper towel seed looks weird, maybe no good? I accidentally squeezed it a little and a bunch of grossness came out. Seriously looked just like a pimple. I wrapped it back up. It is all by it self, so it shouldn't hurt anything.
Tuesday, March 21 View Page
I'd like to apologize in advance to anyone who my me offended by my extra long and optimistic diary entry. Rest assured, no meth was involved. So, you all are most likely rolling your eyes at me by now, but I decided to make a last ditch effort to make these things sprout. I dug them out and soaked them overnight in water on a heat pad & some stuff my husband (who is better at gardening and has more patience than me) says helps seeds to sprout. We shall see. I planted them (again) in fresh potting soil in a little jiffy dome thing and set it on a heating pad inside my nightstand. In the mean time guess what happened!?!? Mr. Maybaby asked me for a pumpain seed that would be his own.... I complied with his request and gave him his own, but niw....this is now officially an unofficial competition and I must win! Whatever Mr. Maybaby is doing with his pumpkin seed is top secret business, but I wanted to grow a giant pumpkin first and mine better be bigger.... One last thing. A HUGE shoutout to all of you super awesome helpful giant pumpkin growers who have emailed me, posted on the message board, and helped me out. You don't know how much you are appreciated!
Monday, March 27 View Page
I tried to upload these from my phone as I went, but it didn't see to work. This was March 27th, still no sprouts!
Tuesday, March 28 View Page
Progress so far.... :) It's going to happen...hopefully soon! Haha
Wednesday, March 29 View Page
Patience is necessary... I'm learning! Today, after 6 days of hiding under the dirt undisturbed, one of the new seeds has sprouted. Pictures of the little darling to come soon!
Wednesday, March 29 View Page
Yay!!!! Look what I found. :)
Wednesday, March 29 View Page
Sprout! This was the single one in the black container. Sprouted 6 days after I planted it.
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Transplanted it into a 3 gallon grow bag today and watered it. Looks pretty!
Monday, April 3 View Page
Today, it's growing fast!
Monday, April 3 View Page
2 more sprouts! Big shout out to Hobbit for all the help!
Monday, April 10 View Page
It's growing!
Friday, April 14 View Page
These 3 areally the ones I've gotten to sprout. They are enjoying some sunshine today. Been having fun with it. Two ate the same and one is different. I still have some others I want to try to get sprouted. But they guy I am having till the garden says it is too wet to till. Hopefully next week!
Wednesday, June 7 View Page
Still here, spring is crazy busy around here. Pumpkins are in the garden!


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