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Monday, March 20 View Page
Tyler last year..my grand nephew....hopeing for bigger this year...lineup to come..lots of HDA
Thursday, April 20 View Page
I will be only growing Big N Orange this year. Still debating on one BigNUgly...1518 Kline Dmg 1985 Miller X 2009 Wallace.The previous photo with my nephew was my 500lber..June planting and grown on the third secondary...will try to over come my rookie frost mistakes. Also need to water more. It was growing 25lbs a day and after a 2 1/2" rain storm it put on 38 lbs. Short growing season here with frost well into June and starts late September. So I'm cutting back on what goes into the ground May 1st....others will be started end of April and grown in 2 gallon grow bags and planted Mid to end of May. I will be planting about 20 plants this year. I am bypassing the other 2 farms I grew at and cutting way back on my veggie garden to spend more time with the AGs. Filed and soaked 4 seeds from my 500 Hoffman 681 Dill McDonald X 1374 Engle/Open and 4 seeds from my 224 Hoffman 823 House X 1912 Carter..test germinations were impressive with 8" roots in 3 days. I will want to cross that into an early planting with the 1297.5 Young 1912 Carter X 1000.5 Gansert and the 839 Young DMG 1000.5 Gansert X 1912 Carter.Also starting early will be the 312 House DMG 1317 Clementz X 359 Foss. Will also start the 1734 Clementz 1317 Clementz X Self. These 4 seeds will be filed and soaked today. Good Luck this year to everybody, especially you Orange Growers. Also a special thanks to everybody that donated seeds. Anything that was given to me will be planted. Thanks Again, T
Thursday, April 20 View Page
Nothing like driving myself crazy and making more work for myself. Decided to do the BigNUgly 1518 Kline and added another Orange..1474 Clementz..1177 Clementz X 1317 Clementz. Soaking now.
Thursday, April 20 View Page
Forgot to put a little mycos and azos in my starter seeds yesterday. Filed at 11:30 am and soaked for 6 hours at 90 degrees and then put in seed starting mix. Pulled them today at 3 pm and 6 had germed and 2 with roots 1 inch long. Know what I'm going to do from now on. Explains why my test germs had 8" roots in three days.
Friday, April 21 View Page
Started one more this morning. 2106 Schmit Filed and started soaking at 6AM. Then headed to the local golf course and picked a couple hundred nightcrawlers off the greens. Nice rain last night and the little buggers were all over the place this morning. Probably should and probably will pick a bunch and add to the pumpkin patch. Frost is finally all out of the garden. Will till on Sunday. Will place 4'X6' and 3'x6' sheets of glass over planting areas to warm the soil. I have 12 of them. Should be enough to get me started.
Saturday, April 22 View Page
All 224s pushin dirt and one ready to open..almost out of the soil. One 500 pushing dirt. Going to be interesting. Will see who is most aggressive and plant the others by the road...trimmed some trees and cut one down so they get at least 8 hours. Also will have a cluster patch. See what happens. Enough room for everybody. Will probably end up with 30 plus.
Sunday, April 23 View Page
Found all 8 from Wednesday up and openig at 6AM this morning. A very pleasant surprise to find the 1297.5 Young up this morning also. Soaked and went in seed mix at 7PM Thursday. Will be tilling the patch today and filling some buckets for replanting.
Monday, April 24 View Page
100% Germination on all my seeds. Everybody is up or is pushing dirt. Happy to see the 2106 Schmit moving. Now I just have to hope it throws orange. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow so it will be a good day for round two with a bunch more BNO getting filed and soaked. Will plant snow peas and radishes along outside edge of the pumpkin patch. Hopefully the snow peas will act as a wind break for part of the patch. Will be transplanting to four gallon buckets in hopes of keeping them protected longer for a later planting. The 312 House seems to be very aggressive.
Monday, April 24 View Page
Redneck Green House is up and functioning. Used my large sheets of glass to make an easy green house out of my non used truck lumber rack. I'll get a photo. 10 transplanted today more tomorrow and will file and soak more tomorrow. Most of the rest of my seeds mid May. The only one that hasn't taken off is the bibnugly 1518. Started another one and the first one still has time. The 1518 my most aggressive early plant last year. Maybe feeling left out because everybody else is BNO.
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
Round two here we go. Filing and soaking today. Planted 1000 snow peas this morning before the rain starts..ought to be enough for a wind block for where the majority of the the wind comes from. I did start one more yesterday..1574 Bobier 1495 X 2009 same cross as the 1317. Today another Young seed the 907 Young 1059v/m selfed...the 982 Trychta 900 Gansert X1143 Engel, the 748 McWilliams 1047 McWilliams X open, the 1047 McWilliams 359 Foss X self, the 1148 Wagner 359 Foss X self, I have a 1533 Haist on the way 359 xself, the 900 Gansert 359 Foss x 993 V/M, the 1177 Clementz 1947 Clementz x 1317 Clementz, the 1048 Engel 777 Young x self, the 1143 Engel 359 Foss x 1374 Engel, the 504 House 840 Young x 811 Gerhardt it grew my second biggest pumpkin last year very Orange, the 359 House 810 Westcott x 811 Gerhard, the 1172 Grande 359 Foss x 932 Grande. Almost all of these seeds were donated and I really appreciate the generosity of your donations. Hope I can return the favor next year to anybody looking for seeds. Round three coming in a couple weeks.
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
1518 Kline is 1985 Miller X 2009 Wallace
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
Decided to start a 631 Trychta 705 Debacco x open this morning after checking genetics. 705 is 811 x 2009 more nice orange. Tried the over night soak at 85 degrees with some of my tomato seeds that I forgot to start. Soaked Monday night..put in seed starter Tuesday morning and half of them were up this morning. Gotta like that. No movement from the 1518 yet.
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
Well round three came earlier than expected. Added 2 1533 Haist 359 Foss selfed, 774 Fletcher 1058v/m x 811 Gerhardt, 371 Fletcher 811 x 1059 and the 855 Pukos 1495 x sibb. Can we say ORANGE!!
Monday, May 1 View Page
Round three are all up. Issues with round two. Won't know the total casualties for a few days. Believe I may have overheated the germination chamber. Some came up..some are trying and some didn't make it. Placed round three under round two so that raised the height considerably for round two. One of the seeds had a club root and some had germinated with a very short root and then terminated. Some took. Very disappointed the last couple days.
Wednesday, May 3 View Page
Casualties are 1518 Kline...second one took but started several days later,982 Trychta..still have a seed for next year, 1574 Bobier, 748 McWilliams, 1048 Engel, 504 House still have one left for next year, 359 House, Struggling Seeds 1143 Engel,,,pulled it and it looked like a spider with 50 legs..stuck it back in and roots grew several inches down the side of the cup overnight,,a survivor, 907 Young..more on the way...It's costing me a Derby Bet...but well worth it...it wants to grow but we'll see what happens. Bought a smart phone but I will need a five year old too teach me how to use it! Plants are looking good in the greenhouse. Cold tonight so I rigged up some heat. Probably mid 20s. Fishin in the mornin. Both my 855 Pukos 1495 Stelts x Sibb are looking great. My most aggressive plant is my 224 Hoffman followed by the 500 Hoffman. Second true leaves out and looking good. Young and Clementz plants right behind. Would love to have a five week jump on last year. Pics to come when I find a five year old to help.
Monday, May 8 View Page
Redneck greenhouse. 4x6 sheets of double pane windows on the top and 3x6 sliding glass doors for the sides with electric heater. Can open it for ventilation by moving the front door and side doors as needed. Glad to have had it with one day last week at mid 20's and 34 lastnight with lows near freezing all week and chilly. About 8 inches of rain in the past week and showers for the rest of the week. 14 pails in there with another dozen 2 gallon bags going in today. Most of my 224s and 500s have all got there true 3rd leaf. Can't plant until the end of May. Lots of nice Orange.
Monday, May 8 View Page
Just hit 40 degrees today. A few snowflakes. Will hold off until tomorrow for transplanting.
Thursday, May 11 View Page
My growing area ...6000 sq ft on the left for kins and 1600 sq ft on the right for veggies. Been growing on the right for twenty years. Tilled and started on the left last year and added to it this year. Final till in about 2 weeks. My AG Garden had fish carcasses dumped on it all winter down the center where the kins will be planted. Some were fermented for about a month and buried before the initial tilling. Approximately 50 gallons of carcasses total. One deer carcass staked out in the fall was picked clean and mostly gone except for the backbone and head. Nice eight pointer which will look good as a skull mount. Ravens were there most of the winter. Droppings should be beneficial. The apple tree in the left rear is a pain. Had to trim some branches to keep apples out of the garden. Deer have already started nipping the buds. Fence going back up after tilling.
Monday, May 22 View Page
Avoided a small disaster this weekend. A 90 MPH microburst hit just a few miles away. Trees down and power out all over. One side of my greenhouse was knocked over by the wind. The only casualties were 7 or 8 labels for my plants. I'll try to figure out who's who but only know a couple for sure. I was going to plant some in a circle and grow them away from each other for some smaller Orange kins. These will be the likely candidates. Still have all my early starts and most of round two labeled and looking good. Long range forecast says plant...gut tells me to wait. Might plant a couple for practice with the buckets and teepee them with sliding glass doors.
Monday, May 22 View Page
Everybody is liking the greenhouse. A little shock to the system coming soon.


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