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Tuesday, January 17 View Page
Big triple megabloom on Big Zac(5.80 Osmala 2013). Haven't gotten a decent mega to set this season yet. It seems whenever there's a promising bloom the weather is either very hot or wet. Today is 38C and tomorrow 21C and raining...
Tuesday, January 17 View Page
Here's an ok lookin one on a megamarv plant
Saturday, September 9 View Page
Thinned a few today. These were sown on the 13th of August. Most are from my 4.938 Domingo, 3.6 Big Zac, and second generation from Big Zac 5.80 Osmala. A lot of them are looking purplish due to the cold weather so I started a few more today.
Sunday, September 17 View Page
Tomatoes are greening up really well with the slightly warmer weather. The garden is too wet for anything to be going in the ground yet.
Friday, September 22 View Page
Drying up really well. Today it's 26 degrees. First transplants will probably be on Friday.
Tuesday, September 26 View Page
Weather looks to be pretty clear the rest of this week so I decided to plant a few today.
Tuesday, October 3 View Page
First time seeing a triple cotyledon seedling that splits into two stems.
Saturday, October 21 View Page
Tomatoes are doing alright. Weather hasn't been too good lately.
Saturday, October 28 View Page
Buds are starting to show.
Friday, November 3 View Page
Starting to really take off now. Fertilised with organic slow release pellets on Sunday and now they've nearly doubled in size.
Friday, November 3 View Page
They look two times better than last years. They're already bigger than the pics of last years plants taken in late November.
Saturday, November 4 View Page
Some of the buds on the Domingos look really promising.
Monday, November 6 View Page
Sprayed with copper and pruned a few lower leaves and suckers today. Shouldn't be too long until the first megablooms open.
Friday, November 10 View Page
Most of the plants are approaching knee height. Here are the best looking megablooms so far. Really hoping they're actually fused unlike last years.
Saturday, November 11 View Page
Looking real good.
Saturday, November 11 View Page
It's going to be kind of hot the next two days. Hope that doesn't affect pollination too much.
Tuesday, November 21 View Page
Weather has been really bad lately. Either too hot or wet, especially when the flowers are opening. Doubt I'll get any successful pollinations.
Sunday, December 10 View Page
Plants are approaching shoulder height now. Fair number of flowers but nearly zero successful pollinations.
Sunday, December 10 View Page
Pretty fat one a Domingo. Not sure if it will make it or not.
Sunday, December 10 View Page
Got a couple like these but they're growing at a very slow rate.


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