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Wednesday, April 12 View Page
Planted indoors, (2) 1912 Carter seeds. Will have my 12 x 12 greenhouse finished on Sunday.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
Pumpkin greenhouse finished - its 12x12' x4' I'm going to try and get a jump on the season even if it only gains me a few weeks
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
1,666 Holland (left) -1,750 Holland (right)
Friday, April 28 View Page
Think I'm going to go with the 1,666 Holland. It seems to be growing the fastest (Cat not included) ...lol
Thursday, May 4 View Page
Finally planted my 1,666 Holland in the greenhouse. I used pumpkin pro, a space heater, and a wireless thermometer.
Saturday, May 13 View Page
Pumpkin plant is doing fine now,time to start skewering the little bit of vine that's starting to show
Wednesday, May 17 View Page
1,666 Holland is growing a bit faster due to our slightly warmer weather. Good forecast ahead though...
Wednesday, May 24 View Page
Slowly but surely I guess. Good weather in the forecast ??
Tuesday, May 30 View Page
Vine growing at least 6" a day now, over 4' now. Don't trust the weather yet so I'm leaving up my greenhouse for now.
Friday, June 2 View Page
Leaves are getting big - (1,666 Holland)
Tuesday, June 6 View Page
First little pumpkin. It's only at 6 feet on the main vine, so it's not really a contender, but I'm gonna pollinated anyway just in case.
Friday, June 9 View Page
1,666 Holland is about 9' long now with a little pumpkin at 7-8' and one male flower
Monday, June 12 View Page
4 females now....one @10 feet on the main (1,666 Holland)
Saturday, June 17 View Page
Freed the 1,666 Holland from the greenhouse ....very windy though
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
I put a wind fence up on the northeast side and the southeast side ...and that's still not enough. Gave the plants a good watering today
Friday, June 23 View Page
One little pumpkin at 14 feet, one at 6 feet, and one at 10 feet. I hope the one at 14 feet get pollinated by the end of June… But I'm not sure
Saturday, June 24 View Page
Pollination day
Sunday, June 25 View Page
Gave the 1,666 a good soaking today. It was blazing hot here (31c)
Monday, June 26 View Page
About the size of a baseball~ slow out of the gate but that's ok
Tuesday, June 27 View Page
procrastinating burying pumpkin vines. Always tomorrow .. lol
Wednesday, June 28 View Page
My emergency pumpkin is growing not bad. It will probably be culled but not yet..I have to wait and make sure the pollination was successful on my other pumpkins ??
Wednesday, June 28 View Page
Hopefully the female flower @ 14' will open tomorrow
Thursday, June 29 View Page
I was hoping for a June pollination for this one (at about 14' ) .....but I think it'll most likely be in the first few days of July
Saturday, July 1 View Page
Yay!! Canada day pollination for this one at about 14'
Sunday, July 2 View Page
Because of the very limited space I have , I'm going to turn my side vines 90° and have them run down the length of the garden.
Tuesday, July 4 View Page
Damage in main vine just before my newly pollinated kin at 14' - what a disappointment.
Wednesday, July 5 View Page
This is the only pumpkin that I have left.. it's at 10 feet on the main vine. It seems to be going at a good clip, I'm surprised the pollination took… It was pollinated at 31°C ~89f A mouse or something chewed my vine at 14 feet just before my last pumpkin, so I'm not really sure what to do with it… But I guess I'll leave it for now… Who knows. Applied liquid kelp and 0-0-50 potash
Thursday, July 6 View Page
So far behind due to the cold spring ......this one was my best hope but the vine got chewed by a mouse or shrew/ not sure what to do with it. Is it worth keeping? Or is the vine too screwed? Any suggestions? Thanks joe .......Oh my email is Outwestcw@gmail.com
Tuesday, July 11 View Page
A bit bigger than a volleyball
Thursday, July 13 View Page
This one is growing not too bad, seems to had slowed a bit but I'm not sure -- My other pumpkin @ 10' is growing fast
Friday, July 14 View Page
This one's gettin there
Saturday, July 15 View Page
Buried some vines ---- put Styrofoam under the larger pumpkin ......and gave the patch a good soaking
Sunday, July 16 View Page
Grew a lot overnight
Wednesday, July 19 View Page
I forgot to jot down when this Pumpkin was pollinated, but I would guess that this would be day 25
Thursday, July 20 View Page
Again, nothing much to update on...I propped up the main vine with styrofoam.. to relieve and stress on the fruit ---My pumpkin is odd looking but it's all mine! ..lol ---- lightning is a possibility for tonight and showers turning to periods of rain for tomorrow.
Sunday, July 23 View Page
Warner and sunny today---- Had to cull my smaller pumpkin ahead of this one as it all but stopped growing
Friday, July 28 View Page
Tapes to about 105 lbs
Sunday, July 30 View Page
about 150 lbs
Thursday, August 3 View Page
Tapes to 200lbs
Friday, August 11 View Page
A wee bit over 300lbs
Sunday, August 20 View Page
Looks like pumpkin stopped growing...sigh - don't have a clue why
Tuesday, August 22 View Page
Pumpkin stopped growing for 2 days then it started again, mind you ..growing slowly --- (400lbs today)


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