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Monday, January 2 View Page
Best of luck this year everyone!!! Picture of this years patch. Couple kins, some watermelons, and still trying to decide on a third fruit. Leaning toward long gourd but cantaloupe and tomato are options. Still time to decide. See ya at the scales!
Friday, January 6 View Page
Well I finally successfully got a mater graft to take!!! This is a 4.53 Slammer I grew this past year grafted to Maxifort rootstock. I wasn't gonna fool with maters this year but just may have to change my mind.
Saturday, January 14 View Page
Repotted my tomato graft and it is really starting to take off! This is 8 days since I first posted it.
Wednesday, January 18 View Page
The tomato graft shed the grafting sleeve yesterday. Growing like a weed.
Wednesday, January 18 View Page
Here is the graft union, it looks as though it healed well.
Sunday, January 22 View Page
Ok winter grafted tomato project update. I was very excited to find a nice looking bloom starting to form at 12 inches.
Sunday, January 22 View Page
Here is a close up of the bloom. Once again this is from a 4.53 Wixom Slammer I grew this past year. Hopefully this is at least an indication that this seed will produce some nice blooms which is what I was hoping to see.
Sunday, January 22 View Page
I am gonna repot again and try to keep it going (never intended to to begin with). The maxifort root system is finding its way out the bottom of the current pot.
Sunday, January 22 View Page
All potted up! Is it illegal to take ur tomato outside when its 65 degrees in Tennessee on Jan. 22? Lol
Sunday, February 19 View Page
Everyone should have a Smokey bobble head Porkchop!!!
Monday, March 6 View Page
Jaigen's class is doing a project sponsored by Bonnie plants to try and grow the biggest cabbage in the 3rd grade.
Monday, March 6 View Page
We figured the first thing to do would be get it in a bigger pot. We have no idea what we are doing but the plan is to grow it outside in a big tub when the weather got a lil warmer. If you canbage growers have suggestions and advice for us shot me a email please.
Wednesday, March 29 View Page
Green manure! Too bad there's no trophies for cover crops....winning
Wednesday, March 29 View Page
Starting to get excited, its almost time. Got a lot done this evening. Hoping to get the cold frame spots tilled in tomorrow evening and get houses set correctly.
Sunday, April 2 View Page
With rain coming tomorrow and forcasted for most of the week I had to get with it. Cold frames are in place and amended. This will give me 3-4 weeks for them to help heat the soil before planting.
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Enormous tomatoes started!!!
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Mega Mutt (D)
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Mega Mutt (Z)
Thursday, April 6 View Page
A couple 290.5 Terry, looking to get these out just a tad bit early. May have to be earlier than planned they have been aggressive.
Saturday, April 8 View Page
Here we go!!! #enormousmelons
Monday, April 10 View Page
Love this time of year! Hoop houses going up by the light of the moon. This is Jordan's patch, from left to right will be 1585 Werner, middle 1810 Werner, and right 1847 Werner.
Friday, April 14 View Page
This years seeds, starting mix warming now
Wednesday, April 19 View Page
Lift off! Still waiting on the WR and getting nervous.
Friday, April 21 View Page
Hello world record! I didn't think she was gonna show.
Saturday, April 22 View Page
?Pumpkins potted up. Been a rainy week here, supposed to dry out this coming week. #giantpumpkins #atlanticgiants?


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