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Saturday, January 14 View Page
Finally got all four of the greenhouses built for this season. Good thing, the pumpkin starts were about ready to file for legal emancipation if I didn't get them out of the house. I'm thinking my wife was talking to them. The four houses are 20x12 and run north/south. They will be used during January and February to help protect from the cold (it can get down to 30 at night until March). In March, when things heat up, the plastic will be removed from the top and replaced by shade cloth until the pumpkins are harvested at the end of May.
Saturday, January 14 View Page
1421.5 Jutras 2014 is the strongest of the eight plants transplanted into the patch. Watch it not only set a squash record, but be larger than the Arizona giant pumpkin record. Planted the 1421 at north end of the NE greenhouse.
Saturday, January 14 View Page
1975 Wallace 2015 (#2). I started two 1975 plants this year. I'm hoping they will go big and help give Arizona a more respectable state giant pumpkin record. The record has stood for two years, it's time to get closer to 1,000 pounds. the 1975#2 is at the north end of the SE greenhouse. It's sister is at the north end of the SW greenhouse.
Sunday, April 30 View Page
I've been terrible about posting this year. I'm going to blame it on my plants being so much bigger than they have been in the past. I'm real happy with my 1421.5 Jutras 2014 Squash. Arizona doesn't have a "state record" -- yet. Hopefully, our May heat won't take the plant out too early. 28 days until the weigh-off.
Sunday, April 30 View Page
Still trying to get an Arizona pumpkin to exceed 500 pounds. My 1549 Rose 2015 is my best chance this year. It started fast, but took it's time getting a viable fruit. It picked up again the last few weeks and is doing it's best to catch the other pumpkins growing in Central Arizona. We'll see how they all do in the high-90 temps we're supposed to have all May.
Friday, May 5 View Page
108 degrees today. That makes three days over 100 degrees. The weather isn't helping get the pumpkin and squash to the finish line. The plants are in plain old survival mode. (Of course, it's going to drop to 73 on Sunday (low of 53). We'll stay in the 70s until next Thursday and then it returns to the high 90s ... and 100s. 22 days until the weigh-off.


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