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Thursday, February 16 View Page
This if February, right.
Sunday, February 19 View Page
Southern Iowa Giant Pumpkin Growers Association is holding its 1st ever live seed auction on bigpumpkins.com. tonight at 8pm Eastern time. Looking for any support that you may be able to give us. Awesome seeds are available!
Monday, February 20 View Page
Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped support our Southern Iowa Giant Pumpkin Growers Association seed auction last night. Your support is very much appreciated! Thank you Ken D. For hosting our auction on this Web site. Also a huge thank you to Don Young and Dave Rumancik for helping me with the auction!
Sunday, April 23 View Page
Hoping these all germinate. Looking forward to the 2017 season. Praying for good weather.
Wednesday, June 7 View Page
And here we go again in southern Iowa. It's only June. I'm way behind this year on getting things up and going. This won't be good for young plants.
Monday, July 10 View Page
95 degrees and mid 70's dew point makes it feel like this, 107 TROPICAL degrees. Still no rain here in southeast Iowa. Rain goes around us.
Monday, July 10 View Page
Next week looks promising, NOT.
Tuesday, August 22 View Page
Ok apparently we have to experience a total eclipse for me to get rain. We just got more rain in 6 hours than we have had total since the 3rd week of April. 2.2" fell over night and there is no water puddles.I have only mowed our yard once in the last 3 months and that was just to knock some weeds down. Better dust my lawn mower seat off. I've been feeding hay for a month to the cows so I hope this rain will give us a little fall pasture.
Wednesday, September 13 View Page
Getting ready to host our first GPC event.
Thursday, September 14 View Page
Shirts being made for our weighoff. How awesome is this!
Saturday, September 16 View Page
Going to hang these under the back bumper of my truck lol. 1625.5 Gantner.
Thursday, September 21 View Page
Bloomfield Giant Pumpkin Bash is being held Sept. 30th at Bloomfield, Iowa with weigh in from 9 to noon. Pumpkins and watermelons will be on display until 2 p.m. then released. Three classes will be weighed in, Giant Pumpkin, Field Pumpkin and watermelon. Green Squash will be in the Giant Pumpkin class. Prize money payout is as follows: Giant Pumpkins Field Pumpkins Watermelons 1)$1,500 1)$200 1)$200 2)$1,000 2)$100 2)$100 3)$500 3)$50 3)$50 4)$250 5)$150 Howard Dill Award 6)$100 $100 and plaque 7)$75 GPC ribbons and plaques will be awarded. 8-10)$50
Thursday, September 21 View Page
Try this again. Bloomfield Giant Pumpkin Bash will be held Set. 30th in Bloomfield, Iowa. Weigh in will be from 9 to noon. Entries will be on display until 2 p.m. and then released. Giant Pumpkin pay out will be $1,500 / $1,000/ $500/ $250/ $150/ $100/ $75/ (8-10 place) $50. Watermelons $200/ $100/$50. Field Pumpkins $200/ $100/ $50. Howard Dill Award $100 and plaque. GPC Ribbons and plaques will be awarded.
Friday, September 29 View Page
Loaded and ready for the Bloomfield Giant Pumpkin Bash!
Sunday, October 1 View Page
Had a tremendous turn out at our 1st GPC event. 21 Ag's. 7 field pumpkins, 7 watermelons, 1 bushel gourd and 1 long gourd at the Bloomfield Giant Pumpkin Bash. Entries from 5 states Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa!
Sunday, October 1 View Page
I got 4th place with my 2145 McMullen x 1624.5 Steil. It was only 65 days old and grown on the 4th secondary about 6 feet from the stump. Started about a month later than everyone else. I figure it to be a good cross.
Sunday, October 1 View Page
Caleb Jacobus from Wisconsin won the the Giant Pumpkin class and it weighed 1,406.5 lbs.
Sunday, October 1 View Page
Tony Prochaska from Kansas won the Giant Watermelon class with a 200 lber. He set the new Kansas State record with this one. Also had 2 others there for exhibition at 199 lbs and 175 lbs. Drove 400 miles to our weigh off in Bloomfield. Awesome guy.
Sunday, October 1 View Page
Caleb Jacobus won the field pumpkins contest. 89.5 lbs.
Sunday, October 1 View Page
Caleb Jacobus with the 1st place Bushel Gourd at 200 lbs, Bloomfield Giant Pumpkin Bash.
Sunday, October 1 View Page
Marty Schnicker had the winning Long Gourd at 114,5 inches.
Sunday, October 15 View Page
4th place at Pawnee City Nebraska Harvest Bash yesterday. Just glad to have a pumpkin there. Started a month late, stem splits, growth cracks, DROUGHT and temps in the 90's for much of the season made it tough. As a great grower says over in Illinois, "it is what it is". 867 lbs Davis (1756 H/J x 1625.5 Gantner).
Sunday, October 15 View Page
My daughter Reann tried her hand at growing this year. Late start and a lot less care than it should have received with the DROUGHT we experienced. She missed getting the Howard Dill by 1 vote. Pretty tickled on what she accomplished. This was from my 760 est. 2016 beauty I had grown from the 975.5 Gansert x the 1374 Engel. 565.5 Davis 2017.
Wednesday, October 25 View Page
My parents were trying grow the world's tallest sunflower. I told them it doesn't count to start the seed 12 feet in the air inside the eve trough!
Wednesday, November 1 View Page
Grandsons last picture with their pumpkins before I harvested the seeds last night. Cows are happy happy and bloated!
Monday, December 25 View Page
Merry Christmas to all those great growers from all over the world.
Friday, December 29 View Page
Not looking forward to the upcoming weather! Who knows what wind chills will be.


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