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Thursday, January 5 View Page
Looking at the New Year. They sure fly by. My enthusiasm for growing giants multiplies year-by-year. This, my eighth growing season, surely will be another wonderful memory. If you know me by now, I think I will try a little bit harder to grow that WR.
Tuesday, April 11 View Page
Growing restless for my 2017 to begin. The weather has been mild and should be tilling soon; this morning's bit-o-snow is already melted. Line Up: 2261.5 2145 1781 Back Ups: 2109 2109 2109 May everyone have a perfect growing season :)
Monday, April 17 View Page
Seeds started Easter evening 1781, 2261, 2145; hopefully, this gives me five additional days on my growing season. I will start first set of back ups this weekend. Digging in soil heating cables is part of tonight's agenda. Somehow I feel busy already :)
Saturday, April 22 View Page
Uffda (the Swede in me)! All three seed starts germinated. 2166 (a gift from Pap) was up first; then the 2145 (a gift from Eddy); and finally the 1781 (I purchased for $80 @ SESDGPG auction); each emerging one day apart. All are under the grow light this morning. Today is a second lovely, sunny day after a few rain days; I will be able to finish laying the soil heating cables and the soil prep in the start areas. The hoops have been in position toasting things up. My growing areas were tilled last fall so they are still relatively easy to work as I use my spade shovel to work over the start areas, no tiller needed.
Saturday, April 22 View Page
Oops! I meant 2261 vs. 2166 :)
Sunday, April 23 View Page
In the ground!!! I accept the risk of Mother Nature's cold heart. The patch was fully tilled today and looks again like very, dark brown sugar. Back up seeds started today. The 2109, 1938 and the 1372 that did not make it to the scale. This coming week's lousier weather looks a little challenging, but I think my systems are in place for that. Guess you only freeze your plants once to know better ? ? ? ;)
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
Tonight's low is expected to be 28F here. No need to worry with the soil heating cables at 70F, the thirsty seedlings watered with captured rainfall, then covered with thick Styrofoam coolers and a light weight quilt, all enclosed in the 5' x 6' hoop; QUITE COZY! This is a test.
Tuesday, May 2 View Page
Third set of seed starts on Sunday April 30; another 2109, 1938 and 1372. The 2109 and 1938 from the second seed start took a week to emerge due to my rushed seed soak. No sign of that 1372 yet. I am sad to report I damaged the 2261 while putting the cooler on for nighttime protection. Not damaged too bad, but not really what I wanted to do. The stem suffered minor damage and would likely be fine but I may decide to go with one of the backups. I am not really getting too far ahead with the cool, wet weather. Oh well. Placed a fan and grow light in each of the hoops.
Tuesday, May 2 View Page
What a difference a half a day makes in Wisconsin!
Tuesday, June 20 View Page
Hello Everyone !!! :) Except the giant hail storm,(1-2")that hit here a couple weeks ago, things have been on track and not much to note. After the two week recovery period, my leaves are splendid; but my plants are behind on pollination because two out three main vines, and nearly every secondary vine on the 1781, 2145 (has the main still) and 1938, were terminated by The Hail. Luckily I saved nearly every tertiary, in case of such disaster, and those have renegotiated themselves nicely. With good care, genetics, etc., I believe I will grow some 2000+ pounders, no problem. :) xo
Sunday, August 6 View Page
Thank you so very much Lee & Dori Perry for the gifts (pictured top left) that has left me almost speechless for nearly two months.
Sunday, August 6 View Page
The plaque reads:
Monday, August 14 View Page
Early morning, soft rain, the beginning of a perfect day. These babies managed 35 pounds per day on the last 7 days averaged. The 1938 has developed a stress crack on the pumpkin near the stem and may be doomed. The 1781 seems like a monster. Not pictured is the very little 2145 growing very slow, day 35 estimated 255 pounds.
Sunday, August 20 View Page
I am really chewing on my nails again this year !!! The 1781 @ 925 pounds(pictured) growing 44 pounds on the last 7 days and erupted with a foaming stump (I may sever) in the last 2 days. The 1938 @903 pounds had to cut off 1/5 of the back right rotting vines yesterday (I could smell something wrong). The 2145 may be melting at only 335 pounds. Day 43, 43 & 42 respectively. OMG if I can make it to the scale!!! FYI women do not have ego's they only feel blessed ;)
Wednesday, September 6 View Page
Sunday, September 3 1938 day 57 383ott putting on 18.72/7 day average 1781 day 57 381.5ott putting on 21.43/7 day average DQ pinhole in blossom end :( 2145 day 56 275ott putting on 10.14/14 day average thought this one was dead I have not been able to water in over a month and the cooler weather this summer has not been helping. If the 1938 can get to the scale I think I will be very happy :)
Tuesday, September 26 View Page
Hi Everyone! It was an absolutely stunning End of Summer and Beginning of Autumn here in New Richmond, Wisconsin. I didn't mind the 90F humid weather. My fingernails are shorter than they have ever been, guess when you only have one pumpkin left, that will happen. On Sunday I finally hit 404 over-the-top on "Awesome", still gaining 9.71 pounds per day on Day 78. And gosh, I think this baby might be mighty solid :) Stillwater or Bust!!!
Sunday, October 15 View Page
Stillwater Harvest Fest was a spectacular day! 29 Giant Pumpkin entries and 1st Place went to a super nice guy! Congrats Pete VanderWielen!
Sunday, October 15 View Page
1427 pounds was not what I expected or where I wanted to be, but hitting the scale with one in The Top Ten at Stillwater Harvest Fest was a miracle for me and Amazing.
Tuesday, October 17 View Page
On Cloud Ten :) Congrats Everyone!
Sunday, December 24 View Page
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!
Sunday, December 24 View Page
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!
Monday, December 25 View Page
Merry Christmas Day Every One! :)


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