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Friday, April 14 View Page
And a few others just In case
Friday, April 14 View Page
Seeds started this morning. Tilling this afternoon when the soil is the warmest. Adding a ton of peat moss, gypsum and perlite. I'll do one more till tomorrow and as hoop house.
Saturday, April 15 View Page
Finished the third till, Hoop is 90% done, Cables are in. I'm sore and tired but feel good about the patch prep.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
All seeds germinated, the most aggressive root came out of the 1824 Shazzy 16'. These will go against the 1317 and the 2145 for top spot in both patches. I hope to have two personal best in both patches.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
Doing good so far. Patch is ready. Cables are warming the soil and hoop houses are killing the corn seed maggot flies.
Thursday, April 20 View Page
Plants are getting some natural sun light. I have been doing this on the overcast days and small time periods on sunny days. The 1824 and 2145 are looking the strongest so far.
Sunday, April 30 View Page
Too cold and too wet to put out. I decided to roll the dice and pot up to the 2 gal pots cut in half, bottoms cut out and slide inside of another. Hope to be in the ground next weekend. It was also good to see how the roots are progressing and I found out I was over watering. Good to know for sure.
Sunday, April 30 View Page
All potted up and back cozy in the garage window under lights and on top of heat mat.
Thursday, May 4 View Page
Runing out of room in the window. Plants will go out in the hoop houses Saturday. Wet and cold spring so far.
Saturday, May 6 View Page
Transplated the 2145 (picture)and the 1824. Added DE, Azos, Mykos and watered in with seaweed mixed in warm rain water.
Saturday, May 6 View Page
Transplanting went well, this is 4 hours after transplant and low amount of shock. Now I just need warmer night time temps. Been in mid to upper 40s at night.
Wednesday, May 17 View Page
2145 McMullen decided it wants to make a turn instead of going straight. Luckily we have warm days and the hoop hits 90 degrees. So adjusting has been although slow, a steady process. Anyone who faces this, don't rush it. She will come down it's simple gravity, use the bamboo stakes at the angle you need. The plants weight will do the work for you.
Friday, May 26 View Page
1824 Shenoha growing nicely in the small patch. Between the cloudy days and shade tree it's a little slow but it is healthy and easy to maintain so far.
Friday, May 26 View Page
2145 McMullen is doing great. Its kicking out secondary vines and almost to the end of the 8' hoop house. Will extend tomorrow and the remove next week.


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