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Wednesday, February 22 View Page
Here is a photo of the "lot" I'm offering for trade on the Non-Convention seed swap Saturday March 18 at 8 pm Eastern. Wanted to give people time to think it over. Looking for one or two good seeds in trade. Such as: Two 800 McMullen or a 2063 or 2624 Willemijns, or 2307 Wallace or 1625 Gantner.
Wednesday, February 22 View Page
My 2017 seed lineup will come from these options. I didn't realize I supported so many seed auctions until I laid all these seeds out on the floor.
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Finished building a greenhouse frame from an old trampoline and a broken down metal car-port. 24'6" wide x 17' long x 7'6" tall
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Spent two hours putting up 11 mil greenhouse plastic (apparently hail proof, wind proof, UV damage proof, rip proof etc.) from Northern Greenhouse 36'x 24' piece wasn't easy to work by myself. Current 25 mph winds are no problem. Wondering about future 75 mph winds. This raised the temp 30 degrees the minute it was put up.
Wednesday, March 29 View Page
Three 2063 Willemijns all with badly curled up cots. 800 McMullen and 1586 Sherwood treated the same way as the 2063's are both normal.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
This 2063 Willemijns won out over the two other 2063's and an 800 McMullen. The 800 McMullen was by far the weakest of the four plants. It just folded up and died shortly after being moved outside. It couldn't withstand the hot temperatures. The greenhouse has been standing up fine vs 40/45 mph winds so far. Haven't seen the 70+ mph winds yet. Biggest issue thus far has been keeping the greenhouse from over heating. 50 degrees outside temp with full sun equals 115 degrees in the greenhouse.


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