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Wednesday, January 4 View Page
Thank you LL for the kind words and using BigStem on your 1938 and 1864!
Wednesday, January 4 View Page
I will have more BigStem testimonials in the next few days! Stay tuned :) I am excepting 2017 BigStem orders now. This year's price is lowered to $30 per pumpkin with shipping included inside the united States. (Outside will be charged depending upon location slightlyore than U.S as postage rates are higher) I have changed a few things to improve BigStem effective and lower the chances of possible aborts or plant spray damage. Because BigStem is akalinic if sprayed in morning or afternoon with a hot sun following it has a chance to burn the foliage some or possibly abort the fruit. To avoid this I highly recommend the first application on day ten after pollination and to spray all applications at dusk/night Thank you everyone for the support and feel free to email me with questions and orders at tanner.n.conway@gmail.com
Friday, January 6 View Page
The giant pumpkin season 2016 has been a personal success. I got 4 pumpkins over 1000 pounds, the largest, the 1327 Mendi 2016. I've used Bigstem, and I've never had such beautiful plants until the end of the season. Very green leaves. I think we can do better, and try the 2000 pounds in Spain. In 2017, we will use BIGSTEM again Thank you to Ruben for the kind words! Best of luck in 2017 chasing that 2000# club :) Many thanks Tanner for the Bigstem, and for the facilities to send it.
Saturday, January 7 View Page
This past year I used BigStem with my watermelons and had a great year. Each time I weighed a melon was a new PB for me! My first of the year was 229 lbs. beating my PB of 209. My next was 232 followed by a 236 DMG. Finally my last giant watermelon weighed 290.5 lbs.!!! That ended up being the 5th largest watermelon in the world for 2016. My plants were great all year and the fruits grew steadily for 90 plus days in a very hot dry summer. Thanks Tanner! I would use BigStem again. Biggest Mellon's IV heard of grown of BigStem :) Thanks for the kind words Jeremy!!!
Saturday, January 7 View Page
Chris konieczny (wixom grower) last year i made several changes to the way i grew gaint tomatoes and when all was said and done i had beaten my personal best 6 times and several tomatoes grew over 2 pounds better than my previous personal  best. One of the changes that i made was trying big stem and i am now a big believer that big stem was a big part of my success. i started applying big stem on my plants when they were only 4"-6" tall well before any bud formation and i believe that it helped my megablooms to become much larger than ever before which also allowed me to grow several 6 pound tomatoes. so you know i will be using big stem again next year and hope to grow a 10 pound tomato very soon. Best of luck in 2017! was always great keeping up with your Diary :)
Saturday, February 18 View Page
http://www.stcroixgrowers.org/bigstem.html BigStem site is now up and running and excepting paypal!
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Since I am not growing this year I'll focus on my second love! Do you know what it is?!? Here is a hint this is one species ;)
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Here is my favorite!
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Or maybe this one is my favorite?...
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Or this one!
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Hmm but this one too!
Thursday, April 6 View Page
This was my first one!
Thursday, April 6 View Page
Just made this cross last week ;)
Thursday, April 6 View Page
The long petals on this one!!! At the end of the day I am addicted to paphs other know as lady slippers :)


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