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Monday, January 2 View Page
Seeds found a good home!
Sunday, January 8 View Page
Free to good home.I'm cleaning out the seeds I will never plant. 1 pack is giant pumpkin seeds, another is giant tomatoes,and the other pack is miscellaneous seeds including long gourd. Give me a email if you want one or all. Maccoydan@hotmail.com
Sunday, February 5 View Page
We welcomed Ace Alan MacCoy into the world on January 13th!!
Sunday, March 19 View Page
Great friends in this hobby! Gary may sent this to me!
Sunday, August 27 View Page
Just playing around with a giant cucumber this year! Day 15 on this one and est about 4 lbs. These are really fun to grow and look forward to going for the WR next year. 2018 season starts in January for me starting with the carrots....really excited to get back in the game next year!
Friday, September 1 View Page
Under 30 days and around 10 lbs. I have never seen a cucumber this big.....so evertime I pull the sheet back and see it I just laugh because it looks ridiculous!
Tuesday, September 5 View Page
Pumpkin picking weather tonight!in the 40's Ace is almost 8 months old now and Aspen is almost 5! Where does time go!
Tuesday, September 5 View Page
Here are the pumpkins this year!
Tuesday, September 26 View Page
I have cold chills over here in Minnesota with the anticipation of waiting for porkchop two weigh his monster tomato! Tell me it's going to be okay Q-tip if pork chop grows a bigger one than me, that I will grow a bigger one next year!
Tuesday, September 26 View Page
What is this yellow thing in my garden????? :)
Tuesday, September 26 View Page
My two pumpkins with our other pumpkins :-)
Wednesday, September 27 View Page
I weighed my cucumber tonight it came in just under 14 lb. I look forward to Growing these for competition next year! I know this picture will come in sideways but I forgot to take one the correct way.
Friday, September 29 View Page
Getting rid of some ferts I won't use. 5 lbs of pumpkin power.very fresh. 4 lbs root keeper 2 lb grow 2 lb bloom This would be 300 dollars retail. Selling for 125.00.buyer pays for shipping which would be around 20 dollars. Might consider trading as well. maccoydan@Hotmail.com
Wednesday, October 4 View Page
Saturday, October 21 View Page
Saying goodbye to a couple friends tonight..... But they are going to good homes :)
Monday, October 23 View Page
I was up in Larry Hill Ville today! Boy he's got a even cooler climate up there than me!
Monday, October 23 View Page
If you could have just 3 seeds......
Monday, October 23 View Page
Well bill???
Tuesday, November 28 View Page
Well I took the advice of the reigning Mn rutabega champ Linus and got myself a 6 dollar full spectrum grow bulb.I have never successfully grew a rutabega seedling past the first true leaves.I think the t 5 was to hot for them.so a cool 50 degree basement with a cool led light.lets see if it works..... These are just a test batch.
Tuesday, November 28 View Page
Seedling just popped up after 3 days at room temperature.
Tuesday, November 28 View Page
Ok Q tip corrected me,he is it raining Minnesota state champion of the rutabaga!Linus just weighs his at Stillwater in Minnesota... :)


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