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Sunday, April 16 View Page
Returning for the giant pumpkin fun after around 8 years.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
My last time growing was around 2010 and I got to around 400 lbs trying to grow in Florida. I now reside in North Carolina and have a vastly improved growing environment. Tonight I started 8 sets of seeds, all old stock from around 2009. Amazingly, the appear viable as they've been well stored and protected. Some have lineages including 1400+lbs parents. I'll get more detailed in my following posts including prep and photos.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
Some of what I've started. We'll see if they pop.
Friday, April 21 View Page
5 days and nothings popped as yet.
Saturday, April 22 View Page
Still nothin. Starting to think they arent viable. Might be time to request some seeds.
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
Out of 8 1 has popped so far. 8 days.
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
The Bowles, aka Sponge Bob.
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
From my second attempt at growing in Florida. If you live in central or south Florida, I wouldnt recommend trying to grow AG's. Absolutely crazy amount of work. Patch was 25 feet-L by 40 feet W. Plants ended up well outside the patch. On right was 893 Privitera (998 Pukos x 1068 Wallace) plant which under the brutal Florida conditions produced a close to 400lb pumpkin. On left was a 1096 Privitera. Salt levels in the well water according to Florida Dpt of AG was 900ppm, which destroyed first set of plants. Had to set up a rain catch using our old small above ground pool and rain gutters connected to pipe. Soil salt levels were still too high even after a serious leeching, which led to the pumpkins on both plants developing splits. None of those issues this time. :)
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
Dug up 5 of the seeds today. All rotted. Only the Bowles aka "Sponge Bob" made it. Left three in pots to give em another day or two. New seeds should be here in day or two. I'll be setting up my irrigation perhaps this weekend and getting some pics of the growing area.


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