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Sunday, April 16 View Page
This years line up. Going to have five keepers. Planning on growing an 1844.5 Holub Squash, 1408, Zappa, 1805.5 Zappa, 2066 Geddes, and the rest are up in the air. Plans can always change. Best of luck to all and Happy Easter !
Wednesday, April 26 View Page
I had two of my 1408's in for around 1 1/2 weeks. I noticed a few days ago that they were not growing very good since putting them outside, even though the weather has been pretty good. I saw some wilting the past two days and suspected that maybe corn seed maggots or possibly a faulty heating cable. They soil temp checked out good yesterday. This morning they were both laying down. I dug them out and right at the soil line were the maggots ! Very small but you can see a few in the stalk. I had a backup in a larger pot that I put in today with the rest of my line up. I drenched all seedlings while in the pot still with merit and when planted they got a dose of spectracide, plus a dusting of seven in the hole, and lastly they all got plastic collars around the stalks. I have criterion ( merit) spread in the hoops when i assembled them, but i may have forgot that hoop. I did not water it in either and that is what i am going to do now. Hopefully , they are under control now.
Monday, June 5 View Page
All back ups were cut out a few days ago. Final line up is : 1408 Zappa 1805.5 Zappa 2008 Neptune 2066 Geddes 1844.5 Holub squash
Sunday, June 18 View Page
Happy fathers day to all the Dads !! We had a nasty storm here this afternoon. Strong winds, maybe a micro burst. Damage was very minimal luckily. Only a few broken leaf stems on my 1408 , ( in this pic ) and on my 1805.5 in the next pic. I spent almost 2 hrs this morning preparing and readjusting my silt fence incase of a bad one. The fencs took a hard hit, but did their job. I had to fix some of them after the storm. Too much N in the soil for this plant. Cobras won't settle down.
Sunday, June 18 View Page
Some of the stakes broke, fences was flopping and flipping but no vines were damged. This is my 1805.5 , doing very good. Very good growth the past week with the warm weather. Also, I dont appear to have any leaf burn on any of my plants from last week which is very odd.
Sunday, June 18 View Page
2066 Geddes, my most aggressive grower this year. Should have the first pollination on this plant this week.
Sunday, June 18 View Page
1844.5 Holub squash, doing ok. Deffinately green baby's, as they should be. Still need to take down the conduit down.
Sunday, June 18 View Page
Not pictured is a 2008 Neptune. It's doing just fine. Starting an S bend, probably 5 days or more for this one.
Monday, June 19 View Page
I had to share this fathers day card that my wife got me.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
Pollinated today , June 21st, the 2066 Geddes x 1805.5 Zappa, 15 feet out on main, perfect 5 lobe, Cool morning. 7 secondaries on each side behind pumpkin.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
Very early in the year for problems, but I may be having some. I noticed small yellow dots on some of my leaves. They seem to only be on newer, small leaves. My guess s downey mildew possibly. I sprayed eagle this morning. About the only fungicide I have not sprayed yet is copper, which will get sprayed tomorrow.
Saturday, June 24 View Page
Pollinated 2008 Neptune x 2066 Geddes. Nice 5 lobe at 12 ft out on main.
Sunday, June 25 View Page
Pollinated the 2nd one on the 2066 Geddes x 1805.5 Zappa. Nice 5 lobe at 16 foot. Big plant behind both pumpkins. Also, 1408 Zappa x 2066 Geddes. 1st one on main vine. Nice 4 lobe at 13 foot.
Monday, June 26 View Page
I normally don't post pics of female flowers, but this one is a little rare for me. Must have been a birthday surprise for me, lol. Pollinated 1805.5 Zappa x 2066 Geddes this morning, June 26. Perfect 6 lobe at 12.5 feet out.
Monday, June 26 View Page
This is my 1805.5 Zappa , which is doing pretty good.
Monday, June 26 View Page
2066 Geddes plant with 2 pollinations. My biggest plant this year by far.
Monday, June 26 View Page
This is my 1408 plant. Too much nitrogen in this plant, all the vine tips are like king cobras. Also, some of the secondaries are not growing.
Monday, June 26 View Page
Up front is the 2008 Neptune, back left is the 1844.5 Holub Squash, and back right is the 2066 Geddes. 4 inches of rain last week has compacted my soil some.
Monday, June 26 View Page
Melons are doing good. Only got 1 pollinated. Not sseing many female blossoms yet.
Wednesday, June 28 View Page
Another 6 lobe. Pollinated the 1844.5 Holub squash x self, at 15 foot out.
Thursday, June 29 View Page
Pollinated another melon on the 239 Leonard plant this morning, June 29th. Open pollination.
Friday, June 30 View Page
This morning, June 30th, Poll 2008 Neptune x 2066 Geddes # 2 on main vine. Pol 1408 Zappa x open, # 2 on main. 5 lobe. This one had a short flower and was green yesterday, but was half open when I went out this morning. Poll 208.5 Zappa melon x open.
Saturday, July 1 View Page
2.5 inches of rain in the past 24 hrs. Patch is a soggy mess again.
Saturday, July 1 View Page
Poll 1805.5 Zappa x 2066 Geddes, #2 on mian vine. Slightly deformed 4 lobe and a few seeds in blossom. Poll my 208.5 Zappa melon x open, on main vine around 12.5 feet out. Females are starting to show.
Saturday, July 1 View Page
Pretty sure I figured out where the yellow dots on leaves are coming from. This is only happening after a big rain event. When the vine tips are covered in mud, something in my soil attacks the baby leaves. Possibly fertilizer of something else in the soil. From now on, I am trying to spray the mud off with a spray bottle. It does not seem to hurt the plant, just looks bad.
Friday, July 14 View Page
day 20 for 239 Leonard today, 109.5" for around 40 lbs. day 20 for 2008 Neptune today, c=65.5, 153.5 ott, nothing spectacular. day 23 for 2066 Geddes, did not measure but VERY impressive. Day 25 for squash, did not measure but still growing ok, plant has suffered from being too wet at bottom of patch. 1805.5 Zappa is doing very good, did not measure yet, Sunday is day 20. going to be a low pumpkin like mama was. 1408 fruit has aborted. Trying to get one set anywhere. have another one set on the main.


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