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Friday, March 10 View Page
An early entry for weigh off season, it should be ready for the scales around October 15th.
Friday, March 10 View Page
Tyler and I are heading to Canfield, Ohio tomorrow morning for the OVGPG seminar. It's always nice seeing the MGPG greats and meeting more of the Ohio Valley guys. Looking forward to it.
Sunday, April 2 View Page
Starting seeds within the week. I want a larger plant before transplanting this year, so I'm moving dates up about 2 weeks. Today I did the first mow on the winter rye I had planted last fall and spread 10lbs of humic acid and 5 lbs of blood meal across 1900ft sq.
Sunday, April 9 View Page
Seed starts - 2145 McMullen and 1790.5 Wallace @ 9:45am 04/09/17. 1oz Essential in 16oz water for seed soak.
Sunday, April 9 View Page
Air prune pots, we're going to start in 5" peat pots and transfer to these monsters. I feel like using a peat/soil mix for the larger pots to further acclimate the plants before transplant.
Tuesday, April 11 View Page
100% Germination using paper towel this year. Using Pro-mix ultimate organic as my media with 2 TBS pumpkin pro myco and 1Tsp green smiths humic. Each seed tip was dipped with i3ba.
Tuesday, April 11 View Page
2nd Mow.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
1st till on 04/15/17 and 1st true leaf arrival on 04/17/17. A big thanks to Tyler Reinhard for babysitting the plants with his germination and grow set-up. 2145 on the left and 1790.5 on the right.
Sunday, April 23 View Page
Transferred to air prune pots on 04/22/17. Media was mixed with 1/2 cup of myco each, powdered each rootball with 2 TBS Azos and drenched with Essential @ 1Oz/Qt. Starting to acclimate the plants outdoors. 1st day of full sun with a high of 68 and winds W-SW 5-8mph.
Tuesday, May 9 View Page
Awaiting final transplant, Im behind on patch prep from weather. These should hit dirt by this weekend.
Tuesday, May 9 View Page
The other plant pictured was taken on May 23rd of last year. I believe I am about 2 weeks ahead on plant growth vs 2016. This is going to be a tough year keeping up though.
Monday, June 5 View Page
The 2145 is running at about 11' and the 1790 is at 7'. Side vine growth has been slow on both, I'll likely do tissue tests within the next week or two.


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