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Wednesday, January 25 View Page
Happy New Year and good luck to all !! Thanks to a generous gift from Ryan I have my first seed for this year. It's his 1803 Hoelke. Also, Ryan has gifted a bunch of his 922 seeds for the Farmers Competition weigh off. For those of you who don't know, I live in a farming area and all the farmers grow the same seed for their competition. The only thing I do is to germinate all the seeds so that the farmers start on an even footing. The 922 is perfectly round and has great genetics. There could be some Howard Dill winners in there !
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Many thanks to Cindy for providing a couple of 1910's. It was great to have a patch tour to see these were actually grown.
Saturday, April 1 View Page
The fall rye is growing amazingly well considering our terribly long wet and cold winter. This stuff is tough!
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Another pic of the fall rye
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Soil sampled on March 28th with no additions or amendments to serve as a baseline. 9 samples taken at 7 inches deep.
Friday, May 5 View Page
Recommendations for the patch.
Saturday, May 6 View Page
The rye was getting taller than usual because I somehow ended up with a sore back(old age lol) and couldn't lift a thing for 6 weeks. Miraculously it got better and I have decided to grow only 1 plant...a 922 Hoelke... to save my back for next year. It has also been a record poor weather winter and spring delaying doing anything in the patch until this week. This will be the latest that I have ever planted.
Saturday, May 6 View Page
A bag of Perlite on the growing site.
Saturday, May 6 View Page
This is showing what a great job my cultivator is doing after just 1 pass.
Monday, May 8 View Page
Because the ground was so cold and wet I thought I would place all 3 heating cables to heat a larger growing spot. I'm also building a larger (15x15)hoop house than I ever have with the hope of allowing the pumpkin baby to catch up to previous years size.
Monday, May 8 View Page
My posting skills are rusty. The May 9th soil analysis should be March 30yh. And, this is a picture of the 3 heating cables in place.
Tuesday, May 9 View Page
This is my soil stats before adding anything.
Thursday, May 11 View Page
Yesterday was a beautiful day. Today back to normal....very wet and rainy. If fact areas near us are experiencing 200 year high flood levels!! Fortunately I did get some poly on the 15 ft x 15 ft hoop house. This just might save the soil from being super wet and the growing year.
Tuesday, May 23 View Page
Heating cables working nicely. Outside temp 50 F while soil temp is a nice 74 F.
Tuesday, May 23 View Page
I lost my touch with germinating seeds this spring and BOMBED!....zero...nada...nothing. Thanks to Scott(Spambie) for a couple of his spare plants to save the year. Only problem he got the squash and pumpkin mixed up!!! So, Kate, watch out...maybe...lol. I'm starting 3 weeks behind my normal schedule so it will be an interesting year. I've noticed in "diaries" those growers who had terribly wet weather this spring are not far behind normal growing years. I guess the moral of the story is to just start everything on normal schedules and let everything else fall into place. For this year, I have a larger hoop house, more(3) heating cables, and a fan. Thanks again Scott.


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