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Tuesday, January 3 View Page
Building a new irrigation station for 2017
Friday, January 6 View Page
Ground finally froze enough to get the JD out and tur the compost piles. Love that smell when its 19 degrees outside!
Tuesday, January 17 View Page
Cold and snowy start to 2017. 14" of snow overnight and temps in the single digets this past week. Compost pile melted the snow so at least its still cooking!
Monday, February 20 View Page
Wow winter is flying by, decided hell or high water (8" + so far in February) I was going to get the irrigation system finished! Finished the siding and roof for the irrigation hut and roughed in the new 1" water main. Now the fun part, installing the custom solar powered 12 zone timer and valves. Also managed to pull two soil samples (east / west) from the water logged 5000 sqft patch.
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
Trying to beat muther nature with "rain coats"...
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
Rain on the way, time to cover the cover crop (again).
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
What! 2 days of no rain, got out the trusty 20 year old Craftsman push mower and made hay!
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
Spread half the amendments recommended by A&l Labs and did the "rough till" ( long day)...
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
Pulling out all the stops to get the last amendments in and beat the rain! Measured Boron in teaspoons with the Stihl blower, that stuff scares the crap out of me!
Tuesday, April 4 View Page
Started raining again on the last pass. Will dig the pits and install green houses tomorrow. I love playing in the mud!
Friday, April 7 View Page
Took last week off to mow down the Rye, till, install heat cables and hoop houses. Here's a pic of the lovely and talented Dani Gadberry helping clean up the power equipment after the end of it all. Best freind ever!!!
Friday, April 14 View Page
Good Friday seed soaking, will put the little guys in the germination chamber at 1:00 AM so I will call my germination date 4-15-17! We are growing 5 plants this year so will have one back up.
Saturday, April 29 View Page
Crumby weather this spring has forced our starting line up into 3 gallon peat pots. Started backups last night. Hay Sherwood you are now offcially in our line up!
Tuesday, May 2 View Page
Been a really cold wet spring so we potted up the prime seedlings into 2.55 gallon pee-pots Saturday and started back ups. All three second string seeds popped up and are under the T-5 bad boys today. Expected to go from 58 and rainy today to 80+ tomorrow so we think we will hold off on planting into the heated hoopties until this Friday when the rains return. Hay Jim if I kill enough of my 1st stringers I may plant that 1586 of yours yet!
Wednesday, May 3 View Page
82 degrees today after the longest / wettest winter on record... weeded and double dug the hoppties today. Planting earlr Saturday. Hey Jim the back up Sherwood is looking good!
Saturday, May 6 View Page
Unleashed the hounds today!
Saturday, May 6 View Page
Third best punkin in the patch so far...
Saturday, May 6 View Page
Dialing it in...
Saturday, May 6 View Page
Monday, May 8 View Page
Weather has finally warmed up and dried out. Night time lows are getting close to freezing with rhe clear skys so added 60 watt "bug lights" to the hoops for added heat and to not attract any more bugs..!
Wednesday, June 7 View Page
Pesky sideways photo of one of our 1405 pumpkins. She has a sweet baby on the main 11 feet out that will be ready to that will be ready to pollinate in a few days.
Wednesday, June 14 View Page
Huge storm heading our way in the morning so... buried vines and stoked out lateral vines as best we could to minimize damage, we get crazy wind here sometimes even tornadoes!
Wednesday, June 14 View Page
Pic of our 1405 Gadberry plant today before tomorrow's high wind storm. Buried and streaked her the best we could, hang on babiy! Ps has a female ready to open any day as at 12'...
Wednesday, June 14 View Page
Don't know what to say about the up side down photos? We even paid premium member dues... Guess it don't matter much as this year is turning into a bust with the crappy spring weather so far.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
Yea! Finished the new irrigation hut and distribution system just in time for our 1st hundred degree weather here in the Pacific NW.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
Here's one of our plants getting ready for its 1st pollination. Hay Cindy can you guess what seed its from? Here is a hint, Ron Wallace made the same cross last year and we are growing that on too.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
Here is a picture of one of our 1405 plants getting a sweet dose of copost tea via our new and improved fertigation system. She has a nice female pollinated on 6-19-17 @ 12 ' out by the "Guess the mystery" pumpkin in my earlier post. If you go to pumpkin fanatic.com you well see that this should be a cool cross using some super heavy genetics.
Monday, July 17 View Page
Perfect weather this week for pumpkin growing!


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