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Wednesday, April 5 View Page
I guess it's time to get going on my diary for 2017 already! The giant watermelons were started on March 20th and the first true leaves are about to emerge. Planting two of these this year, one 290.5 Terry and one 192 McCracken
Thursday, April 13 View Page
Spent time last weekend finally spreading out the piles of horse manure sitting in the patch since December, then harvested some compost (pictured here) to spread over the top. I make my compost the easy, slow way - make a pile and let it sit for two years. I don't worry if there are still some undecomposed pieces in it, as long as the batch is about 80% finished. The rest will be food for all the soil microbes, worms, etc. which will keep nutrient cycling going all season for a constant fresh supply going to the plants
Thursday, April 13 View Page
The only element I wanted to boost more for this year is calcium, and I've made the switch over to crushed oyster shells for that. Surprisingly cheap, friendly to the soil microbes, and will be a slow release calcium source for a long time. I'm still going to be prepared to liquid feed calcium this year, as it may take a while to see a real benefit from the shells
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
Spent some time this weekend putting heating cables in 2 of my planting spots. 48 foot long cables, should make the soil nice and warm for an early start. I'm doing 4 plants this year, so two will not have the cables. Started all the giant pumpkin seeds on Friday, April 14th and they are beginning to come up 4 days later. Lineup to be revealed shortly.....


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