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Saturday, February 11 View Page
Our local weigh-off has decided to go GPC in 2017 and there will be additional categories to try and get more people interested in growing competitively. I've decided to grow a couple giant bell pepper early so I can have seeds by fair time for interested growers. I'll do the same a bit later with giant tomatoes, field pumpkins and marrows. I also got my hands on 9 varieties of tall corn. Six came Columbia, all Montana race. Two from Mexico, Tuxpen race. One from Cuba, Tuson race. All these seeds were collected in the 1980's. Only planted 1 from each since I have a VERY limited supply on 2/4 and seven have sprouted. Started a second on the 2 no shows today. I hope to have nice size plants to put out in late April to very early may. Going to tinker with a handful of giant onions. Got a late start on from what I'm finding out. If anyone has a lead on some real giant onion seeds I sure would appreciate it.
Sunday, March 19 View Page
Mowed the rye for the 4th time as high as the mower will allow to keep it under control. Going with a much smaller line-up compared to previous years. 4 squash plants, 1445.5 Jutras, 2 - 1844.5 Holubs and a 1060 Holub. Pumpkins are 1585.5 Werner and 2075 Connoly. Will double plant all except 1060 where at least 8 will get started. Going to allow 900 square ft pet plant. Haven't gone with this few plants ever. I've found out I suck at grafting melons so I'm going 100% traditional. It doesn't break my heart as it will simplify my starting process, time and date. Melon line-up has changed just bit. Deleted the 199.5 Mudd but added the 290 Mudd and 305 Mudd. Both are 199.5 selfed from different years. 290 was traditional and 305 was grafted. Rest of the line-up if they sprout 157 Bright 04, 197 Leonard 07, 252 Neptune 10, 228 Carson 94,
Sunday, March 19 View Page
Hit the wrong button. Line-up balance 207 Cantrell 11 and 165 Cantrell (B) 10. Backups for the very limited seeds are 144 Cantrell 11 and 272 Neptune(K) 14.
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Went to the garden a couple days ago which consists of freshly planted broccoli, cabbage, and a variety of lettuce plants and the little devils were already out in numbers. Spotted cucumber beetles. Haven't even started competition seeds yet. Decided to start a few bait plants today that could possibly lead into me growing in the 150 sq ft challenge. Main purpose is to get them out there with a systemic well before competition plants go in. Started a couple 1545.5 Holubs which could lead to the next generation squash and several 123 Cantrells which should throw 50 squash plants.
Sunday, April 9 View Page
Took the seeds out of the freezer to start and one of my enemies heard the freeze lid close. I put the foot to it before I got the camera. Started melon and AG seeds on the 7th. Only have one 1060 Holub left to pop but not complaining since I started 8 of them. Double planting nearly all seeds this year with the exception of the 1585.5 Werner which will be a single. Multiple melon seeds started for each. So far the 252 Neptune is a no show and my 165 B has only 1 of several to pop. To my surprise 3 of 5 228 Carsons have popped. They are from 1994! Also overjoyed that both 197 Leonards popped.
Monday, April 10 View Page
Correction on the last post. The 228 Carson is from 19990 and 4 of 5 germinated. None of the 252 Neptunes will join the patch. They just didn't wake up. Plan now is to go with both 197 Leonards and possibly ad a second spot for another 228. I think it would be a great opportunity to get a comparison of some OLD to new genetics. With the exception of the Mudd seeds the plan is to self each plant. No idea at this time which direction I'll go with outcrossing the Mudds. First attempt at growing onions. A handful of tall corn seeds started yesterday. Three Montana varieties directly from the country of Columbia. Seeds are from the 1980's.
Friday, April 14 View Page
This has been the best weather I can remember for starting seeds. Made a mini "greenhouse" inside a small hoop house where I could keep everything warm at night. Seventy at night and 85 day. Full sun equals stocky plants. I'll transplant these melon plants in a couple days to larger pots. Still all the prep work to do in the patch. No rush.
Friday, April 14 View Page
AG seedlings not as uniform as the melons. Many seeds appeared to be a bit underdeveloped when started but some years that is what the fruit gives us. SEVERAL seedlings have ugly/damaged cots. I only started 1 1585.5 Werner, which I really want to grow, and it popped fine. Never broke ground. Dug it up and it's tip just stopped. Started my last one yesterday along with a 2008 Neptune as a backup.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
My greenhouse in a greenhouse is nothing more than a bench flipped over on a bench with a heater under it. Pumpkin patch prep completed. Waiting on landscape cloth installation for melon patch completion. Second 1585.5 and 2008 both opened cots yesterday. Other AG's were not looking as green as I expected. May have overwatered. Letting them dry out and color is returning. Major seed corn maggot fly hatch is going on here. Safe to plant now but I'll wait till wind breaks are up and first drench of systemics are complete. No enemies sited recently!
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
Only going with 6 tomatoes and they will be hydroponic again. Lineup 1-4.91 Brammer, 1-Slammer, 2-Mega Zac, 2-5.58 Nieuwenhoff. I'll move them to permanent site soon. Started sunflowers and long gourds yesterday.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
6 lobed female found July 27,2014 on a 165(B) Cantrell. I don't have small hands.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
A bit out of focus but the best I have. I've outlined the lobes. One of the better seeds for producing fat melons that hasn't seen much dirt.
Thursday, April 27 View Page
Modified my wind breaks for this year. May have gone overboard with the 4 ft ground cover. Probably should have been 3. I have enough panels to do a triangle around my 6 plants. Once they are in place I'll strategically leave the east end open in order to let the earliest rays of the sun to hit the plants.
Thursday, April 27 View Page
AG's planted and looking at their first sunrise in their new home. They will only get a glimpse because thunder is at their back door. Windbreaks are going to get an early test. Main patch contestants are 2 - 1844.5 Holub, 1445.5 Jutras, 2075.5 Connoly, 1585.5 Werner and in the far left location I planted 8 -1060 Holub plants along with 1-1545.5 Holub just in case I don't get a squash from the 1060's. There is room for a plant in the same corner for the 150'challenge plant if I decide to grow one. Looking hard at my spare 2008 Neptune. Dues are paid. This photo is facing SE.
Thursday, April 27 View Page
Looking back to the NW there is a bit of a rainbow. Wish I had been just a bit quicker as a lightning bolt flashed across the screen just before I hit the shutter button. Did put out the tall corn plants that were started. The best 2 are right at 12 inches tall at 5 leaves. No clue if that's good or sorry. Decided to wait on planting watermelons they are doing so well as a group in the greenhouse I don't want them to get cool feet after transplanting. Also have a good crop of crabgrass and weeds sprouting in the "melon patch". Not 100% sure if I'll till again or roundup the patch. We're talking huge numbers of seedlings. Sunflowers are up. Went with 27 Zappa, 23.25 Zappa, and a black seeded Brinkley but I didn't record the size. Two long gourds are just breaking the surface, 111.5 Martin and 126.5 May. My plate is nearly full.
Monday, May 1 View Page
I suspect this is not good but I don't really know. Nearly all my onions are doing this. Some have 4 or 5 additions. Got the melons planted yesterday just in time for some unexpected wind and driving rain today. Increased to 10 plants. Planted sibs beside each other in separate plots but they will be on the same drip tapes. Going with 2-157 Bright, 2-228 Carson, 2-197 Leonard balance got 1 plant. Found a corner to put the 2008 Neptune. Not planning on growing in the 150 contest since there is about 600 ft available and maybe more if I don't get a green 1060 Holub on that side of it's plot.
Tuesday, May 2 View Page
As the wind was picking up and between the first showers I ran out and put up my redneck wind breaks around my melons. There was no damage evident. Didn't get much rain but got a seasons worth of wind. Roof damage on the house and 2 1060 Holub loses before dark. Should be a spare to replace one with if the greenhouse is still there come daylight. Heaviest winds were recorded after dark.
Friday, May 12 View Page
Granddaughter playing AAU ball this spring and traveling a bunch. She spotted Coach Butch Jones (Tennessee football)at a tournament. Super nice and very accommodating to all the fans that wanted to just say hi. Glad I'm not famous! Lost a 157 Bright and 290 Mudd to ???? Replaced the 290 with a spare and the 157 with a 207 Cantrell.
Friday, May 12 View Page
I did replace a 1060 Holub after the wind storm. This sibling plant was the most aggressive of the lot but as you can see it's vine went yellow which is not good if your hoping for a squash. Pulled her. Probably a second in a couple days.
Friday, May 12 View Page
Finished the tomato hydroponic setup. Nothing too fancy. Removed the first set of blooms on all the plants and just now really able to push the plants. Was watering a couple times a day by hand but now on autopilot. Running behind as normal. Friend came in from MI so golf and camaraderie was more important this week. Forgot how much I like playing that game.
Friday, May 12 View Page
Doing another experiment. Using a 305 Mudd as a test plant. Got the pool elevated where I can see when that watering is complete. I used a commercial mix. I may set up a second with 50% perlite.
Sunday, May 14 View Page
Drip tape and ground cover in place on the melons today. Ordering a load of sand tomorrow for covering. Tapes on 16 in centers. Not going to use drip tape on AG's. Going to go overhead primarily. Set up a second watermelon pool with a commercial mix and no extra perlite. Did go with a 4.5 ft pool about a foot deep. Planted a 207 in it. 2 others in patch to compare to. Using a moisture probe to help with watering decisions. Pulled 2 more 1060 Holubs. One was yellow and one a stripey which would have gone pumpkin. I do have one that appears to be throwing a squash. Know more in a few days.
Sunday, May 21 View Page
Nephew got married this weekend. Had one our their family friends and her family in attendance. Quite a voice and sweet kid. For you "The Voice" fans you may recognize her. Emily Ann Roberts. Insects seem to be at bay for the time being. Check previous years and we usually are overrun by now. Only killed a few spotted cuke beetles and no sighting of a striped one. Saw my first squash bug on a plant yesterday and have killed 6 others in various locations away from the patch. On was stupid enough to land on my leg while I was preparing to weed a plant. Not taking chances, already on a spray schedule.
Sunday, May 21 View Page
The most aggressive plant in the patch is the 2075.5 Connoly. Others are just a day or two behind. They change a bunch in 48 hours. Down to 2 1060's. They are on opposite sides of their plot so if the last unproven one proves to be a squash I'll leave both for a spell and decide which to pull later.
Sunday, May 21 View Page
This experimental 305 Mudd is out performing all the plants in the traditional patch. The 207 in experiment 2 has hit 2nd gear since transplant and it's accelerating. This may not be the answer to a world record but the growth rate is amazing. These 2 plants were 2 that got skipped over when the others went to the patch. They were behind the others but they weren't culls.


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