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Saturday, March 25 View Page
Got Orange?
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Not sure if root formation is a good thing this early on the giant rutabaga. These plants have been outside for about 3 weeks. I hope Chris is keeping his cool, so it does bolt and go to seed.
Monday, April 3 View Page
Is it growing season already :) Need to repair the fence surrounding the patch, and replace the cover on the green house. Those 50 mph wind for the entire day did a number on both of them. This year I will be planting a 1200 est Engel 2016 and a 1374 Engel 2014. Going for orange and pretty again.
Wednesday, April 5 View Page
That should have been doesn't bolt and go to seed. I am sure Chris will figure things out this season.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
Soil heating cables are plugged in and 1374 Engel 2014 and 1200est Engel 2016 are soaking. Rutabagas placed in their new location.
Tuesday, April 25 View Page
Everyone is up. Snow and cold in the forecast for Thursday. Don't trust my new greenhouse. So holding of until Friday to put the plants in the dirt.
Wednesday, May 10 View Page
1374 Engel and 1200 Est Engel are growing good. New green house keeps the soil at 70 degrees, and the air temp below 90. Spread the rest of the amendments last night and laid down the buckwheat cover crop for the Mycorrhizae to attach to. Soil looks awesome this year.
Thursday, May 11 View Page
1374 Engel growing strong
Thursday, May 11 View Page
Giant Rutabaga
Friday, May 12 View Page
https://www.facebook.com/events/127676764441107/permalink/140681203140663/ Take part in my poll. Like my page if you would like to also
Wednesday, May 31 View Page
Not to be outdone by Qtip. Here is my Rutabaga. It is the only thing in the garden that likes these cold rainy days. Oh yeah it is a twin and starting to branch out.
Friday, June 9 View Page
How is your Rutabaga growing, Chris Qualley?
Friday, June 9 View Page
1374 getting ready to show you what Big, Orange, and Beautiful looks like.
Wednesday, June 14 View Page
I just realized this year everything in the patch is my own seeds. 1374 Enge1, 1200 Engel, 65.4 Rutabaga, 118 Engel Field Pumpkin, 265.5 Engel Bushel Gourd. Hmmm I must believe in my own crosses and seeds :)
Friday, June 16 View Page
New Growers. It is easy to feel behind, when you see your plant does not have a pumpkin yet, and is just starting to vine. It will come. To many new growers end there season trying to push your plants. If t5he directions say 1 TBS per gallon 2 will make it even better.
Sunday, June 18 View Page
https://www.facebook.com/gr8pumpkin.net/videos/753411108187838/ My cover crop of buckwheat was huge this year. So I shoveled it like snow. Pretty happy with how efficient the snow shovel was. Boy a snow blower would have been awesome.
Tuesday, June 20 View Page
Save the Date. 0630am June 21st, 2017. Looks like it is going to be 1374 x self as all the males on the 1200 bloomed today.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
Pollinated 1374 x Self today on a six lober. Wanted 1374x 1200 mother nature chose for this not to happen, Tomorrow I will probably have a dozen males on the 1200
Thursday, June 22 View Page
I like a healthy patch. Toads are little warriors lying in wait for whatever comes with in eating distance. I have several under each pumpkin canopy
Thursday, June 22 View Page
Have to watch for them when I am hoeing. They are super camouflaged.
Thursday, June 22 View Page
Check out this guy...
Thursday, June 22 View Page
Stamen Pollen 4x, 11X, 22X and 44X. It is almost translucent at 44x.
Saturday, June 24 View Page
Pollinated 1200 Est Engel x 1374 Engel. The 1200 Est Engel is a 1912 Carter x 1143 Engel. The 1143 Engel was a 359 Foss x 1374 Engel. The 1374 is a 359 Foss x 1048 Engel. The 359 was a 1048 Engel x 2009 Wallace. The 1048 was a 777 Young x Self. In all there have been a lot of Howard Dill Awards grown of these pumpkins.
Saturday, June 24 View Page
Looks like the 1374 x 1374 Pollinated on June 21st has taken. The weather has been cooler than average. So it has slowed plant growth down. The Rutabaga's love it.
Saturday, June 24 View Page
1200 Engel x 1374 Engel
Monday, June 26 View Page
Boom Baby...this is the only thing growing in this cold snap.
Wednesday, July 5 View Page
"GRETA" 1200 Engel x 1374 Engel. Watch this girl.
Thursday, July 6 View Page
Pollinated 1374 x self on 07/04. and 1374 x 1200 on 07/06. We shall see who gets to stay as I really want 1374 x 1200 cross.
Tuesday, July 11 View Page
Giant Rutabaga still packing on the weight. Can't wait to see what this bad girl weighs in October.
Tuesday, July 11 View Page
1200 Engel "GRETA" 15 days old
Tuesday, July 11 View Page
1374 Engel x 1200 Engel pollinated July 6th.."Katie Sue"
Sunday, July 16 View Page
Never in my 18 seasons of growing pumpkins have I been this frustrated. My plants are aborting pumpkins that are 15 days old. Something is wrong in the patch
Sunday, July 23 View Page
This season has been challenging. Lost all my started pumpkins at about 15 days old, Not sure if it was the Hot then Cold weather. Or a severe thunderstorm the twisted the plant like a cork screw. This is my largest on the 1374 Engel. Open pollinated on a secondary as I ran out of plant.
Sunday, July 23 View Page
Made this for someone special today. Many of you new growers do not know who the "Pumpkin Prince" Sir Edgar royal keeper of the pumpkin seeds was. Always sad when someone looses one of their Fur Babies. RIP Edgar
Sunday, July 23 View Page
The Pumpkin Prince
Sunday, July 23 View Page
The Pumpkin Prince
Sunday, July 23 View Page
The Pumpkin Prince
Thursday, July 27 View Page
You guys and your spider pictures. Now this is a Spider. It is a Fishing Spider one of North America's Largest Spiders, Next to the Cane Spider
Thursday, July 27 View Page
Check out that face and eyes...it charged the reflection in the camera lens several times. Yet I remained calm and did not scream like a girl
Sunday, July 30 View Page
This is it in the Engel Pumpkin Patch. Keep loosing fruit at 15 days...Time for some testing, as this sucks
Thursday, August 3 View Page
There went summer. Too bad I had to work that day. 57 degrees out
Thursday, August 10 View Page
Spookly still growing on 1374 Engel.
Thursday, August 10 View Page
1200 Engel x Self growing Cinderella style..if she keeps growing and looking like this. I still might have a chance for a Howard Dill Award at Stillwater.
Sunday, August 20 View Page
1374 Engel...still growing. Can't wait to carve Spookly
Sunday, August 20 View Page
1200 Est Engel 2016, Growing her Cinderella Style. If she keeps it up, she is going to be a beautiful pumpkin
Sunday, August 20 View Page
Guess What.. The Dr told me I am getting old. I have Degenerative Focal tear along the undersurface of the posterior horn medial meniscus. They believe it was caused by Squatting and Kneeling on hard surfaces. Only thing they can do for it is for me to give it rest. So if you feel like coming to my house and pulling weeds. :) I will provide beer and food.
Sunday, August 20 View Page
Guess What? Jodi and I have been chosen by a national TV channel, to be on their show for Pumpkin Carving. The like our back ground story and Love our personalities. Shooting will be in Mid September. So I might be Begging for a Giant Pumpkin to carve. If not Spookly might get the knife.
Monday, August 21 View Page
New grower with two pumpkins that have the same issue. What is his soil missing that us causing this? No soil test taken
Wednesday, August 23 View Page
Crappity Crap Crap Crap. Rudy Split...
Wednesday, August 30 View Page
Check out Spookly from the other side. The 1374 Engel's color is spot on again
Thursday, August 31 View Page
We have been chosen to be part of a TV show on the Travel Channel called Best in Pumpkin. We are searching for a small giant pumpkin.
Tuesday, September 5 View Page
Still looking for a Giant Pumpkin for September 17th. We will be appearing on a National TV Channel. If you got one that is not going to make it out of the patch. Please let me know.
Saturday, September 9 View Page
Check out that color on the 1374 Engel. Spookly has volunteered to be picked when the film crew is here.
Thursday, September 14 View Page
Thank You Scott Steil...We now have a pumpkin to carve.
Friday, September 15 View Page
Friday, September 15 View Page
Saturday, September 16 View Page
Shaded Pig Carving for tomorrows film shoot. I really like carving the shaded pumpkins, as you carve both the surface and the inside to make the light create shadows or highlights.
Saturday, September 16 View Page
Happy Cows shaded carving
Sunday, September 17 View Page
Halloween came early at the Engel's. Film crew was here from 6:45 until 7:30 tonight.
Sunday, September 17 View Page
Shaded Pig
Sunday, September 17 View Page
Jodi's Llama that she whipped out in record time
Sunday, September 17 View Page
Giant Smiling Cow. We did not have enough time to do the ears correctly so it kind of looks like a giant squirrel/donkey. It was a long stop and go day of filming. With a lot of retakes.
Wednesday, September 20 View Page
Wash your pumpkin Wednesday. This pretty pumpkin is the 1200est Engel x 1374 Engel grown Cinderella style. Will she get the HAD at Stillwater?Let's hope so


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