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Sunday, February 12 View Page
One of my winter projects has been growing out a cross I made in the fall where I crossed my 302 with the JBD melon. Trying to see what i'll get. Had no males with this female so i'll have to get the next one. It was a great weekend outside, hit 75 today ! Also saw my first cuke beetle today, gonna be a bad bug year with the mild winter we have had. He didn't live long enough to get his picture taken, lol
Wednesday, February 15 View Page
My caveman gourd seeds. I tested the germination in the fall and none poped. Well after several cycles through the freezer, I'm happy to report 100% germination ! I got 6 out of 6 to pop !
Sunday, March 26 View Page
Spring ! My purple weed ground cover is about ready to till under ! LOL I like these. They just come up by them selves. The bees love them. There were lots of honey and bumble bees buzzing while I was working. So I help my soil and the bees at the same time. Nice.
Sunday, March 26 View Page
Time for the yearly compost ! Notice Bubba(the dog) waiting for me to leave so he can get in there and dig. He loves aerating the pile.... I don't !
Sunday, March 26 View Page
No the hard part, moving the compost I wheelbarrow at a time to the garden. Wonder if I can get my helper(Mia) to do it ;)
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Getting ready to move my compost and what do I find??? a big hole and its spread on my driveway. I wonder what happened ??
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Saturday, April 1 View Page
Sunday, April 2 View Page
its about to get real.
Sunday, April 16 View Page
290 kent , 1st plant in the patch. Its a warm spring and I thought I would try an early plant. Needed to have a good melon for some early weighoffs. Got to go find a pine tree. Local stores are all sold out of pine straw.
Tuesday, April 18 View Page
2nd early plant was put in this spot. 318 Kent This picture gives an idea of the slope. Of cource i got rid of the ridges before i put the plant in. This is the same spot that the 350 WR was grown in 2013 I rested this spot last year. Hoping for some magic again !
Sunday, April 23 View Page
looking forward to some very fresh pineapple this summer. I rooted a top in the fall and kept it over the winter ! Will be waiting a few days to get back to work on the patch after all the rain this weekend. Glad I'm on a slope .
Monday, May 8 View Page
Got my last plant in the patch tonight. What crazy weather we have had. week before it was 92, then two wind storms and cold and rain last weekend. Mountain even had 7 inchs of snow. final line up looks to be: 290 Kent 2-302 Kent 3-318 Kent 290 Terry Also got my bushel Gourds starting. Looking forward to calmer weather. I'd post a picture, but left my phone at work ! LOL
Monday, May 15 View Page
Bushel gourds are up. Got the 177 Westfall, 270 Kent, and 279 English.
Monday, May 29 View Page
first Bushel gourds in the garden. 279 English on the left and 177 Westfall on the right will be fighting for the spot.
Thursday, June 1 View Page
did my first pollination of the season on an early plant. It was the 318 kent X sib. on may 30. never had one so early. Looks like it took. Now what to do with it as it was suppose to go to Cullman Al. Well i'll find a weighoff.
Saturday, June 10 View Page
Bushel Gourds are ready to take off
Saturday, June 10 View Page
318 Kent , early plant. First set didn't work, need another soon. Best looking plant so far of the early ones.
Saturday, June 10 View Page
318 Kent plant B , Another early one but very unbalanced. All the extra work doesn't seem to have worked, guess we will see. Still waiting on a female.
Saturday, June 10 View Page
the things I find in my patch. If you know what it is let me know. My guess is a northern tarantula. Never seen one or anything like it here.
Saturday, June 10 View Page
another look at the spider
Wednesday, June 14 View Page
Bushel gourd starting their run
Wednesday, June 14 View Page
Found this the day after the spider.
Wednesday, June 21 View Page
245 English bushel gourd. Growing fast, about one foot a day now


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