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Sunday, January 1 View Page
We hope the 2017 growing season is fun, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. We've had a good run and managed to go over 1000 lbs again in 2016 with Andrea's 1077 Dixon from the 1495 Stelts,(orange and 18% heavy) and my 1029 Dixon from the 1623.5 Wallace...also a bit heavy. I took some heat last year, for not starting my diary the appropriate and normal way...this should fix that and I'll update last years too...
Friday, February 3 View Page
After much thought, we decided to sell our pumpkin patch (and the home that came on it). We are very fortunate that it was an active market and sold quickly and easily. Mr & Mrs North Shore now will be looking for a new place on the North Shore of Vancouver Island with a little more land to build a new patch.
Friday, April 7 View Page
A great shot of Vancouver in the foreground, and over the water towards the mountains, is West Vancouver on the left and North Vancouver on the right. Anyone that loves the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, boating but still wants to live in the big city...Vancouver is an incredible place.
Friday, April 14 View Page
...but just in case we had 1 more growing season, I did a cover crop in both planting spots. I'll be taking my sign with me...
Friday, April 14 View Page
Some of the local growers have asked me to continue to supply healthy seedlings for them to plant, and I'm happy to oblige. I'm also hoping to have a satelite patch to grow on, while also supplying some growers on the Island with plants. Look out Saanich Fair, you wanted Giant Pumpkins. Soak for 4 hours with weak kelp/humic mix, moist paper towel method inside a ziplock and on top of the electric hot water tank...this method has worked for me perfectly.
Friday, September 1 View Page
We moved into our new 1.14 acre property today in Mill Bay, BC and one of the first things I did was to turn the soil in a few areas to see what we were working with. This property was obviously farmed at one time, as there are areas with deep rich soil. Full sun exposure, and multiple areas to grow...game on Boyz.
Friday, September 1 View Page
This is the beach access across the street from us, with the Marina also walking distance down the road. We feel very fortunate that this home and property came on the market when it did and snapped it up right away. Now the real work begins, deer fencing, water systems, compost, manure...yikes!
Friday, September 1 View Page
In one of the shed/out-buildings, are entry ticket and result tickets from local agricultural fairs and competitions dating back to 1951. The people that grew flowers and vegetables here, were obviously very involved in the local community and also had a competitive side. There are an awefull lot of 2nd and 3rd place tickets in the rafters and on the walls (kinda like ole North Shore Boyz) but there is also a fair share of First Place tickets and we hope that success will rub off on us in the pumpkin patch.
Friday, September 1 View Page
Discovered these Fall crocuses at the base of a tree on the edge of an obvious old cultivated latte flower bed. I can't wait for Spring to discover the other flowers that will pop out of the soil in random spots on the property. Anyone know what variety and the name of these flowers, please email me and let me know.
Monday, September 4 View Page
So, likely early in the agenda of projects will deer fencing as per the evidence presented here. There are also rabbits, so I'm going with the deer and rabbit guard type of wire for the patch/garden area. Preliminary plans range from 4000-5000 sq ft, to begin with and we can expand from there if we need to. I'm also considering a second patch were I can grow 2 fully enclosed in hoophouse/greenhouse set up, and see what happens.
Monday, September 4 View Page
Here is part of the area I will enclose, the large maple tree will be removed opening up a full sun area that pumpkin dreams are made of. A beautiful tree, but couldn't be in a worse spot for my planned growing area. Above the rock wall to the right, is the one of the old flower or vegetable gardens that will be part of the new enclosed patch. Bye bye Mr. maple tree, you are gonna be turned into some fine lumber that will be used on various projects.
Monday, September 4 View Page
About half way up the property is what every pumpkin grower needs and that is access to water. We also have plans to collect rainwater from the gutters on the home, and pump up to a 3000 gallon tank that we will then use from above the patch as both a drip system and for overhead watering or cooling when needed. I'll hook the tank into one her holding tanks s that like Richmond Dave, I can have the water pre-mixed with whatever is getting fed that day in the rotation.
Monday, September 4 View Page
From the other side looking down towards the maple. I know that most pumpkin growers will understand but I have most people saying "why would you cut down that tree?"
Monday, September 4 View Page
This area above my planned patch/garden is where they must have hung out, burned wood and enjoyed the late even shade. I can see a picnic table, outdoor kitchen, and hammocks for this area...unless I harness it for field pumpkins or squash. Hard to see in the photo, bit they must have burned here for years as the ash mound is quite large.
Monday, September 4 View Page
Then, if we run out of land, above the burning pit, BBQ area is another 200' of trees and forest if I want to get into logging and harness this part of the property.
Monday, September 4 View Page
Here is the upper part, above the planned patch where the burning pit area and forest is, I hit submit before attaching photo.
Sunday, October 15 View Page
First pass in the new patch in beautiful Mill Bay, BC.
Sunday, October 15 View Page
Done, cover crop planted, soil sample taken and deer fencing likely to begin soon. I may do fencing and electric as I want to leave a lasting impression to these Island deer.
Monday, November 20 View Page
Behind the steaming batch of compost, Mr. John Deere showed up today with a post pounding attachment to set the posts for our pumpkin patch. This is an awesome piece of machinery, but too large for my needs in the garden and patch.
Monday, November 20 View Page
It was interesting watching the post pounder in action. We are using 5-6 inch round pressure treated posts with deer fencing wire that tapers down to rabbit fencing on the bottom. After the install, we will dig further down and add another layer of rabbit protection underground all along the bottom. We will have a few entry gates for equipment and easy access to the patch.
Wednesday, November 22 View Page
Starting to look like deer fencing. We had almost 3 1/2 inches of rain in the past 48 hours. Standing water in a few spots and patch is saturated but drying out a bit today. I was concerned about the water and spoke with a few neighbours that showed me water on their own properties, made me feel better. Neighbour who has been here for over 20 years commented that they had never had standing water and that it was unusual at best. We are on a slope and across the street from the Ocean, thankfully it all drains downhill.
Friday, November 24 View Page
How fortunate am I, parch is ready for 2018. Thanks Andrea, we have many years of growing here to look forward to. While the equipment was here, I had the operator clear out both sides of the property so we can add onto a separate orchard and plant other Berry crops like blueberries, raspberries, Logan berries as well as a couple apple, a pear and likely a peach tree. Also have a couple choice spots picked out for chilling out, sitting in Adirondack chairs sipping on sonmething cold admiring the patch.


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