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Sunday, May 28 View Page
First time in almost 20 years I've ever been hit with significant hail. They'll get over it, just a little extra ventilation.
Sunday, August 6 View Page
Got hail for the third time in a year this week. Plants all filled in.
Monday, August 14 View Page
Down one HD contender. Grown from the 1146 Snyder. It was a little over the chart. Cow food now.
Thursday, August 17 View Page
This one hurt.It was on a very nice pace. Going to have to find a FP seed less prone to BES
Sunday, August 20 View Page
These pictures aren't as impressive now that the kids are getting taller.
Monday, September 18 View Page
575 Wolf plant - each are a few weeks apart on pollination dates.
Saturday, September 23 View Page
What a great weekend. Special thanks to Sunyside Gardens and the whole crew that helped put on another great weighoff. This is the 1742 Wolf (2145 McMullen x Self). I wish I could grow this exact plant again and again, it's just such a bulletproof shape. Wonderful surprise at the scale too, I was just hoping for 1500s.
Saturday, September 23 View Page
This was the second pumpkin we brought - 945 Wolf (575 Wolf x Self)
Saturday, September 23 View Page
Next to our 945 in this picture is the 812 Crawford, also 575 x Self. Ron's was pollinated 3 weeks after ours, and I have a feeling if was pollinated a little earlier it would have darkened up to match colors. The 812 was the Howard Dill award winner for Saratoga. I took ours out of consideration since it was my second pumpkin there, but I think Ron's had the better shape anyway. Too bad those 575s have a habit of going horrifically light to the chart.
Tuesday, September 26 View Page
Back home and it appears the remaining pumpkins are still growing in this nice weather.
Sunday, October 1 View Page
What a great weekend! 1971.5 Wolf 2017 (2230 Wallace x 1810 Werner) It's been a while since I've had a good one that didn't split on me. Decent color and shape, very happy with this one.
Thursday, October 5 View Page
Can't win them all, lol. Picked the pumpkin for this weekend..... no good. A mouse got under the pumpkin via the dill ring at the bottom, and did some nibbling. We got the mouse, but it was too late. I couldn't tell if the mouse actually ate into the pumpkin, or if it was just bites that got infected. The pumpkin otherwise would have been fine. 1491 Wolf 17 DMG (1985 Miller x 2145 Mcmullen A) 404", so just a little over chart.
Thursday, October 5 View Page
It was a unique cross, but I don't feel like fishing stinky seeds out. It will be dumped tomorrow.
Saturday, October 7 View Page
Took a ride down to Altoona today with a field pumpkin and watermelon. Great to be back, it's been 13 years since I was at the weighoff. The field pumpkin went exceptionally heavy and should be a great cross, as the pollinator grew my 122 which was also quite heavy. Pictured are the two from the 189 crews, the other is about 10 pounds lighter and just as thick but open pollinated.
Monday, October 9 View Page
994 Wolf 17 (1810 Werner x Self) This one was picked early (Sept 8) for a sale. 357", so a little bit light to the new chart.
Friday, October 13 View Page
Friday, October 13 View Page
Friday, October 13 View Page
1826 Wolf 17 DMG (2145 McMullen x Sib) The pollinator grew the 1742. 415.5 inches, which puts it about 18% over the new chart.
Sunday, October 15 View Page
667 (575 Wolf x 1146 Snyder) and 514 (575 x open), both grown on the same plant as the 945.
Friday, November 24 View Page
Got the seeds out of my 1742 (2145 x self). Not as many as I had hoped for, but should be enough for the auctions and those that want to give it a try. Absolutely flawless inside, extremely happy with how it looked. And, it seemed to have gotten a fresh paint job since I saw it last!


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