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Saturday, March 3 View Page
Today I did the first work in the patch for 2012 so time to start the diary. I cleaned up all the twigs and turned the compost piles (2). There will be 3 spots, and the line up is.... #1 1244 Rea = 1161 Rodonis X 1610 Leiber #2 1088 Niewenhoff = 1161 Rodonis X 1663 Zoeller #3 75 TJ Lovitt = 932 Holub x 513 Vincent Backups are undecided. I know a lot of 1161. Good growing to all in 2012
Thursday, March 8 View Page
I sent my soil test to UMass today. Lets see if the PH is up after I added lime in October. Ph in the fall was 5.1. I also planted Peas in the Pumpkin patch at the far end away from the planting site. The plant will not run there until mid-June and by then the Peas should be turned under and long gone.
Saturday, March 17 View Page
Still waiting for my soil test. I have done nothing to the soil just fixed the fence. Winter Rye is about 4 inches tall.
Friday, March 23 View Page
I got my soil test back. PH went from 5.1 in the fall, to 6.8. OM is 11.8% P= 39ppm K=281ppm Cal 2630ppm Mg 449ppm. Boron, copper and manganese are low . Overall not that bad. I will amend the micro nutrients.
Friday, April 6 View Page
I added 10 lbs of 10yr old Ironite to 2 650ft spots today, 5Lbs each, then tilled it under with the Winter Rye. Everything went well except I lost the bead on one of the tires of the tiller. I fixed that and it went through the soil like a hot knife through butter. There were a few potato sized stones but that is gardening in this part of CT. Final amendments will be added in 2 weeks and then the final till will be done.
Monday, April 9 View Page
I think I will germinate on top of my cable box this year. I put a wet paper towel in a zip lock and after 12 hrs the temp in the middle was 86. That is with watching a lot of TV.
Tuesday, April 24 View Page
I have started 1 each 1244 Rea 1088 Nieuwenhoff 75 TJ Lovitt Seeds were filed soaked in a mixture of water and Biotone Starter at 91dg for 1 hour. Then placed in potting soil and put in the oven with the light on. Temp is holding at 86F
Thursday, April 26 View Page
I just looked at the seeds after a 2 day biz trip. 1244 is starting to push up the soil. The 2 others nothing yet. Temp in the oven with the light on got to 93Deg over the last 2 days.
Friday, April 27 View Page
1088 is bulging the soil.. Nothing on the 75 Lovitt. If I do not see any action by the 29th I will start another. It has only been a little over 72 hrs so I am not worried.
Saturday, April 28 View Page
Today was the final till. Items added to each 650ft patch. 2lbs 0-45-0... 3Lbs 0-0-60... 1/2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax (scared of this stuff) and about 1/2 yard compost. Plenty of Rye that grew back after previous went under as well.
Sunday, April 29 View Page
75 Lovitt has popped the soil. 1244 has a deformed Cott. I will start a backup for the 1244. 1088 looks good.
Tuesday, May 1 View Page
May 4th is planting Day
Friday, May 4 View Page
1244 Rea and 75 Lovitt are in the ground 2 days now. 1088 will go in either tomorrow or Sunday. I have no soil heaters so the growth has been small. High yesterday was 57
Sunday, May 6 View Page
1088 went in the ground today. It was getting "leggy" so I buried it uo to the cots.
Sunday, May 13 View Page
Finally some warm weather. It was 80 today. All plants are still at 2-3 leaf stage after 4-24 start.
Sunday, May 20 View Page
The 1244Rea. Steady but all plants are slow due to cool weather.
Sunday, May 20 View Page
1088 Nieuwenhoff...most vigorous. All started 4-24
Sunday, May 20 View Page
75 TJ Lovitt. Nice plant. This one will be pushed when it lays down.
Tuesday, May 22 View Page
Rain, mist with a high of 65. Not the best pumpkin weather but better than the start of the month.
Thursday, May 24 View Page
First unexpected set back of the season. Leaf 3 and 4 on the 1088 broke near the base. We have had very wet weather and the vegetation was just to soft for the growth. I did not push the plant ..yet.
Saturday, May 26 View Page
Fertiliezed with 1 gallon each plant of Biotone Starter and 20-20-20 Miracle Grow each according to instructions.
Monday, June 4 View Page
1244 Rea is at about 4 ft. However there are still no secondaries. I am not filling with dirt to soon. 1088 plenty of secondaries. 75 Lovitt a little slow but growing.
Wednesday, June 6 View Page
Drenched the 1244 Rea today with Jack's 10-30-20 and Bayer Advanced Vegetable insecticide.Still secondary growth is minimal.
Friday, June 8 View Page
Drenched the 1088 Nieuwenhoff and 75 Lovett with 10-30-20 Jacks bloom booster and Bayer Advance Vegetable. 2 gallons each. Vine on the 1088 about 4ft. 75 just layed down but has shown good growth the last few days.
Friday, June 8 View Page
This is my 1244 Rea. Very little secondary growth. Leaves damaged by rain storm a few night ago. It is located near a tree. When the large drops fall off the tree in wind they damage the leaves.
Friday, June 8 View Page
1088 Nieuwenhoff. This plant looks good. There is a tiny female in the tip. Probably only 6-7ft when ready to pol but a good sign.
Friday, June 8 View Page
75 Lovett. This one has really picked up in the last few days.
Saturday, June 9 View Page
This is a 2010 Nieuwenhoff strain sunflower. It is my 3rd attempt. The first 2 kept disappearing overnight. Then one early morning I noticed a bunch of slugs in the area. After slug bait this one has taken. It is growing in a mixture of compost, manure and potting soil.
Sunday, June 10 View Page
Nice warm sunny day. Did nothing in the patch. Let Mother Nature work.
Saturday, June 16 View Page
75 Lovitt,1244Rea and 1088 Nieuwenhoff received 10 gallons 10-30-20 Jacks bloombooster drench. Then watered on top of that. No bugs around at all. There is a female at 3 feet on the 75, 6ft on the 1088 and one at 7ft in the tip of the 1244. 1 male ready to open on the 1088 (will snip this one before it opens)
Sunday, June 17 View Page
Here is the sunflower 1 week later. Nice growth.
Sunday, June 17 View Page
The 1088 looks very good. Female in tip.
Sunday, June 17 View Page
75 Lovett is doing very well. The female at 3 feet is clearly visibleI. To close but another in the tip.
Sunday, June 17 View Page
Here the is the 1244. Little wilt and touch of burning in the front leaf. Secondaries are coming along.
Sunday, June 24 View Page
Possible pollination on the 1088 tomorrow. Most likely selfed because there are no flowers ready on the 1244. 1088 and 1244 both look good and are growing very well. 75 Lovett is looking good and has a few females in the tips.
Tuesday, June 26 View Page
Pollinated 1088 x self today. Inside was mangled but I think it is a 5 lobe. More to come in the next few days.
Wednesday, June 27 View Page
Another 1088 selfed today 10ft out on 2nd secondary. First male flower on the 1244 Rea will open tomorrow. First female is 5-7 days out.
Friday, June 29 View Page
After a 3 day trip only 1 open pollination when I was gone. 2 Pollinations possible tomorrow in the AM.One being a 1244X1088 cross. So far 3 1088 pollinations 2x selfed, 1 open. The first1244 female did not develope so I pinched it.
Saturday, June 30 View Page
Made the 1088x1244 cross today on the 1088. Thats 3 going on that plant. A 75 Lovett was pollinated with a 1088 today as well. I HATE DEER. They ate the sunflower. It was 4 ft tall only a few days away from them being able to reach the tip. I think I will let the plant be and see if it sends out another main stalk from a leaf node.
Saturday, June 30 View Page
Thats actually 4 on the 1088 Nieuwenhoff = 2 selfed,1 open, 1 1244 cross and 1 on the 75 Lovettx 1088 Nieuwenhoff.
Sunday, July 1 View Page
4 Pollination's today. 3 on the 1088 1 x 1244 2 flowers, 1 selfed, 1 open. One on the 75 Lovett x 1088. The 1244 has a female at 12 ft that should open tomorrow or the next day.
Sunday, July 1 View Page
Here are a couple of Kins on the 1088. The one on the left is 5 days old the on the right 2 days and is the 1088x1244 cross.
Sunday, July 1 View Page
1244 Rea male flower.
Monday, July 2 View Page
What is this Bug ???
Tuesday, July 3 View Page
Time to catch up. The 1244 was pollinated on the main at 12ft yesterday. It was mangled and had a few seeds in the flower. I do not think it will take. Another will open on the first secondary tomorrow. The 1088 had 7 yesterday I cut it to 5. 2 Main 3 secondaries. A new one on the main in the AM and I will cut another secondary kin. 75 Lovett has 3. The one on the main looks very good. Another on the main in 2 days.
Wednesday, July 4 View Page
Pollinated 2 today. 1 1088 on the main with the 75 Lovett, and a 1244 ReaX1088 on secondary. 3 flowers each. 1244 is a 4 lobe the 1088 5. I have six on the 1088 with 4 early culls yesterday. The earlier 1244 is shiny but has no growth. The 75 Lovett has an open Pol today as well.
Thursday, July 5 View Page
One 1244 polintaion today with the 1088....almost. Actually it's open. I took the cover off the female and stood up to pull off the petals from the males and bent over only to see a Bumble Bee in the flower. Ohh well, I still used 3 1088's on it. 1st 1088xself is 9 days and looks good but has a long shallow stem split. I noticed this on another 5 day old set on this plant. The plant has 5 on it. 3 on the main 1 each first secondaries. 1st 1244 is still on and shiny but not doing much. 75 Lovett has 2 on it. The 1st on the main just laid down.
Friday, July 6 View Page
Decision time. Here is the 1088 selfed on the right, 10days and 25cir. The one the left is 6 days old 1088x1244. Notice there is a split in the stem of the 1088xS. Not to deep but long and the stem seems short as well. Both are on the main 12 and 13.5 ft out. I am not sure if I should keep the one on the right or go for the one on the left??? There is another 2 days old farther out on the main and 2 more each on first secondaries.
Friday, July 6 View Page
On the left is the 1088, on the right 75 Lovett. Bad angle on this shot but the plants are so big I can't fit them in with my limited space.
Friday, July 6 View Page
What is this and how do I cure or prevent it ??
Monday, July 9 View Page
Here is the first 75 TJ Lovett 9 DAP. Cir is 26.5. There is one more on this plant.
Monday, July 9 View Page
Decision time on the 1088 has been solved for me. The second fruit on the 1088 main did not grow at all yesterday so it went. That leaves this kin at 36-cir, 13-DAP on the main, and one on a early secondary, and one farther out on the main. The one farther out has a much longer stem and the position is very good...but is only a few days old.
Friday, July 13 View Page
I noticed a large tan area on the 75 Lovett 2 days ago. I took measurments and will see if it is still growing in the AM. 1244 Rea has 2 growing slowly but it is still early. I hear the 1161 is a slow starter and this is 1161 X 1610.
Saturday, July 14 View Page
75 Lovett is still growing. I do not think its rot.
Sunday, July 15 View Page
Picture time...Here is the 1244 Rea. 13 DAP 27Cir...healthy looking kin. 11ft out the main
Sunday, July 15 View Page
75 Lovett. The brown area is visable. I think probably something rubbed the fuit, most likely a dirt covered hose about a week ago. My mistake.
Sunday, July 15 View Page
Here is the pic... new cover will be up soon.
Sunday, July 15 View Page
1088 19 DAP 65 cir. Heavy storm coming ...rain only ...please. Thumb nail gash at 11o'clock from center.
Monday, July 16 View Page
1088 Nieuwenhoff... 20-DAP 169-OTT.
Thursday, July 19 View Page
75-Lovett 20-DAP OTT-182 142LBS 75cc 53ss 54ee
Friday, July 20 View Page
This is the last cull off the 1088. Notched Tuesday finished today. All in on the 24Dap on the main. Only concern is I hope it doesn't split since we had a bunch of rain today. The cut was done in the morning and was still dripping at 7PM.
Saturday, July 21 View Page
25DAP = 213. May be a tight stem issue starting
Sunday, July 22 View Page
1244Rea day-20 53cc. Started very slow and is now starting to pick up the pace.
Sunday, July 22 View Page
1244 Rea day 20
Tuesday, July 24 View Page
75 Lovett 214 ott = 227 25DAP
Tuesday, July 24 View Page
This is the 75 Lovett.
Tuesday, July 24 View Page
oops this is the 75 lovett
Friday, July 27 View Page
1088 Nieuwenhoff 31dap ott247 343Lbs est.
Saturday, July 28 View Page
75 Lovett 30dap 232ott 286-lbs
Saturday, July 28 View Page
This is the 1088 from yesterday 7/27/12
Wednesday, August 1 View Page
1088 36DAP ott 275 468est. Blossom end is going being over grown.
Wednesday, August 1 View Page
75 Lovett. I wonder how many pounds have been lost due to the scar.
Wednesday, August 1 View Page
1088 post should read "Blossom end is going to be over grown"
Saturday, August 4 View Page
75 Lovett is now about 261 OTT and 403 est.
Monday, August 6 View Page
1244 Rea #1 is 35dap...231ott and 283lbs est,#2 on the 1244 is 161ott, an open pol of unknown start date. Both are great orange color.
Monday, August 6 View Page
75 Lovett today.
Monday, August 6 View Page
This is the volunteer kin on the 1244..very pretty
Monday, August 6 View Page
1244Rea ...Very nice color
Monday, August 6 View Page
1088 is starting to have some orange show up. Blossom end has sunk in, in only 1 week.
Tuesday, August 7 View Page
Changing the cover on the 1088 to a sheet. It has out grown its shade cover :)
Thursday, August 9 View Page
1088 300-ott
Sunday, August 12 View Page
75 Lovett is 289ott or 541lb,est 1088 is about 307ott or 644 < poor measuring but I am using it as personal reference.
Monday, August 13 View Page
1088 has a 2 inch stem end split at 180deg south. It is not wide and I did not investigate further. Sprinkled with sulfur and will look again tomorrow. This is the only plant that has not had 0-0-50. The others had 10 gallons with 2 tbls per 5 gallons yesterday.
Tuesday, August 14 View Page
Raccoons attacked the last 20 or so sweet corn plants last night. Unfortunatly they went through the 75Lovett and part of the 1088 to get there. About 20 leaves on the 75 were lost,snapped and 2 small secondaries that had been terminated on the 1088 (past the fruit). They will be back.
Tuesday, August 14 View Page
1088 is 308OTT 12Lb in last 2 days.. The fat lady is warming up stage right.
Thursday, August 16 View Page
Here is a nice view of the 1088
Thursday, August 16 View Page
Here is a not so nice view. With the recent heavy rains she has developed some stem end splitting. The crack goes in about 1in when probed with a grass stalk.
Thursday, August 16 View Page
75 Lovett.Still growing by looking at it.
Thursday, August 16 View Page
1244 Rea. the blossom end has rolled under. I tried to find it but couldn't.
Thursday, August 16 View Page
1088 is 312ott or 674lb,day 51. It put on 24lbs in last 2 days. Stem end is showing some splitting but not into cavity.....
Saturday, August 18 View Page
1088 was splitting more today. I filleted the stem half way to the vine and put on generous amounts of sulfur.
Thursday, August 23 View Page
1088 tapes to 324ott 752est, 11lb a day for last 7 days. 34 days to weigh off. Stem split is not into cavity.
Thursday, August 23 View Page
1244Rea #1 ott 275...468lb 1244Rea #2 ott 200...187lb 75 Lovett ott 296...570lb..This has slowed a lot.
Saturday, August 25 View Page
1088 stem is getting wider but still not into the cavity.
Saturday, August 25 View Page
Another View. Where did my Pepsi go?
Monday, August 27 View Page
1244Rea #1 290ott 546lb 19.5 per day for last 4 days. 75 Lovett 300ott 604lb almost 6lb per day. 1088 Nieuwenhoff 329ott 786 8.5lb per day in the last 4. When I took the sheet off the 1244 it looked bigger than last time. Late 1161 genetics ?
Sunday, September 9 View Page
Here is the 1244 Rea...still going. Very nice color.
Sunday, September 9 View Page
The 75 Lovett.
Sunday, September 9 View Page
Here is the 966 at the end of the Bethlehem fair. It was great fun. I have not seen a kin with this shape before. Its name is The Schnozzz.
Sunday, September 9 View Page
Here is the 966 at the end of the Bethlehem fair. It was great fun. I have not seen a kin with this shape before. Its name is The Schnozzz.
Monday, September 17 View Page
75 Lovett 305 ott 1244 stopped 292 ott.
Thursday, September 20 View Page
1244 had a branch fall on it last night. It has cracks radiating out from the point of impact like a target or a rock dropped in the water.
Sunday, September 30 View Page
Great season. Starting prep for next year.
Thursday, October 4 View Page
1244 Rea. Great color. Notice what the branch did.
Thursday, October 4 View Page
75 Lovett tapes to mid 600's
Friday, October 5 View Page
The patch is tucked in for the winter. Amendments added were Bone Meal,Lime,0-0-60 and Garden Iron, all in moderate quantities and tilled in. A soil test will be taken in the spring. Oh winter rye was broadcast seeded as well.
Friday, October 19 View Page
Winter Rye is 2 inches tall. I keep thinking about something but I am not sure what it is.???? HHHMMM
Sunday, November 4 View Page
Harvested about 110 seeds from the 75 Lovett today.
Wednesday, November 7 View Page
966 Snow was opened yesterday. No seeds :( It was 1088 X self.
Friday, November 16 View Page
These 2 really like like me. They stop by and we chat. They say the 620 lbs of pumpkin they (and others) have eaten in the last 10 days was delicious and well as the sides of winter Rye.
Sunday, December 2 View Page
Deer have eaten the Winter Rye to the ground...again
Monday, December 31 View Page
Pumpkins 2012 was fun...here is to an even better 2013.


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